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Hearing what Chen Xiang said at the end, Ge Long's expression became a lot more gentle.

"Seems like Brother Shen has already guessed something!" Ge Long sighed: "I'm not afraid to tell you, even though I have the bloodline of the Divine Dragon Race, I'm human!"

"I have a recognized sister, just like Brother Ge." Chen Xiang nodded and laughed. The White Dragon Vein in his body was also very strong.

"Only those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have Black dragon flower poison. Since you came from a distant world outside the Star Law Divine Realm, how were you poisoned? Could it be that those fellows went all the way over to poison him? " Ge Long said. From his tone, it was obvious that he hated the people who poisoned him.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he had initially absorbed that person's memories, but only knew that they were entrusted to this place by a group of people from the Star Law Divine Realm, but he did not know who they were.

"At that time, all I knew was that those people were sent by Star Law Divine Realm. I came to Star Law Divine Realm and only then did I have a slight understanding of the powers here!" Chen Xiang said: "At the same time, I also heard about the matters of the Divine Dragon Race. After all, my wife is Bai Long, she should also be considered a member of the Divine Dragon Race! Now it seems like Brother Ge has a lot of poisonous dragons here! "

"White Dragons are extremely rare, they have never appeared in Divine Dragon Race, but there are some in teleportation places." At this time, Ge Long was no longer so cautious towards Chen Xiang.

"The Divine Dragon Race was indeed poisoned by them. Many powerful old divine dragons were poisoned and are currently frozen. We, the descendants of dragons, can only run around in search of the antidote." Ge Long sighed.

"Then how many Three lotus Dan do you want now?" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Three lotus Dan in his hand over. "Take it for now!"

After Ge Long received them, he gave Chen Xiang ten Bone level fruit s and said, "We still need about thirty of them. This is not a small number! Of course, if there were any other supreme dan beads or dan beads that could cure the poison, that would be fine too! To remove Black dragon flower poison, Three lotus Dan are the best. "

"If I were to give you thirty Three lotus Dan s, would you be able to give me three hundred?" Chen Xiang asked. He felt that this was not too hard, he did not need to copy the Divine Lotus, as long as he could get the three divine lotuses to become mature through the Spirit seed s, he would be able to condense the lotus seeds.

As long as he used lotus seeds, he would be able to refine Three lotus Dan, and he could produce more than one pill in a single furnace!

"If Brother Shen can help us get thirty Three lotus Dan in a short period of time, we can give you five hundred." Ge Long said: "Even though I have not reported it, they will definitely agree."

"Alright, in a short period of time, how many days is it?" At this time, Chen Xiang had already told Yue'er to plant Spirit seed s. As long as she diluted them with purple pearls and watered them with water, they could grow them in batches.

"Within a year!" At this time, he was very excited as well. If Chen Xiang could help them get so many Three lotus Dan, then Divine Dragon Race's Old Dragon would be able to unlock them very quickly.

Since the Divine Dragon Race didn't have a powerful old dragon guarding it, it caused the entire Divine Dragon Race to panic and hide in all directions for many years!

Chen Xiang had also heard from Yue'er that among all Four Divine Races, only Divine Dragon Race's combat power was the most terrifying. Earlier, Yue'er had already been extremely suspicious about why Divine Dragon Race didn't counterattack, and now she understood that all of them had been infected with Black dragon flower poison.

"Okay, I will definitely give it to you within a year. I have the divine medicine, and right now, I only need to enter closed-door training for a period of time." Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Ge, can you help me arrange a better environment for me to refine pills?"

Ge Long said in surprise, "You alone managed to refine thirty Three lotus Dan in a year? That is a King grade G.o.d Pill! "

All these years, Ge Long and the others had been looking everywhere for Three lotus Dan s, so they understood Three lotus Dan s very well. Naturally, they knew that Three lotus Dan s were not easy to refine, and many of the Pill G.o.ds they knew said that it would take at least a few months to refine a batch of Three lotus Dan s, and if it was a long time, a few years would be normal.

As for Chen Xiang himself, he would need to refine thirty pills in a year. To Ge Long's knowledge, this required thirty batches of pills.

"I alone can handle it. All you need to do is to equip your Bone level fruit and give it to me!" Chen Xiang laughed, "Quickly bring me to concoct pills!"

Ge Long brought Chen Xiang to a quiet little courtyard in the Supreme Dragon Villa.

"I will instruct them not to let anyone near this place. Brother Shen, you should start forging the pills in peace!" After Ge Long finished speaking, he hurriedly left. He was going to discuss this matter with his own clansmen.

Chen Xiang entered the courtyard and had Yue'er start to mature those three divine lotuses, so that they could grow a lotus seed as soon as possible!

If he wanted to refine thirty Three lotus Dan, he would only need to refine ten batches. It would be enough if he could condense ten lotus seeds out of the three divine lotuses, which would be completely possible within one year.

If he wanted to copy five hundred Bone level fruit, who knows how long it would take.

"Yue Er, you try to mature those divine lotuses first, I'll try to see if I can refine the Bone level fruit into a divine pellet!" Chen Xiang said.

As long as he had enough divine medicines, he would be able to refine them immediately! Now that Yue'er wanted to mature the divine lotus, there was still a bit of time left for Duan Kong to do so. He also had ten Bone level fruit on him, so he decided to try refining the Bone level fruit first.

Yue'er smiled. "If I can concoct a divine pill, what kind of divine pill would that be?" It can't be called a Bone level Dan, right? "

"Let's talk about it after it is forged. It seems like it won't be easy to forge!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and threw it inside. Just as the flame was released, the Bone level fruit turned into mist and merged into the flame, causing it to become even more exuberant.

"Motherf * cker!" Chen Xiang could not help but scold in a low voice. He never thought that this Bone level fruit was actually so afraid of flames, it just disappeared the moment it touched flames.

Previously, when Chen Xiang ate the Bone level fruit, he knew that it was very weak. With a light bite of its teeth, it would be able to bite it down, and it would look no different from a normal fruit.

Unexpectedly, even the weakest of flames, the moment the Bone level fruit touched it, would immediately vaporize like water!

"What's wrong?" Yue'er saw Chen Xiang's expression and asked anxiously.

"No, that Bone level fruit was a waste. I never thought it would be so weak. The flame evaporated with a light touch." Chen Xiang said: "I have to think of a way to deal with this kind of special situation, I have never encountered such a situation before, under my control, the heat generated by my flame is extremely low, even if the paper touches it, it won't burn for a while."

"But this Bone level fruit is extremely strange, as if it can consciously absorb a large amount of flames into its own body."

Although the time he took to refine the pellet was very short, Chen Xiang still noticed a lot of things.

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