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Ge Long was the Star Lord, he definitely lived in Di Long City. Chen Xiang wandered around Di Long City, and accidentally discovered that he could feel the aura of a dragon from here.

"Is there a dragon here?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Divine Dragon Race is also hiding now! This Earth Dragon Star has probably existed for a long time, those Heavenly Star Great Leaders must have also come here to look for it, who asked him to give such a name? " Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang had already found out the location of the Emperor Dragon City's Star Lord. That place was called Supreme Dragon Villa, and if one stood on a wide street, they would be able to see a mountain in front of them, and that would be the Emperor Dragon Villa.

"Could it be..." Yue'er suddenly thought of something.

"What is it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Ge Long has taken a liking to Bisheng immortal lotus, and Bisheng immortal lotus is a divine medicine used to refine Three lotus Dan for detoxification! For him to be willing to part with that Bone level fruit means that he is in urgent need of Bisheng immortal lotus s, and he wants more lotus seeds. That means that the poison that needs to be detoxified is very deep, or that he needs to receive many people's poison. " Yue'er replied, "This place has a dragon aura, which means there's a dragon here. A dragon is most afraid of a poison!"

Hearing Yue'er's words, Chen Xiang also felt that it was possible, and the poison that dragons feared the most was obviously Black dragon flower poison! Long Xueyi was so powerful, he could only absorb a bit of the Black dragon flower poison's poison mist, and that took half his life.

Chen Xiang quickly walked in front of the door of the Supreme Dragon Villa. Even though the door was open, a jade plate with no access, or someone that the guard recognized, simply could not be entered.

"I want to see Star Lord Ge Long. He'll know when you tell him about the Bisheng immortal lotus." Chen Xiang told the guard to pa.s.s the message back.

"Please wait a moment!" He quickly left through the door. It was obvious that he was extremely concerned about this matter, it was clear that Ge Long had instructed him to quickly spread the news regarding the Bisheng immortal lotus.

Not long after, a black figure flashed by and Chen Xiang saw a familiar face, immediately flying out.

"Oh, it's Brother Shen. Come in quickly!" Ge Long immediately laughed and said. Then, he brought Chen Xiang into the Supreme Dragon Villa, into a quiet bamboo forest.

"Brother Ge's words are indeed true. That Bone level fruit really made me condense my Bones." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I, Ge Long, am definitely speaking the truth. I have never lied to anyone before." Ge Long laughed out loud: "Since Brother Shen has condensed your Bones, then we should celebrate it now. I will tell my people which dishes and wine to bring over."

Very quickly, the wine and dishes arrived. Many of them were very sumptuous, and Chen Xiang did not hold back as he tried the delicious dishes.

"Brother Ge, I don't understand, these Bone level fruit are definitely capable of condensing Bones, why would you want to exchange it? Furthermore, if you eat nine, wouldn't you be able to condense nine Bones? " Chen Xiang and Ge Long asked after drinking a bowl of wine.

This Bone level fruit is also very strange. Other than the ninth Bones, all other Divine Deity can be condensed by eating Bone level fruit! For example, the first time you ate one, as long as you ate one, you would definitely be able to condense one, and condensing a second Bones would require five hundred Bone level fruit, and condensing third Bones would require a thousand, and fourth would require a thousand and five hundred … If we were to use this method, we will need to increase the amount by five hundred. " Ge Long sighed: "Even so, it only takes a period of time to grow this fruit, and I will also be able to eat the Eight Bones, only, it will no longer have any effects when I reach the ninth, and will simply not be able to eat."

"Oh? Then, Brother Ge, don't you have a lot of these Bone level fruit? " Chen Xiang said in shock. They must have tried it, otherwise they wouldn't say such words.

"There used to be a lot, but now there's less!" Ge Long said: "At that time I forgot to tell Brother Shen, it was best to save it until the eighth Bones is condensed before using it.

"I'm fine!" Have you ever tried to refine a Bone level fruit into a pill? Would the effects be better this way? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"No, I can't refine a pill!" We, an old fellow here who is capable of refining the King grade's divine pellet, has tried many times but to no avail, and even wasted thousands of fruits. " Ge Long shook his head.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a lot of interest. What others couldn't do, he liked to challenge the most, and that was how the Nine Yin and yang Dan acted previously!

"Brother Ge, how many Bone level fruit do you have? I want to get some! " Chen Xiang laughed, looking at Ge Long's demeanor, he knew that there were a lot of them, if not he could casually waste over a thousand of them.

"If it used to be more, now it is less!" Ge Long shook his head: "Of course, if Chen Xiang really wants it, give me a price, I can actually help you get some."

"Brother Ge, even though you are the Star Lord, you guys are a major power, right? "It seems like your internal department is also very harmonious." Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Ge is such a straightforward person, there will definitely not be any conflicts between you and others."

"Of course, although our Supreme Dragon Villa is not a powerful powerhouse like the Heavenly Star Villa, we are still very loyal. If those big powers want to make a move on us, even if we have to risk our lives, we will still make them suffer." Ge Long laughed.

"What if I take out my Three lotus Dan?" Chen Xiang asked. He did not have many purple pearls now, but there were a lot of Spirit seed that could make the Three G.o.ds Lotus produce lotus seeds.

The last time he refined one for Dai Donggong's daughter, he gave Dai Donggong two pills and left one for himself.

"It really is a Three lotus Dan, and its quality is very high!" Ge Long was surprised: "Brother Shen, how did you get your hands on it? I have seen Three lotus Dan, but the quality is not as good as yours! "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course I refined it myself. The last time at the trade fair, those Bone level Dan were all refined by me alone, I am also a pill G.o.d!"

"Awesome!" Ge Long gave Chen Xiang a big thumbs up, "Looks like you are much stronger than our old ghost who managed to refine the King grade's divine pellet."

"How is it? How many Bone level fruit can I exchange my Three lotus Dan for? " Chen Xiang now also wanted to use Bone level fruit to try and see if he could refine a pill. If he was more patient, he could use the purple pearl to copy it, but that would take a lot of time.

"Ten!" Ge Long said.

"I knew that Brother Ge would have a lot of them, but don't you think so?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I can't just casually take out Bone level fruit s. We will just take out a tree and use the Time Formation to accelerate. Over the years, we have consumed a lot of energy from the Earth's Core, so our acceleration has become extremely slow, not as fast as it was before." Ge Long said.

"Brother Ge, do you have dragons here?" Just as Chen Xiang finished asking, Ge Long became alert, and a trace of hostility flashed in his eyes.

"Don't worry! I know what's going on with Dragon, but I don't want to catch you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds like those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. To be honest, I have a wife who is a White Dragon, and because she was infected with a Black dragon flower poison, I ran all the way to Star Law Divine Realm to find the Three lotus Dan's divine medicine! After I worked hard to find it, I have successfully refined the Three lotus Dan and helped her detoxify it. " Chen Xiang immediately said.

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