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When Chen Xiang heard Yue'er talk about Starry Sky Blood Devil, he immediately stopped. He knew that this kind of Star Domain was dangerous, but he felt that even if it was dangerous, he would have sensed it beforehand.

"Starry Sky Blood Devil?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's a special kind of spirit that's lurking in the dark sky, their initial form does not have a physical body, it's just that the spirit bodies that you can't see or touch are wandering in the sky, quietly and specifically attached to the bodies of humans and beasts, quietly sucking blood, while sucking blood you will not be able to discover them, and when you are aware of it, the blood on your body instantly decreases by a lot." Yue'er thought back to this incident, her voice trembling slightly. "Back then, I had a lot of blood sucked out of me. I was almost completely sucked dry."

"This is terrifying? Why didn't you say so earlier? " Chen Xiang looked around, his heart also full of gooseb.u.mps. Yue'er's perception was extremely strong, even if she couldn't detect it, it would be difficult for others to do so.

"We haven't reached that area yet! It's still very safe here, but even if we go there, I won't be able to feel the existence of the Starry Sky Blood Devil, but if you use the Dao heart Eye, you might be able to see it directly. " Yue'er replied, "Back then, when I communicated with the stars, I found out that Starry Sky Blood Devil's favorite hiding place was the darkest place."

Chen Xiang was currently in the vast starry sky, and the majority of the stars and stars were very far apart, but only a small portion of the stars would emit light. Most of the stars were dead stars with no light on their own, so if they were far away from the stars that glowed, then those areas would be extremely dark.

Chen Xiang could see the starlight from all directions. Although it was a little dim, it would not cause the area he was in to become completely dark.

"How was this Starry Sky Blood Devil born? Even though they are in their spirit bodies, they can still suck blood! " Chen Xiang was also rather curious about the Starry Sky Blood Devil at this time.

"I don't know. I asked the old men in the Star Moon Divine Race, and they don't know much about it either. All they know is that the Starry Sky Blood Devil is a little afraid of light. Moreover, these Starry Sky Blood Devil s have a very long lifespan, and are almost immortal. It's just that their existence is too secretive, and sometimes, even if you go to a dark place, it's hard to find them. " Yue'er replied, "Only when you're extremely unlucky will you encounter them in the starry sky."

"Do you know what will happen after they form their fleshly bodies?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, and laughed: "I really want to catch one or two to research."

"This thing is very dangerous, it's better not to touch it, lest it gets sucked dry." Yue Er said, "The elders from our clan also don't know how their flesh and blood were formed, but those old men said that Undead Divine Race had done a better research on these things. The Undead Divine Race had existed a long time ago, and was born even earlier than the other three G.o.d Tribes."

Chen Xiang continued to walk forward, he did not know if he could find the Star Law Divine Realm's Azure Dragon's mausoleum, even if he could, there might not be any powerful beast spirits left behind, but he had to go and take a look, as long as he felt that it was possible, he would not give up.

He used the s.p.a.ce wind to travel, his speed was extremely fast, and soon he entered a dark area.

"Something's wrong!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he immediately retreated backwards for a distance. When he returned, he immediately saw light.

Yue'er also understood now that the area Chen Xiang had entered earlier had some kind of mysterious power that prevented the light from entering, preventing it from entering!

"The Death Star that is the location of the Azure Dragon's mausoleum is just ahead, but there seems to be an extremely large barrier up ahead that covers a star field, causing the interior to become extremely dark!" Chen Xiang said before he teleported forward and entered the Dark Star Region.

"Could it be that he deliberately chose this place as the location of the mausoleum? Would it be safer like this? " Yue'er replied, "When I came back that year, I was in too much of a hurry. I didn't discover that there was actually a very large barrier here."

"Yue Er, why did you come to this kind of place all those years ago?" Right now, Chen Xiang did not continue using the s.p.a.ce wind, but was flying in the darkness of the starry sky. At the same time, he opened the Dao heart Eye and looked around him.

"Back then, I was a law enforcer and went around arresting people. I chased a guy all the way here and then I met that kind of Starry Sky Blood Devil for no reason." Yue Er said.

For safety's sake, Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors. Sitting on the mirror, he controlled the Six Realms mirrors to release a barrier so that he wouldn't have to worry about being ambushed even if he relaxed. He was very confident in the defense of the Six Realms mirrors.

At this time, Chen Xiang paid attention to the large and small death stars that were floating inside. These stars were all dead silent.

"How do I find it?" If the mausoleum were to be buried on these dead stars, it would be impossible to see it like this! " Yue Er said.

"In the ancient legends of the Undead Divine Race, a mausoleum was built by a strange person. You should have heard of it from Elder Wu, right?" Chen Xiang said: "On that star, as long as I find something like that, it would be the star where the Azure Dragon Tomb is located."

"Is this true?" Yue'er was in disbelief. "How can such a place exist?" The strange fellow that Elder Wu mentioned sounds very strong. In this kind of dead star cl.u.s.ter, without enough energy to support it, they won't be able to become strong! "

Chen Xiang shook his head, he himself was not sure either, but at the moment, he had only grasped these clues, he could only search for it, if not he would not know how to find it.

Just as Chen Xiang was opening the Dao heart Eye and looking at the Death Stars in front of him, he suddenly saw a few red specks floating in the starry sky, seemingly moving quickly towards him.

He immediately put away the Dao heart Eye. In front of him was pitch-black, and when he used the Dao heart Eye again, he saw that kind of dense, extremely large number of small dots.

"I saw it!" Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Ah?" You found the Azure Dragon's mausoleum so quickly? " Yue Er asked in surprise.

"No, I saw the Starry Sky Blood Devil, I saw it with the Dao heart Eye! There are a lot of them and they move very fast. They were very far away from me, but they are getting closer and closer. " Chen Xiang was also a little worried, he was worried that these Starry Sky Blood Devil would damage the defense of the Six Realms mirrors.

"I really met it!" "Your luck is pretty good. Luckily, you can see it. If you could not see it, and was still headed towards that place, you would have become a human now." Yue'er asked, "Can you see what they look like?"

"I can't see!" They are already here, and all I can see is a human shaped red shadow. These things are indeed spirits, but there is a very special kind of energy in their body that allows them to possess special powers. " Chen Xiang said.

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