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Chen Xiang used the Six Realms mirrors's help to accomplish something that he couldn't do with his current strength!

Refining so many Starry Sky Blood Devil s with special powers caused it to be extremely difficult for him to do so.

"Do you really want to eat it?" Yue'er asked, "Will something happen to him?"

"We'll talk about it when the refinement is completed. If there are no problems at that time, I'm not afraid." Chen Xiang laughed: "Anyway, during the refining process, the other impurities have already been removed by me."

The process of compression was extremely long, and the Six Realms mirrors had consumed most of its energy. Chen Xiang had no choice but to channel his divine power into the Six Realms mirrors. Fortunately, he had a very vast Six Realms' Power in the Divine Sense Sea, which was enough for the Six Realms mirrors to maintain its energy for a long period of time.

Three days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang's Chuangshi G.o.d furnace was burning with raging flames, burning the Jingshen Dan that had turned into a blood colored crystal.

Chen Xiang was trying to erase all of the consciousness inside the orb. This way, even if something went wrong, his own consciousness would not be affected in the least.

It was refined the same as what Chen Xiang had expected. It was indeed made from a Jingshen Dan, he also decided to eat it now.

It was very safe inside the Six Realms mirrors, but in order to make it safer, Chen Xiang flew to a nearby dead star and made a very deep hole that led deep underground.

"Yue Er, if anything happens to me, I will need you to save me." Chen Xiang took out a dark red Jingshen Dan from inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and Yue'er also came out from the ring.

"Do you really have a pill in your hand?" Yue'er asked, "Why can't I see it?"

"This kind of power is invisible, even if it is refined into a pill, it would be the same. Only by using the Dao heart Eye can one see it, but one can still feel it!" Chen Xiang pinched the blood demon Jingshen Dan and rubbed it on Yue'er's little claws.

"What a magical energy!" Yue Er exclaimed, "This pill seems to be invisible."

"Well, I'm going to eat!" Chen Xiang nodded, and then put the pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

Yue'er kept her distance from Chen Xiang, and currently, her heart was thumping non-stop. She was very nervous, afraid that something would happen to Chen Xiang, that she wouldn't be able to do anything to save him when the time comes.

"Any reaction?" Yue Er whispered.

"No!" Chen Xiang frowned: "But the medicinal power is starting to dissolve … There seems to be a reaction. It's very cold! "

With that said, Chen Xiang felt a chill invading every part of his body, making him shiver violently.

"Hey!" Yue'er shouted in alarm and ran over. Chen Xiang's current appearance was like he had just eaten a poisonous mushroom. He lay on the ground and twitched his body, his eyes turning white.

After Yue'er ran over, she felt a wave of hot air surging out from Chen Xiang's body. This made her feel very strange.

"Cold, cold to death!" Chen Xiang suddenly sat up, hugging his knees, his entire body shivering like a bug.

"But your body is very hot!" Yue'er was stupefied, Chen Xiang's words were extremely cold, but the steam that he was spitting out, made people feel like his body was burning.

"But... I... Feel... It's very cold! " Chen Xiang said while trembling.

"Circulate my energy and refine the power of that pellet!" Yue Er hurriedly shouted, "You must remember that you just ate a weird pill."

It was only then that Chen Xiang suddenly remembered that he had been completely dazed just now. Hearing Yue'er's reminder, he then revolved the Heavenly Alchemy and refined the strange energy that was scurrying around in his body.

Not long after, Chen Xiang's condition stabilized, and Yue'er let out a sigh of relief. She had been extremely nervous just now.

Yue'er squatted in front of Chen Xiang, wagging her little tail and carefully looking at him. Once Chen Xiang reacted, she would be worried again.

After a long time had pa.s.sed, Yue'er was suddenly shocked in her heart. Because Chen Xiang's body had suddenly become translucent, she thought she had seen wrongly. She squinted her eyes, and rubbed her eyes again, and realized that Chen Xiang's body was becoming more and more transparent.

Yue'er was so shocked that she couldn't speak. She had seen Chen Xiang become a mist before, but that was through using a divine ability. Now, when Chen Xiang was refining the divine pellet, his body slowly disappeared!

Not long after, Chen Xiang only left behind a faint afterimage. He was still sitting cross-legged and seriously refining the pill.

"It has become transparent, just like the Starry Sky Blood Devil!" Yue'er finally couldn't see Chen Xiang anymore. She ran over and grabbed at Chen Xiang with her claws.

"Even his aura doesn't exist anymore. If he can't change back, then wouldn't that mean …" Yue Er didn't dare to imagine that if she lived in a world where no one could see her, she would go crazy.

"Who said I can't change it!" Chen Xiang suddenly laughed, scaring Yue'er.

Hearing Chen Xiang's voice, Yue'er immediately looked over, only to see a pair of Chen Xiang's eyes floating above her head.

"Haha …" Chen Xiang laughed out loud, and then, he completely revealed his body. Just now, he had only revealed two of his eyes.

"Is everything alright?" Yue'er felt a lot more at ease. At the same time, she inwardly cursed under her breath. She had been scared to death just now.

"Nothing happened at all. I have to say, this power is really magical!" Chen Xiang praised: "This is a type of Counter Power, very strange!"

"How so?" Yue Er asked.

"When I used this power, what happened to me was the exact opposite of what you saw." Chen Xiang said: "It's very strange, for example I felt very cold just now, but you found out that my body is very hot! If I use this kind of power, heat is cold to me, cold is hot! That's because I didn't control it well, so it became like that. "

"Now that I can control it, it becomes normal. Otherwise, I really can't imagine how I would be able to live in a normal world in the future."

Yue'er replied, "So, you can make it so that no one can see you?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Actually I exist, but because it's the other way around, in your eyes, I don't exist, like those Starry Sky Blood Devil s! This is extremely useful to me, even concealing my presence. "

After Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword and used the Counter Power, Yue'er saw that the Heavenly magic sword had suddenly disappeared, but she knew that it was still in Chen Xiang's hands.

"So sinister!" Yue Er chuckled.

"What a strange power!" Chen Xiang laughed, "This will make it more convenient for me. Wait until I go back, I will definitely try to see if Peak Divine Lord can discover me."

"Let's go, continue looking for the Azure Dragon Tomb!" At this time, Chen Xiang no longer needed the Six Realms mirrors. He directly made himself transparent, and flew around in the starry sky.

"Yue Er, I feel that the strange and strong thing that built this mausoleum was formed from the body of these Starry Sky Blood Devil." Chen Xiang said: "So the Azure Dragon's mausoleum must be nearby!"

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