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Chen Xiang looked at Wu Zhi and immediately guessed that Wu Zhi had revealed his ident.i.ty as the Undead Divine Race, which was why he was able to lure Chi Yuan over. Chi Yuan had partic.i.p.ated in the ma.s.sacre of the Undead Divine Race, so it was normal for Wu Zhi to have attacked him earlier, therefore he immediately chased after him.

"Dai Zi, do you think you and these two little sc.u.m can kill me? You are too naive, don't think that just because you are a Peak Divine Lord, you can be on par with me! I'll let you know what a difference is now. " Chi Yuan's wrinkled face was filled with sneer and disdain. Dai Donggong was younger than him by a generation and was just a child in his eyes, so he did not look down on Dai Donggong at all.

Furthermore, at that time when Dai Donggong did not partic.i.p.ate in the slaughter of the Undead Divine Race, they had already seen how unhappy Dai Donggong was. Now that there was a chance, they wanted to teach him a lesson.

Dai Donggong sneered: "Chi Yuan, you should look in your own mirror and see how many years you have left to live. No matter how strong you are, in the end, aren't you still going to die from the torture of time?"

He knew Chen Xiang's strength, but he was sure that Chen Xiang was not Peak Divine Lord. As long as he did not reach that level, it would be difficult for him to defeat Chi Yuan! He had just experienced it himself. He felt that he himself was already very strong. Although he had almost reached the Peak Divine Lord Realm, he was injured after being hit by Chi Yuan.

And that was only if Chi Yuan did not want to kill him, because Chi Yuan needed the Immortal bloodline in his body to increase his lifespan.

"Let's go to the side, let the Elder Dai go first." Wu Zhi said to Chen Xiang before pulling Chen Xiang to the edge of the barrier.

"Elder Dai? I thought that you had already established your own clan, but to think that you are only an elder? So who's your head? Is it that Undead Divine Race? " Chi Yuan looked at Wu Zhi and Chen Xiang.

"Don't worry, before you die, I will tell you who my Leader is. You must be careful of him, he is very strong." Dai Donggong laughed sinisterly, he did not directly tell Chi Yuan that he was Leader, he was worried that Chi Yuan would ignore everything and kill him immediately.

Chi Yuan snorted, he was also secretly on guard. He obviously didn't think that the guy with the young face, Chen Xiang, was a Leader, so normally, people who could become big shots in power would become white-haired old men! What's more, the person who could make Dai Donggong this Peak Divine Lord follow was definitely a Peak Divine Lord.

"If he doesn't come now, he'll just give me a chance to kill you. I have to thank him." After Chi Yuan finished speaking, he suddenly opened his mouth, and a purple light surged out, it was actually purple lightning.

This sudden attack made it difficult for Dai Donggong to defend against it. His chest was struck, and sent flying by the force of the blow.

"What terrifying purple lightning!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. Just now, when that purple lightning struck out, there was not even a trace of Qi, yet it was able to cause such huge damage. If it wasn't for the fact that Dai Donggong was wearing a powerful divine armor, his body would definitely have been penetrated.

Normally, when Chi Yuan unleashed such a powerful attack, it would set off an extremely berserk wave that would spread to the surroundings, but when Chi Yuan released the purple lightning just now, he did not do so.

"You overestimate yourself..." This time, Dai Donggong could avoid all of them. But what made people feel strange was that after the few purple bolts of lightning struck the ground, they did not make any sound, as if the air had touched the ground and did not cause a huge commotion.

Dai Donggong was not someone to be trifled with, he could repeatedly avoid the strange purple lightning, holding onto his sword, he slashed out a few lines of blue Sword Qi, which transformed into numerous fierce beasts that pounced towards Chi Yuan from all directions.

"This Chi Yuan's purple lightning is indeed strange. When he released it earlier, seeing Dai Donggong suddenly dodge, he could immediately retract his strength and release it freely." Chen Xiang a.n.a.lyzed the situation in his heart.

Chen Xiang also realized that Dai Donggong was very concentrated when he used his G.o.d Power. The G.o.d Power contained in his Sword Qi was very strong, but the target of this Sword Qi was only Chi Yuan, it would not cause any damage to anyone other than Chi Yuan.

"Is that all?" Chi Yuan slapped the blue hand that was. .h.i.tting him with a palm. Boom!


Chi Yuan shattered all of Dai Donggong's powerful Sword Qi, and it released a loud explosion, causing the enchantment to vibrate.

Feeling the incoming berserk wave, Chen Xiang finally felt how terrifying Dai Donggong's sword qi was. Just now, it was only a blue light with no aura at all.

"Myriad G.o.d Mountain Seal!"

With a wave of his hand, the Hundred G.o.ds level in Dai Donggong's body absorbed the energy of the Divine Sense Sea and combined with his nine Divine Deity, it instantly erupted with a powerful divine power, transforming into a gigantic mountain that appeared on Chi Yuan's head!

This enormous mountain appeared in an instant and smashed down immediately. Chi Yuan had also expected that, with a loud shout, he would be pressed down.


The moment the giant mountain fell to the ground, it unleashed a terrifying vibrating power. The surrounding ground suddenly split open, and cracks spread out in all directions!

Ling Tian City, which was still quite a distance away, was split into several pieces by the deep cracks.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Chi Yuan bellowed, a burst of purple lightning covered the huge mountain.


The instant that purple light flashed, the gigantic mountain disappeared. Chi Yuan, whose entire body was covered in purple lightning threads, had a face full of anger, which made his wrinkled face become even more terrifying, but he was currently in a very sorry state.

"Pfft!" Chi Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood. He did not expect Dai Donggong to actually know this terrifying forbidden technique.

Chen Xiang looked at Dai Donggong and realized that his expression was strange. He immediately understood that Dai Donggong had used up a lot of energy from the previous exchange, and just when he was about to move Dai Donggong, he did not expect Chi Yuan to turn into a thick purple lightning and charge at him.


Dai Donggong screamed out, and flew towards Chen Xiang and Wu Zhi!

Wu Zhi immediately caught Dai Donggong, causing his face to turn pale white, blood flowing out of his mouth. His internal organs were severely injured.

"You actually let me suffer such heavy injuries, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Chi Yuan was so angry that his entire body was trembling, both of his eyes had turned purple, with purple electric light flashing in them. His palms were releasing purple mist, which accompanied the crackling sound of the electric light.

"All of you, go die together!" Both of Chi Yuan's hands clasped together and he threw himself forward. A streak of purple lightning the size of a vat charged over and that powerful pressure actually shattered the entire barrier. The color of the sky and earth immediately changed, black clouds rolled about, and thunder rumbled everywhere.

Chen Xiang instantly released his Six Realms mirrors and faced Chi Yuan with the mirror, all of the divine power pouring into the Six Realms mirrors!

The berserk purple lightning sent by the Peak Divine Lord struck the Six Realms mirrors and was reflected back by the mirror, striking Chi Yuan himself!

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