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"We'll think about it after we scout around. In any case, there must be other people here, or else there wouldn't be such a powerful Spirit Formation here." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang nodded, flew into his mouth, and flew towards a direction. At the same time, he paid close attention to the ground below, and not long after, he saw a Special G.o.d beast!

This Special G.o.d beast had seven huge tiger heads and its body was also very large. It was like a small hill, quickly chasing down a huge bear.

"They are all Holy level Special G.o.d beast!" Chen Xiang said: "Looks like this Heaven-stage Stars doesn't have as many people as those Heavenly Stars. This place must have a large amount of resources that have yet to be discovered, it's just that it's too big, I can't find anything by myself."

Chen Xiang used the Counter Power to make his body invisible, but the seven headed tiger beast did not notice him. He had followed the Seven Headed Tiger because he wanted to see if the Seven Headed Tiger would be able to catch the giant bear in the end.

The giant bear was weak, and it was also injured. It knew that it couldn't beat the Seven Headed Tiger, so it could only run for its life.

After an hour, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a dragon's roar, then a red fire dragon appeared out of nowhere. It used its claws to grab the bear's head, and then crushed it to death!

Chen Xiang did not realise the sudden appearance of the Fire Dragon, let alone the Seven Headed Tiger! However, the Seven Headed Tiger's reaction was very fast. The moment the Fire Dragon appeared, it started running, but the Fire Dragon's reaction was even more so. It swung its flaming dragon tail and swept across, knocking the Seven Headed Tiger into a stone mountain not far away.

"Hmph, let me do this all day long!" The Fire Dragon turned into a red-clothed female with a fiery hot figure. She put the corpse of the huge bear into her storage ring with a displeased expression, then flew over to collect the Seven Headed Tiger as well.

"You only know how to bully women!" That group of fellows think that they have some ability, but they feel that it's beneath them to do this sort of thing. They always throw it at me. Fire Dragon Girl took out a large piece of meat and roasted it on the ground, cursing non-stop.

There was actually a fire dragon with such strength here, to actually be able to easily kill two fierce Holy level Special G.o.d beast, this kind of strength was very strong.

"Is it the Divine Dragon Race?" Chen Xiang asked Yue'er.

"It must be the Divine Dragon Race, but aren't they hiding on Planet Earth Dragon? "Why is there one here?" Yue'er was also curious. "Aren't you very good at dealing with women?" Won't we know if we hook up with her after going down there? "

Right now, Chen Xiang could only ask the woman about this. He retrieved the Counter Power, revealed himself, and then descended to the ground.

When he landed, it was very quiet, but Fire Dragon Girl was very sharp. He immediately sensed it and immediately stood up to look at him.

"Who are you?" Fire Dragon Girl frowned as she asked coldly, her fists filled with flames.

"I am... Just arrived at this planet. " Chen Xiang smiled and said: "It's my first time here, so I'm not familiar with it, so I wanted to ask you."

"Liar, the outer sect has a powerful barrier, it's even very difficult to enter and exit, how can you easily enter? Tell me, who are you? "You are not from our dragon race!" Fire Dragon Girl's face was full of vigilance, a murderous aura emitting from him.

"Then who do you think I am?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile, but he appeared very easygoing.

"There is only our Dragon Clan and Evil Spirit Race here, if you are not from our Dragon Clan, then you are from the Evil Spirit Race!" Fire Dragon Girl said coldly: "If you come any closer, I will immediately kill you. Get lost now, I don't want to kill things like you in this pure land! I'm afraid your blood will make this place barren. "

"Don't be agitated! I told you I'm from outside. I'm human. " Chen Xiang said: "Have you never seen humans before?"

"Even though I haven't seen it before, I know that humans don't have the aura of the Evil Spirit Race, and you do!" Fire Dragon Girl was getting more and more agitated as he roared at Chen Xiang: "Get lost now, or I'll make my move!"

Chen Xiang was very gloomy in his heart. Previously, when he had fused with the Counter Power, he also had that "Evil Spirit Race's Qi".

"There is a guy in your Evil Spirit Race who has a powerful disguise. Our Dragon Pearl has suffered a few times, don't think about trying to fool me again." The Fire Dragon Girl said again: "Leave, quickly leave our territory."

Chen Xiang now knew that this Heaven-stage Stars was already divided into two areas. One was the area of the Evil Spirit Race, the other was the area of the dragons.

"How can you trust my people?" Chen Xiang was now even more sure that the Azure Dragon's mausoleum was here, otherwise there wouldn't be a dragon race stationed here.

"How should I know? But you, how are you going to prove that you're human? " As the Fire Dragon Girl slowly retreated, Chen Xiang saw a pearl suddenly appearing in her hands.

"Hey, wait, don't send any sound transmissions to your clansmen. I don't want to get into a conflict with you." Chen Xiang suddenly shouted: "That's right, does the Evil Spirit Race here know how to refine pills?"

"Divine pills?" Fire Dragon Girl asked: "They wouldn't, in this place, only the supreme Dragon Emperor of our Dragon race would know how to refine pills, if you knew how to refine divine pellets … Or if you possess a Divine Pill, then it can prove that you are a human being who came from the outside. "

"Good!" "Tell me, what kind of divine pills do your Dragon race have? Let me see if I have any." Chen Xiang said.

"Dragon Yuanshen Dan, do you have it? Where is the Bone level Dan? " The Fire Dragon Girl asked, "These are the most precious divine pills of our Dragon clan."

"I have Bone level Dan, but Dragon Yuanshen Dan doesn't." Chen Xiang immediately took out a high rank Bone level Dan and threw it over: "Look, is this a Bone level Dan that you are familiar with?"

Fire Dragon Girl saw Chen Xiang running over, and hurriedly caught it, saying: "How do I know if it's a Bone level Dan? I have never eaten before, I just ate a Dragon Yuanshen Dan! "

"Are you deceiving my Bone level Dan?" Chen Xiang was a little speechless.

"Who wants your c.r.a.ppy stuff? Take it back!" Fire Dragon Girl was immediately enraged, she forcefully threw it over, then rushed over, no longer speaking any nonsense with Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang caught the Bone level Dan, he immediately dodged to the side to avoid the Fire Dragon Girl's Fire Dragon Fist.

"Even though you possess ninety-five Divine Deity, you do not have a single Bones. It's a piece of cake for me to kill you!" Chen Xiang used the Bones in his eyes and saw through the Fire Dragon Girl's strength with one glance.

"You … Even if I have to die, I will fight you! " As expected of a fire dragon, as explosive as fire, it rushed towards Chen Xiang with no regards for its life.

"Heavenly dragon seal, Dragon Subduing!" Chen Xiang quickly formed a seal with his hand, and a few green dragons flew out from Chen Xiang's body and formed a circular green dragon pattern array, enveloping Fire Dragon Girl who was completely shocked.

"Heavenly dragon seal, how did you do it? Furthermore, the Heavenly dragon seal s that have been lost for a long time in the history of the White Dragon Clan. " Fire Dragon Girl was frozen still, unable to move an inch.

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