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Now, Chen Xiang felt much more relaxed. Bone level Dan were no longer in short supply, and Teng Yong and Jing Ze had also brought back so many divine medicines. If he needed them, he could quickly refine them.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu walked in the middle of the Villa and chatted with her for a while. Suddenly, they met a group of men who returned in a rage.

"What's going on? Why is there so much anger?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"This... "Nothing." A man was about to say something, but after some thought, he did not say it.

"To think that you're even a man. What kind of thing are you speaking to me about? Hurry up and tell me. Are you being bullied outside? You were worried that I would laugh at you, so you didn't dare to say it out loud." Chen Xiang patted the man's shoulder and laughed.

"Leader, we were indeed bullied. If not for Hua Lang's warning to us not to act recklessly, we would have already fought with our lives on the line." The man said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Hua Lang is right, if we meet with this kind of situation, if we cannot win, we can run, and then come back to call for help. There is nothing to joke about, who exactly is bullying us."

Another big man said: "Let's go hunt the Special G.o.d beast and kill them, we were surprised to find out that the Special G.o.d beast's lair, after going to his lair, we found two large watermelons that were like white jade, but at this time, a few of them ran out and stole them. They are all very strong, we can't beat them, and two of our brothers were injured by them."

A large watermelon the size of white jade, and one that was guarded by Special G.o.d beast, one could tell that it was a higher level divine medicine.

"Do you know where those people came from?" Chen Xiang asked.

They all shook their heads.

"Then do you still remember their appearances, as well as the moves they used in battle?" Chen Xiang asked again.

Seeing them nod their heads, Chen Xiang said: "Go find Elder Wu and tell them the details. If we find out who those people are, I will personally help you take back those things, and teach them a lesson. You actually dare to s.n.a.t.c.h our things."

The few men immediately went to find Wu Zhi, and not long after, Wu Zhi arrived at Chen Xiang's residence.

"Elder Wu, this is what I promised you. I'll give you thirty Taipin bone level Dan s every year." Chen Xiang handed the Taipin bone level Dan over to Wu Zhi.

"He refined it so quickly, he's really amazing." Wu Zhi chuckled as he kept the Taipin bone level Dan and continued speaking, "Those people who stole that group of brats should be the Ling Tian School disciples of the nearby Ling Tian City. These people have always been arrogant, and have already allied themselves with the Everlasting Mountain, so they're even more arrogant."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I'll go look for Ling Tian City right now, they actually dare to rob our people."

"Are you going by yourself?" Wu Zhi asked.

"Of course." Chen Xiang was still confident in his own strength, but at the moment, Wu Zhi couldn't really see just how strong he was, so he was a little worried.

Chen Xiang was teleported from Cang Cloud City to Ling Tian City, then to Ling Tian School.

Originally, Chen Xiang was prepared to use some time to confirm whether the things were really stolen by the Ling Tian School. But just as he arrived, he heard someone talking about the two Tianyu G.o.d melon that the Ling Tian School had just obtained.

"Tianyu G.o.d melon is a Heaven grade Divine medicine. It is said that eating one would allow the Peak Divine Lord to extend their lifespan by a thousand years. It is extremely precious. This Ling Tian School is so lucky, to actually be able to get two."

"I wonder where they got them from. It seems like they will definitely become friends with the Peak Divine Lord because of these two Tianyu G.o.d melon."

It was Chen Xiang's first time hearing of a "Tianyu G.o.d melon." After all, this was a Heaven grade divine medicine, and was even rarer than King grade.

"There is indeed such a miraculous pill that can increase one's lifespan. Refining it into a pill is definitely better than eating it directly." Chen Xiang had already confirmed that the white jade watermelon was the so called Tianyu G.o.d melon, but it had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the disciples of the Ling Tian School.

When he was walking on the road, he saw many elderly people rushing towards the Ling Tian School, all of them looked like they were running out of gas, their lifespans were almost up. Now that they heard the Tianyu G.o.d melon had appeared, they all rushed over, if they could get some, maybe they could even extend their lives a little, and if they could successfully break through the bottleneck they currently had, they could still live a long time.

Even eating Tianyu G.o.d melon could increase lifespan by a thousand years, if one's cultivation was low, it would be increased by even more. However, Tianyu G.o.d melon were Heaven grade divine medicines, they were extremely rare, and even if Peak Divine Lord wanted to, it would be difficult to find them.

As such, the group of elders that rushed over only held onto a sliver of hope.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the gate of the Ling Tian School, although it was wide open, more than ten big men were guarding it, preventing people from entering. Meanwhile, the old man from the outer sect shouted in a weak voice, hoping to let them see the divine melon.

"I heard that the other Great Leaders of the Heavenly Star Realm are already on their way, and that those guys are much stronger than the Everlasting Mountain. Although the Ling Tian School is Everlasting Mountain's ally, if the other Great Leaders of the Heavenly Star Realm want him, the Ling Tian School would not dare to not give it to them."

"w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star is too weak, this time Everlasting Mountain can only swallow his anger."

The other big shots of the Heavenly Star Realm had all made their moves, causing Chen Xiang to be secretly shocked. But after thinking about it for a bit, in order to increase their lifespans, the other big shots of the Heavenly Stars had all ignored their rules, and directly started a ma.s.sacre of the Undead Divine Race s.

"You have to hurry up. If the experts from the Peak Divine Lord come and take him away, you might not have the chance." Yue'er said, "This divine melon definitely can't fall into the hands of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and turned into a wisp of smoke, entering the Ling Tian School from high up in the sky. Using spatial teleportation, he easily broke through the Ling Tian School's defensive array and entered the Ling Tian School.

After sneaking in, he immediately released hundreds of threads of divine soul to search, and very quickly, he found an elder. He immediately teleported next to the elder and used a mental attack to knock him out, then used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search his memories, and very quickly, he found out where the two Tianyu G.o.d melon were hiding.

Ling Tian School's overall strength was not very strong, the elders here only had around eighty or so Divine Deity, Chen Xiang could easily put them on the ground.

"Ling Tian School has already formed an alliance with Everlasting Mountain, but he's actually kneeling in front of another Heavenly Star Great Leader. It looks like Ling Tian School will kneel to whoever has the strongest fist." said. At this time, he had arrived at the back mountain of the Ling Tian School. There were dozens of tall mountains there, and the Tianyu G.o.d melon were hiding in one of them.

Chen Xiang found a lot of useful things from the elder's memories. Although the elder was not strong, he was still considered strong in the Ling Tian School, so he knew a lot of secrets.

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