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After Dai Donggong left, Chen Xiang pondered for a while. To think that there would be such an expert hidden in the Cang Cloud City, and a familiar face suddenly appeared in his mind.

Feng Wu and Chen Xiang had asked him about many things, and each time, they would have a huge harvest. Chen Xiang suspected that the person Dai Donggong was looking for was this old man!

Originally, his relationship with the Everlasting Mountain s were not bad. However, later on, a few conflicts occurred and they did not even meet each other anymore.

Yue'er thought of that old man. "This guy had held that trade fair before. It seems like people often ask about things from him. That's why he brought these people together!" But how did he know? "

"He seems to know a lot of things. This requires a lot of manpower to collect these things. Could he be … " Chen Xiang was suddenly surprised: "There is only one possibility, this guy is from the Undead Divine Race!"

The Heaven extended method of the Undead Divine Race was very powerful, and could be considered a lot of things. When using it, one would lose their lifespan, but the lifespan of the Undead Divine Race was almost limitless, so they were not worried about using it recklessly.

"He should be one of the more powerful Sky Spill Masters in the Undead Divine Race, if not he would not have been so easily killed. Although Huang Jintian and the others are all Heaven extended method s, they are still much weaker than the old Sky Spill Grandmasters in the Undead Divine Race." Littlemoon said, "This Heavenly Evolution Master's technique can calculate a lot of things with a single finger pinch. It doesn't take a very long time."

Chen Xiang had previously seen Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian using the Heaven extended method to calculate, but they both required the support of a treasure.

"Let's go. Won't we know if we go and take a look?" Yue'er smiled.

Chen Xiang had the same thought, but he did not immediately take action. He went to find Huang Jintian and told him about it.

"Really? I have calculated it several times with that stupid big brother of mine, but I could not calculate that there is a clan member of the Undead Divine Race above the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star. " Huang Jintian was a little surprised. "But from what you're saying, it's very likely that he's actually our Undead Divine Race's Grandmaster, Sky Spill. This kind of guy can also avoid us from searching for him, but why would he hide from us?"

"Master, let's go take a look!" Maybe this guy thinks it's safer this way. He's one of the few who survived the disaster. " Chen Xiang laughed: What's more, it's just our guesses, maybe not?

Huang Jintian followed Chen Xiang out of the Villa, and headed towards the alley where the old man was. The reason why Chen Xiang pulled Huang Jintian along was to make it easier for Huang Jintian to confirm! Although Yue'er possessed the bloodline of the Undead Divine Race, she didn't have much of a bloodline power, so she couldn't sense it. However, Huang Jintian was different.

Not long after, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian arrived at the small alley, and Chen Xiang could already feel Dai Donggong's aura. This was just as he had guessed before, the formation master Dai Donggong wanted to rope in, was indeed the old man who did everything.

"Master, can you feel his aura?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can't sense him. If he's really a Grandmaster, then I can't easily sense him. Furthermore, I haven't met him yet." Huang Jintian said: "But I can actually feel Dai Donggong's Qi."

When they reached the end of the small alley, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian entered the small house and saw Dai Donggong sitting opposite of the old man.

Dai Donggong was surprised to see Chen Xiang here, but the old man did not. Obviously, he knew that Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian would come here.

"Is this the G.o.d of Pills you spoke of?" The old man looked at Chen Xiang.

"h.e.l.lo, old sir. We meet again!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I never thought that I was actually right."

"His name is Wu Zhi, and our master is a good friend." Dai Donggong sighed, a trace of shame could be seen on his face, it was obvious that he felt guilty about Wu Zhi's master.

Chen Xiang nodded. At this time, Wu Zhi looked at Huang Jintian, but it was only a very dull look.

"Senior Wu, compared to the Elder Dai, I think you should have heard a lot of things." Chen Xiang said: "If Senior Wu is to join us, we will definitely have great accomplishments in the future."

"You can refine the King grade G.o.d Pellet?" Wu Zhi asked directly.

"I also only know how to refine Three lotus Dan, because my wife was poisoned and required this kind of divine pill to cure her illness. I came to the Star Law Divine Realm from a long way away." Chen Xiang said truthfully.

"Then do you know how to refine Taipin bone level Dan?" Wu Zhi asked again, he was obviously moved, but he wanted to confirm if Chen Xiang was really that great at pill refining.

He was very clear about what Chen Xiang had done during the trade fair, and he was very curious about Chen Xiang a long time ago.

"If senior has the Taipin bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, I can refine a cauldron for you to see." Chen Xiang was extremely confident. He could have refined it a long time ago, but the Taipin bone level Dan's divine medicine was rather hard to obtain.

"I'm not a pill G.o.d, how would I know the recipe for Bone level Dan? Where can I go to get the Bone level Dan's divine medicine? " Wu Zhi laughed.

"This is the Taipin bone level Dan I refined!" Chen Xiang took one and threw it over.

Wu Zhi had asked Chen Xiang for the Bone level Dan before, but it was only low quality. He still had the Bone level Dan with him now, so it wasn't hard for him to tell that the Taipin bone level Dan was refined by the same person as the Xiaping bone level Dan.

"Alright, I'll join you!" However, you must first agree to the treatment that you are going to give me. " Wu Zhi returned the Bone level Dan back to Chen Xiang.

"Please speak!" Chen Xiang lacked people as powerful as Wu Zhi right now. His intelligence was especially important to him.

"Only you and I know about this treatment!" Wu Zhi looked at Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian.

Dai Donggong immediately stood up and walked out of the small house. Huang Jintian also left at the same time.

Wu Zhi was a formation master. He slammed the table and the table immediately released a ray of light, turning into a barrier that enveloped the entire hall.

"What condition?" Chen Xiang asked.

"First of all, I have to ask you, do you know the ident.i.ty of that old man who just walked in with you?" Wu Zhi asked solemnly, causing Chen Xiang to be secretly shocked. He was certain that the elder had already seen through Huang Jintian's ident.i.ty as a Undead Divine Race.

"He's my master, and we've been together for many years. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today." Chen Xiang said as he frowned.

"You really don't know him?" Wu Zhi continued to ask: "I'm not concerned about your relationship with him, I'm only concerned about whether or not you understand him."

"Alright, he's from the Undead Divine Race, and he's also a Sky Spill Master!" Chen Xiang said.

"You actually know about it!" Wu Zhi was a little surprised.

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