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Yue'er and Wu Zhi both felt that the three Great G.o.d Clans were extremely weak and it was extremely difficult to reverse the situation. After all, the Ten Great Heavenly Stars was simply too powerful.

"Are they really that powerful?" Chen Xiang asked, he did not have any idea how strong the Ten Great Heavenly Stars was.

"Very powerful, there are only three Peak Divine Lord s, but within the Ten Great Heavenly Stars, there are more than thirty of them. Adding all the other small and medium-sized forces, if you add them all together, there are still one to two hundred, and this w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star can be counted with one hand." Wu Zhi said.

"Now you know how strong the Ten Great Heavenly Stars is when they join forces, right? They're probably close to a thousand or so Peak Divine Lord." Yue Er said.

"There are really a lot of Peak Divine Lord s." Chen Xiang's face was also filled with surprise.

"The population of one Heavenly Star is several hundred billion, and they are all elites that have distinguished themselves from the countless Earth-stage Stars's profound rank stars to enter the Heavenly Star Realm. How come over the years, it's normal for there to be two hundred Peak Divine Lord s." Wu Zhi said: "In the entire Star Law Divine Realm, there are many stars that exist, and there are hundreds of millions of people. However, the Peak Divine Lord only has a thousand, so this is considered few."

Chen Xiang scratched his head: "Why are there so few w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star s."

Wu Zhi said: "It has something to do with the Everlasting Mountain, the Everlasting Mountain s are very selfish, they control all the divine pellets themselves, and they have very strict control over them as well, do not allow other small and medium-sized forces to have large scale pellets business, and the divine pellets refined by their Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute s are all provided to the inner sect disciples, and the majority of the inner sect disciples are just a bunch of pigs, they can't be raised up no matter how much they raise."

"Sadly, many of Everlasting Mountain's outstanding outer sect disciples are treated as slaves and are tricked by them into hunting Special G.o.d beast. They went to risk their lives to look for divine medicine and after many years of death, there are not many experts in Everlasting Mountain who want to stay here anymore and run to other heavenly stars."

Yue'er said: "Among all the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star s, the most difficult thing to become is most likely to be the Bones. Amongst the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star s, the one with the most control over the Bone level Dan is the one who dies the most.

Chen Xiang laughed: "In the future, this situation will be changed, but now, we have to get rid of this group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Everlasting Mountain."

Wu Zhi felt that they had stayed inside for a little too long, there were still Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian waiting for them in the outer sect.

After Chen Xiang and the others walked out, Dai Donggong hurriedly asked, "We reached a conclusion."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "From now on he is Elder Wu."

Huang Jintian immediately laughed: "Elder Wu, welcome to our clan, I am Elder Huang."

Chen Xiang remembered that he hadn't even talked about being an elder to Huang Jintian before she asked him to, but he had already become one. Of course, Chen Xiang didn't say anything.

"You should be considered a junior of mine, but your status is actually the same as mine. But, forget it …" Wu Zhi laughed. It seems that he had already secretly communicated with Huang Jintian through sound transmission.

Just like this, Chen Xiang, the young Leader, and three elders swaggered down the street, returning to the Villa.

Returning to the Villa, Chen Xiang met with the three elders for a meeting.

"Elder Dai, you should have mastered a lot of cultivation techniques when you were in the Everlasting Mountain, right? Next, you should familiarize yourself with the disciples, impart them the appropriate cultivation techniques according to their circ.u.mstances, and guide them in their cultivation from time to time. Also, you are still the Refiner, if you have the conditions, you can help them refine the divine artifacts and armor." Chen Xiang said.

"That's no problem. Right now, they are all in closed-door training. When they come out, I will call them over and properly guide them." Dai Donggong nodded.

"Elder Wu, you will be responsible for strengthening the Villa's defense first, and then, you will do what you've done previously. You will inquire about the whereabouts of the high grade divine medicine, and then, you will instruct the others to think of ways to get their hands on it."

Wu Zhi nodded his head, he had gotten thirty Taipin bone level Dan a year, which was a very generous treatment, because Taipin bone level Dan were very precious.

"Me?" Huang Jintian asked quickly.

For example, the source of their divine medicine, and whether those elders and Pill G.o.ds of the Everlasting Mountain have gone out or not. You can first communicate with the Elder Dai, and then ask Hua Lang to find a few people who are more knowledgeable in this field to work with you. " Chen Xiang said: "When it's almost time, we will have to take action against Everlasting Mountain, so it's more useful to first understand Everlasting Mountain."

Wu Zhi nodded his head: "I can also provide some help on this point. Great Heaven School had just been destroyed, so they will definitely take action.

"That's about it. This is our main direction right now. First, we should stabilize, develop, and get to know the enemy. After that, we can eliminate the enemy and expand." Chen Xiang said: "My main job now is to refine pills. As long as I use the divine pellets in the right place, they will be of great use to me."

"Oh right, Master, Hua Lang said that there was a guy who betrayed them. When the time comes, we can settle this matter with him and have Hua Lang and the others spread the news of the various insides of the Everlasting Mountain." Chen Xiang looked at Dai Donggong and asked: "Elder Dai, do you want to tell Everlasting Mountain that you are no longer the Leader?"

Dai Donggong said: "I do, but I have to cooperate with Hua Lang and the others' promotion, at that time, I will announce my retreat, and that way, the Everlasting Mountain will definitely fall, and it will be hard for them to push out a good Leader."

"Then we'll do it for now. I'll go back to concoct pills first, Master, if Teng Yong and Jing Ze come back, let me know immediately."

Chen Xiang had already used up both his Zhongpin Dan s, which were what he currently needed the most. Since Jing Ze and Teng Yong had not come back yet, he could only use the Alive Slain Method to duplicate a divine medicine to refine them.

The outer sect disciples who had just joined were all elites. Their Bones s had all stopped for a long time, and now that they had obtained good Bone level Dan s, they could quickly break through and condense new Bones. When they came out of closed door cultivation, they all went to Wu Zhi to inquire about the whereabouts of the Special G.o.d beast.

After killing the Special G.o.d beast and obtaining its corpse, one could sell it for Shen Yuan stone s. Most of the materials on Special G.o.d beast s could be used for smithing, which was very important for a large force. Furthermore, their newly born Bones required a large amount of divine soul to be a.s.similated into the body, so they could only be obtained from Special G.o.d beast s.

The next few months, Chen Xiang was still refining Zhongpin bone level Dan s. Originally, he had planned to play a good role in refining the Bone level fruit, but now, he could only delay it.

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