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The Zhongpin bone level Dan that the elder of the Everlasting Mountain had just given to Chen Xiang was indeed of a lower quality. Seeing Chen Xiang throw away the Bone level Dan, everyone secretly cursed him in their hearts.

The Bone level Dan that Chen Xiang threw away was caught by a big sized man, he nodded: "The quality is indeed not good!"

"We never said what kind of Bone level Dan we would reward, right?" was a disciple with great potential and could be killed by Chen Xiang just like that. This was a huge loss to both the Great Heaven School and the elder.

"That's right, you didn't say what quality you wanted to give, so you couldn't say anything. I just felt very surprised that the Alchemy G.o.d of your Everlasting Mountain could actually refine such a low quality Bone level Dan." Chen Xiang laughed: "This is a bit different from the propaganda your Everlasting Mountain has."

Just now, this Clan Elder was bragging about how impressive the Everlasting Mountain was, but now that Chen Xiang was going to expose them, he was going to show everyone what kind of power the Everlasting Mountain was!

The elder no longer paid any attention to Chen Xiang. Instead, he closed his eyes and endured the anger in his heart, waiting for the arrival of the first true disciple of the Everlasting Mountain.

Just then, an old man flew over from afar and landed beside the stage, right beside the Everlasting Mountain Elder.

"It's the Leader of the Great Heaven School, Mingguang!" Chen Xiang had heard Feng Wu talk about the Great Heaven School before, so he recognized the old man.

"Was it you who killed Huo Yang?" Ming Guang's voice was filled with anger as he asked in a low voice.

Huo Yang was a young and capable disciple of his Great Heaven School. Even the dead Yu Zhen was weaker than him, but now, he had actually been killed by someone.

"That's right!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, his voice was calm, as though killing Huo Yang was not a big deal, it made Ming Guang even angrier, he wanted to rush forward to take care of Chen Xiang, but he controlled his emotions, he was clear about the situation, and Huo Yang had also killed people before.

If Huo Yang did not kill before, Chen Xiang would have been lenient, and the Great Heaven School and Everlasting Mountain that were in charge of organizing this compet.i.tion, thought that Huo Yang was very strong, so they did not set any rules. To be able to kill the other party was just reaping what they had reaped.

Many of them were representatives sent by the big powers, so if Ming Guang were to run up and attack Chen Xiang, they would definitely laugh at him.

Chen Xiang smiled blandly: "If the number one true disciple of Everlasting Mountain doesn't come, I don't mind sparring with him. This way, everyone can see how strong he is."

"If I win, just give me a Zhongpin bone level Dan!"

If he could defeat Great Heaven School, he only needed one Zhongpin bone level Dan. This was equivalent to looking down on Ming Guang, which angered Ming Guang to the extreme. He really wanted to go up there.

"Bright Light, wait!" The clan elder of the Everlasting Mountain shouted: "Don't go up, the number one true disciple of our Everlasting Mountain can take care of him. If you go up and beat him, how will the true disciples of our Everlasting Mountain perform?"

"Alright!" Ming Guang calmed himself down and thought. He was a dignified Leader; if he were to make a move here, it would definitely lower his status.

"Why do I feel that the Leader is weaker than the true disciples of the Everlasting Mountain?" Chen Xiang chuckled: "If I defeat Everlasting Mountain's Successor Disciple, then can I challenge Leader?"

"You won't win, the first Successor Disciple of our Everlasting Mountain isn't just for show." The elder said coldly, "You should still recall the good times before you die. You will die very soon."

Chen Xiang's goal was to turn the world upside down here, and destroy the matter of the Everlasting Mountain allying with him, so the more he could do it, the bigger it would become.

"You should have told your Successor Disciples not to come here. Since he came here, there's only death waiting for them. I won't let you leave here alive." Chen Xiang laughed: "To kill a Everlasting Mountain's Successor Disciple only has one Shangpin bone level Dan, this is also quite profitable, if only every single one of the Everlasting Mountain's Successor Disciples were killed, then all that would be left would be the Bone level Dan as well."

"Before I die, if I say a few more words that are courting death, it will only make my death worse." The elder glared at Chen Xiang coldly, but Chen Xiang was smiling, not afraid of him at all.

Everyone was maintaining a distance from the stage at this moment. They were worried that they would be affected by the huge battle that was about to erupt, and the scene of Chen Xiang killing Huo Yang just now was still clearly played back in their minds. Everyone could see that Chen Xiang was very strong, and he did not even use all his strength to kill him.

Chen Xiang had a fairly good understanding of the Everlasting Mountain, right now there are no Leader s in the Everlasting Mountain s, they have already been dug out by him, and although there are experts at the peak of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute s and clan of elders, without the Leader s, their strength is still at the bottom among the super powers of the Star Law Divine Realm s.

"He's here!" Someone suddenly shouted.

In a few blinks of an eye, this golden light landed on the stage and exploded with a golden light. A handsome man wearing a white robe appeared on the stage.

Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to look at the other party's Bones. The Hundred G.o.ds level and the Six Bones were very close to the peak. No wonder he was called the number one true disciple of the Everlasting Mountain!

However, Chen Xiang felt no pressure at all. He had fourteen Bones, and adding the Six Realms' Power that he had condensed from the Six Realms magic kungfu, he was much stronger than other people's divine powers.

"This is the famous Golden Light G.o.d King of Everlasting Mountain, he's really powerful. I don't even know how he got here, and the golden light he was emitting was very hot. When I was. .h.i.t by this kind of golden light, the Divine Sense Sea became very unstable."

"The golden divine light is his most powerful technique. It's said that the golden divine flame he uses is even more terrifying, since he's a disciple from the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute who can concoct pills and fight!"

"He himself is a Pill G.o.d and possesses a powerful body. This Everlasting Mountain's number one inner disciple does indeed live up to his name."

Chen Xiang heard the discussions of the crowd, and understood the so-called number one true disciple in the Everlasting Mountain, his name was Jin Xiongyao, his father was a elder who was strong in the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, thus he was able to refine pills since young.

"It is said that he has another name, the Evil Heaven Pill G.o.d. He has taught himself a very evil art of alchemy, using living people as support materials. It is said that he will sometimes use a lot of people's hearts …" This was especially true for the pure hearts of a boy and a girl. He loved to use them! In the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, there is a group of people who are in charge of collecting this kind of material. "

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