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Wu Zhi took out a crystal ball. He pressed both hands onto the crystal ball and closed his eyes.

"Let me first ask my clone in Ling Tian City to see what's going on in Ling Tian City." Wu Zhi said.

"Could it be the Heaven's Divination Avatar in the middle of teleportation?" Huang Jintian said in shock.

"What is the Sky Spill Avatar?" Chen Xiang was so surprised to see the Huang Jintian brothers, he knew that the Sky Spill Avatar was very powerful.

Dai Donggong was also very curious, looking at Huang Jintian, he hoped that he could answer.

"This is an extremely powerful natural ability of the Sky Spill Master. He can have countless clones, and these clones can also live their own lives. They are no different from normal people, and these clones don't even know that they are clones!" "When the main body needs it, we can use its Sky Spill power to search the memories of the avatar and learn a lot of things." Huang Yantian said.

"Those clones will never know that they are clones! "I don't know how many clones Elder Wu has in the Star Law Divine Realm, I always thought that this was just a legend among the Sky Spill Master, I didn't think that it would actually exist." Huang Jintian exclaimed: "No wonder Elder Wu knows so many things."

"I had thought that Elder Wu had calculated it using the Heaven extended method, but who would have thought that he was actually relying on a doppelganger." Chen Xiang was also amazed that there was such a mystical body splitting technique.

Wu Zhi chuckled: "I can also use the Heaven extended method to calculate sometimes! However, in order to find out more information, I have to use my clones rather quickly. Over the years, I have produced over a hundred thousand clones in various parts of the Star Law Divine Realm, and among them, there are even more than a few dozen whose strength has reached 90 Divine Deity! In order to keep these clones, I need a lot of Bone level Dan. "

Chen Xiang and the others immediately took in a breath of cold air. Over a hundred clones was already shocking enough, but this Wu Zhi had more than a hundred thousand clones!

"However, there are strong and weak clones, so it's difficult to nurture them!" "Because we are not real humans, there are more or less problems. Unstable ones will even self-destruct!" Wu Zhi said: "All these years, I have only been able to cultivate around a thousand stable clones with more potential! Of course, if I wanted to, they could all integrate with me. I can also inculcate in them the goal I gave them in the depths of their consciousness, so that they will work towards that goal. "

Dai Donggong sighed, "All of you G.o.d races have such terrifying innate abilities. It's a bit unfair! "

Wu Zhi laughed bitterly: "You can't say that, our Undead Divine Race, wasn't our clan exterminated? Purple Yuan Sect is here, he's in a rage right now, we can head to Ling Tian City right now! "

This Purple Yuan Sect was one of the people who ma.s.sacred the Undead Divine Race back then. At this moment, Wu Zhi was extremely happy because this was their chance.

"He came by himself. If the three of us join forces, we'll definitely be able to take him down!" Wu Zhi laughed coldly: "This guy used our clansman's blood to continue living, let him return it now."

Chen Xiang said: "Do you have any plans? If that guy can't find the divine gourd, will he leave immediately? "

Wu Zhi said: "That won't happen, because an elder of the Ling Tian School told him to wait a bit, they have already investigated and will get the results soon. At that time, as long as he makes a move, they will be able to take him back!"

"Let's go to Ling Tian City now." Dai Donggong said.

Chen Xiang, Wu Zhi and the rest all changed their appearances briefly before they headed towards Ling Tian City through the Transmission array.

"It's better to lure him out of the city. When the time comes, we can consume some of his strength. If we start a war in Ling Tian City, the entire city will be destroyed." Wu Zhi said, he also did not like killing, especially those who had nothing to do with it.

"The Purple Yuan Sect's name is Chi Yuan, and he cultivates a strange type of purple colored divine lightning that uses lightning attributed G.o.dly strength. Everyone be careful, when his entire body is filled with purple qi, he is going to use that strange type of divine lightning." Wu Zhi said: "I'll go and lure him out of the city now. Wait for me at the foot of the mountain outside the city."

Chen Xiang and Dai Donggong immediately left the city, and quickly arrived at the mountain peak that Wu Zhi had pointed out just now.

"This is my first time fighting with a Peak Divine Lord Ranker, I'm a bit nervous!" Chen Xiang laughed. Although he said that, he did not look nervous at all.

Although this Purple Yuan Sect is the first batch of experts, it does not mean that he is strong. I am a Peak Divine Lord belonging to the younger generation, even if there is a gap between us, the gap will not be too wide. At that time, with me controlling him, you and Elder Wu can work together and definitely kill him. Dai Donggong laughed: "Don't be too nervous, as long as Chi Yuan is me, he won't be a problem! At Peak Divine Lord's level, no one can break through, and no one can compare in strength, so the only thing left to do now is which side will have the most people. "

"Is there really no one in the Elder Dai who can break through to the peak of the realm? "What would happen if I were to break through?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

Back then, my master had left very early on. He said that he was going to look for longevity and break through to the peak of perfection, but he didn't return for many years, and among the Peak Divine Lord that were in the same group as him, none of them were able to break through. The Elder Dai shook his head.

Chen Xiang had only heard that in the Undead Divine Race s of the G.o.d Clan, there was an old Patriarch who had broken through, but after breaking through, he did not know what had happened.

"He's here!" Dai Donggong's face suddenly became serious, and shouted.

In the direction of Ling Tian City, Wu Zhi had turned into a blue light and was flying over quickly. However, a purple light was chasing closely behind him.

Dai Donggong immediately released three array discs, stacked them together, and then opened the array disc. He released an extremely powerful barrier, just in case Chi Yuan ran away.

Chen Xiang looked at the three array discs, they were gradually disappearing, and he was unable to sense them, this way he could prevent the barrier from collapsing.

At this time, Chen Xiang and the others were inside the barrier, they could not go out, nor could others.

"The duration of this barrier is limited, everyone hurry up!" Dai Donggong sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang and Wu Zhi. After Wu Zhi entered, Dai Donggong immediately rushed over, struck out with his palm, and dissolved the purple lightning that flew over.

Chen Xiang saw that Wu Zhi's face was pale white, and there was even blood at the corner of his mouth, Wu Zhi was actually injured! Although he was using Hundred G.o.ds level, the difference between the number of his Bones and Chi Yuan's allowed him to be weaker than him as a whole. When he was running over, he was injured by Chi Yuan.

"Dai Xun, this is... I understand, you want to kill me! Haha... You little scoundrel left the Everlasting Mountain because you wanted to create your own sect, right? I knew that you wouldn't be able to control the crafty side of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute back then. " When Chi Yuan saw Dai Donggong, he laughed and was not one bit surprised.

As for the Everlasting Mountain, the other Heavenly Stars were also quite concerned about them, so they knew about the current situation in the Everlasting Mountain.

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