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Furthermore, when I defeated him as my master, I knew who his Undead Race was. However, at that time, his memories did not awaken, and it was said that he had failed his tribulation, causing him to die many times. Right now, he has to pa.s.s through some tribulation before he was able to regain his memories. Chen Xiang said: "Oh right, he also has a twin brother, he looks exactly the same as him."

"The twins' Sky Spill Master, this is only a pair in the Undead Divine Race. It's good that they are still alive." Wu Zhi sighed, looking very happy.

"Senior Wu, you are also from the Undead Divine Race, right? I already know about the matters in the Undead Divine Race, and the reason I came here from very far away is to help my master and uncle master find their separated family members." Chen Xiang said.

"That's impossible, it's best if the Undead Divine Race is scattered throughout. Your master and the others should have already told you the reason why the Undead Divine Race was wiped out. You should also be clear about the consequences if we gather together." Wu Zhi said.

If they were to gather together and be discovered, they would definitely be exterminated.

Yue'er suddenly ran out from the ring and shouted, "Senior, is my grandmother still alive?"

Seeing that a small white cat had suddenly ran out with snow white wings, Wu Zhi shouted in joy: "You're Yue'er, your grandmother talks about you often, and she thought that you would never come back. You being missing for so long made her worried."

"Answer me first, how is my grandmother now?" Yue'er was also very worried about her grandmother, who was after all from Undead Divine Race.

"She's in the Star Moon Divine Race … But I don't know if I'll wake up again. " Wu Zhi thought about it for a long time before answering Yue'er's question.

"The immortal bloodline in her body has been extracted, and we have tried many times, such as channeling the immortal bloodline into her, but none of them managed to prevent the bloodline in her body from being regenerated. Right now, your grandfather is using the time secret inside the Star Moon Divine Race to seal her in a large array of time, so as to not let time pa.s.s and she will die forever."

When Wu Zhi talked about this matter, he was extremely saddened. It could be seen that Yue'er's grandmother had a very high status in the Undead Divine Race.

Yue'er was currently feeling very sad. Her loving grandmother was currently in a very bad state.

"Chen Xiang, you should be able to save my grandmother." Yue'er suddenly thought of Chen Xiang's peerless alchemy skills.

"Mn, I will do my best to save your grandmother, don't worry. Senior Wu also said just now that she was sealed in the Time Formation, her condition is quite stable." Chen Xiang rubbed Yue'er's small head.

At this moment, Wu Zhi had already removed his wariness towards Chen Xiang, and he could tell with a glance that Yue'er was extremely reliant on Chen Xiang.

"That's right, senior. Quickly state your conditions." Chen Xiang said.

"Well... "We are now considered acquaintances …" Wu Zhi suddenly felt it difficult to speak.

"Just say it, after you join us, there will be a lot of things that you need to do. In the future, you will also need to provide a lot of information." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Fine, give me thirty Taipin bone level Dan every year." Wu Zhi said.

"No problem." Chen Xiang agreed immediately. This was simply nothing to him.

"Ah, you promised so straightforwardly. Did I say too little?" Wu Zhi was startled, then laughed. Although he was a Grandmaster of Sky Spill in the Undead Divine Race, he still lacked Divine Pills, let alone the fact that the entire Undead Divine Race was already extinct.

"Chen Xiang, what exactly is your goal in establishing such a power? Is it to make it easier to collect divine medicines, or do you have some other purpose?" Wu Zhi was extremely curious, he already knew what Chen Xiang was doing in the Great Heaven School.

"It's mainly because the big shots in Star Law Divine Realm are not used to it right now. Also, I'm a pill G.o.d, so I normally would like to sell some divine pills, but under the control of those big powers, I can only do it quietly like a mouse." Chen Xiang said: "I can refine high level divine pellets, and in order to collect the divine pellets, I need to use divine pellets to exchange with them. However, if those Enforcers find out about this, it will be very troublesome."

"The other reason is to help Yue'er, my master and the others and to avoid being hunted down in the future. Those fellows all had the intention of killing the G.o.d race for their longevity, and they themselves have already violated the rules of the Star Law Divine Realm. As the Enforcers, they definitely won't punish themselves, so I have to punish them."

Wu Zhi repeatedly nodded his head. He was quite confident in Chen Xiang, since he had already recruited Dai Donggong, who was now a strong Ranker who had already reached the peak, and was now joined by him, in the future, Chen Xiang's power would definitely be even stronger. Furthermore, Chen Xiang was also an extremely powerful Pill G.o.d.

"Grandpa Wu, how are the Cat Race and Star Moon Divine Race's situation right now?" Yue Er asked.

"All good. Your father, this devil star, will occasionally cause trouble for you in those Heavenly Stars." Wu Zhi kindly caressed Yue'er's soft fur.

"Senior, you will be our elder in the future. After we take down the Everlasting Mountain, we will decide on the name of a sect." Chen Xiang said.

nodded his head, joining a reliable power was something he had always wanted to do, but there was nothing suitable for him. Although Chen Xiang had only just started, he felt that his future was very promising.

"Are all the other heavenly stars very powerful? Are the three remaining G.o.d Tribes unable to destroy them?" Chen Xiang had already experienced the Everlasting Mountain's strength, he felt that it was only at that level.

Wu Zhi shook his head: "There are a total of twelve Heaven-stage Stars s, and one of them is an Unparalleled Star. There are only eleven people present, and w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star is the weakest among them. This is mainly due to the management of the Everlasting Mountain for many years, and it has been declining by quite a bit."

"Furthermore, Dai Donggong is considered a junior, the other ten Heavenly Star Realm experts are all seniors from the past. Back then, when they surrounded and killed our Undead Divine Race, Dai Donggong did not join them, and because of that, he was isolated by the Ten Great Heavenly Stars, which caused the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the elders to become angry, and he felt sorry for me because he did not help the Undead Divine Race back then."

Wu Zhi sighed: Actually, I shouldn't blame him. If he were to help Undead Divine Race, his entire clan would be annihilated, and even if he were to help us, it would be to no avail. Ten Great Heavenly Stars's surprise attack was simply too fast, so fast that the other three G.o.d Clans were unable to react in time and were completely exterminated.

Yue Er said, "With the Ten Great Heavenly Stars joining hands, the three remaining G.o.d Tribes are no match for us. Moreover, after being sealed and hidden for so many years, the three G.o.d Tribes will gradually decline."

"Exactly, the people from the three G.o.d Tribes don't dare to casually walk around, especially since the G.o.d race's characteristics are very obvious. If they were discovered, they would definitely be taken away." Wu Zhi said angrily: "That group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, even if they can live for an unlimited amount of time, sooner or later, they will all die."

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