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When the Purple Yuan Sect came over, Chen Xiang didn't feel that this was disadvantageous for him. Instead, he felt that this was good.

"It's fine, no matter what, we have to face all the powerful forces of the Heavenly Star Realm in the end! Even if the Purple Yuan Sect does not come, we cannot act rashly before we have absolute strength. Otherwise, it would be very easy for us to be killed by the other Great Leaders of the Heavenly Star Realm. " Chen Xiang laughed: "We will continue to develop in secret. As long as we have a few Peak Divine Lord s on our side, we will be able to do something to fight against them."

Wu Zhi nodded.

"Oh yeah, if you're condensing a disciple with seven Bones, tell me. I'll give them a fruit to eat, and it will allow them to immediately condense the eighth Bones." Chen Xiang said.

"Leader, I have seven Bones now!" Wu Zhi asked anxiously: "Is there really such a mystical fruit? can condense Bones just by eating it? "

Chen Xiang nodded: "But we can only eat up to the eighth Bones, the first time, we only need to eat one, then we will definitely be able to condense Bones, other than the ninth Bones!"

He took out a Bone level fruit and pa.s.sed it to Wu Zhi: "Eat it first, wait for Elder Wu to finish looking for your eighth Bones then you can consider the ninth Bones!"

"En!" Wu Zhi still did not dare believe it. After eating it for so many years, every time he condensed his Bones, it would take a long time and it would be extremely painful.

"Leader, did you find the divine soul on your head?" Wu Zhi asked.

"Not yet, I went to Earth Dragon Star to get something like that!" Chen Xiang laughed: There are some things I want to ask Elder Wu.

"Go ahead! I knew I'd tell you. " Wu Zhi put away the Bone level fruit and took out a transparent crystal ball. He guessed that the thing Chen Xiang wanted to ask would require him to establish a connection with multiple clones.

"I heard that Star Law Divine Realm once had an Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise. These four divine beasts, right?!" Chen Xiang asked: "I wonder if there's still anything left?"

"The four Divine Beasts that were once in the Star Law Divine Realm no longer exist. When a world reaches a stable state, they will also die. His lifespan is limited, and he won't live forever." Wu Zhi said, "Our Undead Divine Race has very detailed records of the Four Divine Beasts, including where they died."

"I need this information!" Chen Xiang said: "If they die, there should be more things left behind!"

"Yes, that's for sure. Back then, those heavyweights caught our clansmen and tortured them to find out where the Four Divine Beasts died. As for whether or not it was leaked, I'm not sure either." Wu Zhi let out a long sigh, looked at Chen Xiang, and asked seriously: "Leader, can you tell me why you want to find the Four Divine Beasts' mausoleum?"

"I need their divine soul, to integrate with my Bones." Chen Xiang answered honestly, these Bones were all prepared for the other Bones on his head.

"Alright, it's just that the tomb of the Four Divine Beasts is not easy to enter. Even our clansmen do not know about this!" We only know that the tombs of the Four Divine Beasts were constructed by a group of strange fellows. " Wu Zhi tapped the center of Chen Xiang's brows with his fingertip and told Chen Xiang the location of the tomb of the Four Divine Beasts.

"What a strange guy!" Are they humans? " Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"We don't know if they are human or not. We know that those fellows are very savage and have the features of humans, but their actions do not resemble humans at all." Wu Zhi said: "For example, when they hunted the Special G.o.d beast, they would directly tear it apart and eat it for themselves! If we catch them, they will be eaten alive as well. Furthermore, they are extremely powerful, so what they are using is not divine power. "

"Not divine power?" Chen Xiang said in shock: Could it be the power of my physical body?

"It's also not the power of the physical body. In short, even if they don't have heads, the random movement of their bodies will still burst forth with very strong power. In short, it's a very strange power. Wu Zhi said.

Of the two Bones in his head, one wanted to merge with the Life and Death divine soul, and the other wanted to merge with the five beast's divine soul, four of them belonged to the Four Divine Beasts.

Back then, there were five Beast statue s on the Yin Yang Array in his dantian, and an elephant was in the middle. It was still the same, and he didn't know where to find the divine soul of that elephant, so he could only find the Four Divine Beasts first.

"If there's a Qilin Beast elephant in the middle, then it would be easy. Why wouldn't it be?" Chen Xiang was also very confused by this.

Wu Zhi returned to the private room to eat Bone level fruit, Chen Xiang went to chat with Feng Wu for a while, and also returned to the private room to refine Bone level Dan.

In a month's time, Chen Xiang had refined quite a few Bone level Dan, all of them were of high, middle, and low quality. He pa.s.sed them to Dai Donggong, bid farewell to a few elders, and then left the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star.

… ….

Chen Xiang left the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star to search for the Four Divine Beasts' mausoleum.

"Where are they?" Yue'er asked, "I am quite familiar with the Star Law Divine Realm, and I can sense the stars."

"Among the distant Death Stars, Undead Divine Race only knows a general idea." Chen Xiang said: "I do!"

"Huh?" Yue'er exclaimed, "Among the dead stars? Star Law Divine Realm has the most Death Stars, you can't just search for them one by one right! "

"There is an approximate range! Oh right, Yue Er, if you were a Death Star, would you be able to establish a connection with one? " Chen Xiang asked.

"No, a dead star is dead. No matter how big it is, as long as it's dead, there's no star spirit in it. I can't sense it." Yue'er replied, "If there's a rough estimate, then it's not that difficult."

Chen Xiang used the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star to teleport to a Earth-stage Stars, and then used this Earth-stage Stars to teleport to a Profound Ranked Star. Only these stars had Transmission array, so he was going to cross over in the endless starry sky.

"The stars of these divine beasts shouldn't be the type to give up all hope, right? Even their corpses can make the Death Star produce Star Spirits. " Yue'er asked: "Chen Xiang, which divine beast's mausoleum are you going to go to now?"

"Azure Dragon!" Using the s.p.a.ce wind, Chen Xiang quickly left that Profound Ranked Star and entered the dark starry sky.

"I've come to this star field before. Back then, I encountered a rather strange matter here." Yue'er suddenly shouted, "You have to be careful!"

"What strange thing?" Chen Xiang was only worried about the strange fellow that Wu Zhi was talking about. He was curious about this and was very curious about the fact that he was able to help the Four Divine Beasts build a mausoleum.

"There's a kind of Starry Sky Blood Devil here, like a bloodthirsty thing suddenly appeared. It's invisible! I met many of them, and they chased me for a long distance as well. This guy could also travel through s.p.a.ce to chase you, but then somehow, that guy suddenly died. That's very hard to kill. " Yue'er said, "This question has troubled me for many years!"

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