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Chen Xiang had heard Wu Zhi talk about the creature that built the mausoleum, and how it had such a strange power. Even the Undead Divine Race s with that kind of power couldn't tell what it was, which was why Chen Xiang thought that the creature was evolved from the Starry Sky Blood Devil.

The reason why Chen Xiang, who was shuttling through the starry sky, had become completely transparent was to prevent himself from being discovered by another wave of Starry Sky Blood Devil. In this vast starry sky, there were a lot of Starry Sky Blood Devil, and the amount of Starry Sky Blood Devil he caught was extremely small.

"There's another Starry Sky Blood Devil up ahead, but they couldn't find me. Maybe I can follow these guys and see where they will go. If they all evolve into that kind of creature, then I might be able to find the location of the Azure Dragon Tomb." Chen Xiang said, "Because the Azure Dragon's mausoleum is currently guarded by those things."

In front of them was a very long red-colored belt of light, but only Chen Xiang could see it using his Dao heart Eye. It was formed by Starry Sky Blood Devil, and he didn't know why they were arranged in such an orderly manner.

"So many. How the h.e.l.l did they get here?" Chen Xiang flew over with a questioning look and followed behind the group of Starry Sky Blood Devil.

The Starry Sky Blood Devil didn't even notice him as he was floating in the starry sky. Their movement speed wasn't very fast, as if they were in deep sleep, and at the same time, they were slowly pulled towards the front by a powerful force.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already grasped the special powers of these Starry Sky Blood Devil s and could use them, so he did not need to capture them for concocting pills.

"Which way should I go?" Chen Xiang looked at the long line of Starry Sky Blood Devil s, there were no ends in sight.

The reason he was at a loss now was because these Starry Sky Blood Devil might be being summoned back, because he had killed a lot of them earlier and the thing that made these Starry Sky Blood Devil might have found out! Thus, if they followed the direction of the Starry Sky Blood Devil, they might be able to find the place where they built it.

At the same time, he guessed that the Starry Sky Blood Devil was constantly being built, and the direction they were going, might be the designated direction, and the opposite direction they were going, might be the origin.

"Let's head in the opposite direction!" Chen Xiang smiled inwardly. Having cultivated such a strange Counter Power, the decision he had made now was the complete opposite.

At the moment, they were in an orderly line with many red figures, so they had to wait in a long line in the starry sky. Chen Xiang flew along the line for a few days, and suddenly saw a very large Death Star in front of him.

"I guessed it right, the source is this Death Star!" Chen Xiang looked at the black figure in the distance. In the dark Death Star District, it was only a blurry ball of black Qi but Chen Xiang had the Dao heart Eye so he could see the silhouette clearly.

"What a huge Death Star. I've been a law enforcer for so many years, but I've never seen such a huge Death Star!" This Death Star is several times bigger than the biggest one among the Heavenly Stars. " Yue'er exclaimed in admiration, "Furthermore, they were hidden very well. The outer sect was intentionally shrouded in a black fog. There must be something on top of it."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, if he did not go closer, it would be hard to find him in the distance. Using his Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang could clearly see that Starry Sky Blood Devil's long line was connecting to this huge Death Star.

"It's very likely that the star technique's Azure Dragon's mausoleum is above this!" Chen Xiang felt that even if he was sure that the Azure Dragon's mausoleum was up there, it would still be difficult to find the thing he needed.

With a teleportation, Chen Xiang arrived at the ma.s.s of black aura emitted by the giant death star. As long as he pa.s.sed through this ma.s.s of black aura, he would be able to clearly see the true appearance of the giant death star!

"It's a barrier!" After Chen Xiang came closer, he said with certainty: "It seems to be a very strong protective barrier, and it requires a lot of energy to maintain. This barrier has been in operation for many years, where did the energy come from? To maintain such a strong barrier, only the core of the Heaven-stage Stars is able to afford it. "

"Could it be that there is a Heaven-stage Stars inside?" Chen Xiang thought that this was the only way to make this barrier work for many years.

He had never encountered such a barrier before. The barrier that he had encountered before was at most a single one, causing him to be unable to move forward. However, the barrier in front of him was able to transform energy into the strength of an iron wall.

"What a terrifying Spirit Formation. If it is forcefully attacked, it will be broken through very quickly." Chen Xiang used the power of s.p.a.ce to teleport in an attempt to breakthrough, but he had still failed.

"Even my spatial energy cannot break through!" Chen Xiang was shocked again, and then he looked at the place that was emitting red light, the place where the Starry Sky Blood Devil was constantly sp.a.w.ning.

He immediately flew over, and discovered that there was only a pinhole sized hole there, and it was from this pinhole sized hole that Starry Sky Blood Devil squeezed out.

"Looks like I can only enter from this place." Chen Xiang first used the Counter Power to make himself invisible, then used a divine ability to turn his body into a wisp of smoke, and then pierced through the pinhole sized hole.

After entering, he was stunned by a burst of faint blue-green light. He did not expect that the huge Death Star that was wrapped in a ma.s.s of death energy was actually a beautiful blue-green star.

This made him feel as if he had not entered a barrier, but instead entered another world. From high in the sky, he could clearly see that this giant star was covered by a large expanse of blue ocean.

"I really didn't expect this place to actually have a special domain." Yue Er was also very surprised. She was once the law enforcer of the Star Law Divine Realm, but she didn't know that such a huge heavenly star was hidden in such a place.

The greater the Heavenly Star was, the richer the resources it had. None of the several big Heavenly Stars in Star Law Divine Realm were bigger than this.

"Let's go down and take a look!" Chen Xiang looked at the long line formed by the Starry Sky Blood Devil, and saw that it led to the bottom of the Great Heavenly Star.

From high up in the sky, Chen Xiang could see a weak red light emitting from the place where Starry Sky Blood Devil s were constantly erupting. Of course, it could only be seen by using Dao heart Eye.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang landed on the ground. He still used the Counter Power to hide himself, after all, he had arrived at an extremely mysterious place, there was definitely danger here.

"The air is good, the sun is full, and the temperature is just right. What a place! What was hidden here? to be able to continuously create that kind of terrifying Starry Sky Blood Devil. " Chen Xiang looked at the red line that connected to the sky, an unending stream of Starry Sky Blood Devil was being created and sent to the Death Star area that was filled with darkness.

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