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"This guy is worried that he will die too quickly, which is why he angered Huo Yang and allowed Huo Yang to torture him to death little by little?" One of them laughed, "Is this person crazy!?"

"No, Huo Yang is so angry now, he must have been taken care of in an instant."

"That might not be true. Although Huo Yang is arrogant, if he is able to control himself against such a person, he will definitely torture him to death."

Everyone felt that Chen Xiang was definitely going to die, but there was only one person who didn't think the same, and that person was the burly man who stopped Chen Xiang previously! He was trembling from head to toe, he simply did not know what Chen Xiang had done to him to turn him into such a state!

"Begin!" An old man shouted, his voice was filled with antic.i.p.ation, he wanted to see how Chen Xiang died.

"Useless bugs, go to h.e.l.l!" Huo Yang held back his fury and the berserk Thunder power, and after it started, it punched out like lightning towards Chen Xiang's head.

"You're the useless bug!" Chen Xiang actually laughed, he also punched out, his speed was extremely fast, even people with good eyesight could see that Chen Xiang's punch was actually faster than Huo Yang's.

However, Chen Xiang's fist did not carry any kind of frightening power, and appeared to only be an ordinary punch. What was shocking, however, was that Chen Xiang's fist actually struck towards Huo Yang's Violent Lightning Fist.

The two fists collided, but it was not as everyone had expected! They had thought that it would be deafening thunder claps, and then, Chen Xiang's arm would be torn apart by the berserking Thunder power.

However, what happened now was far beyond everyone's expectations and they couldn't believe it! After the two fists clashed, it was unexpectedly calm, as if two fists had lightly b.u.mped into each other without the slightest fluctuation of power.

However, Huo Yang was sweating profusely and his face was filled with fear. He could clearly feel that his powerful thunder G.o.d powers had disappeared without a trace after coming into contact with Chen Xiang's fist, like a stone sinking into the ocean.

Moreover, Chen Xiang's fist also surged with a strange power that poured into his arm!

Huo Yang screamed in shock, and retreated a few steps, touching his own arm, because his arm was itchy right now!

"My bones … where is your Bones? " Huo Yang was extremely shocked. All the bones in his arm were gone, and the Bones was hidden within the bones.

Just now, Chen Xiang had used the Bone-melting magic palm, so the devil arts that Bai Youyou had imparted to him were still extremely powerful!

It didn't matter if Huo Yang's arm was crippled, but the Bones that he painstakingly condensed out was gone, and this was a huge blow to him.

The few elders at the side had already seen that Chen Xiang's strength was extraordinary, and thinking back to the provocative words he had said previously, they knew that Chen Xiang had deliberately come to cause trouble.

Just one move was enough to scare Huo Yang into a dog, causing everyone to be dumbstruck, and all the elders were aware that there was a difference in strength between Huo Yang and them.

Just as the elders reacted, Chen Xiang jumped up, his palms were filled with lightning and fire, the berserk Thunder power was much stronger than Huo Yang's palm strike.

Chen Xiang's palm materialized into a palm that was like condensed bolts of lightning, smashing down fiercely, enveloping Huo Yang!


Everyone watching the scene on the stage felt their scalps go numb, as Huo Yang's body was actually ripped into pieces by the violent Thunder power.


Chen Xiang waved his sleeves, releasing a fierce gale filled with raging flames that swept towards Huo Yang's torn body, burning the shattered pieces to ashes!

Huo Yang is dead! Those who were severely injured by Huo Yang felt that this retribution arrived a little too quickly, and rejoiced in their hearts. At least they were still alive, but Huo Yang was already dead.

"I have already defeated Huo Yang. Where is my Zhongpin bone level Dan?" Chen Xiang smiled towards an elder.

Everyone immediately cheered in their hearts. This was such a big joke!

Originally, the Everlasting Mountain and the Great Heaven School had allied together to create this combat arena program, and it was meant to make the Great Heaven School and the Everlasting Mountain show their might.

What Chen Xiang was doing now was to brazenly slap Everlasting Mountain's and Great Heaven School's face.

There were many people present, over 10,000 of them. Although most of them were rogue cultivators, there were also representatives from other forces! If the Great Heaven School and the Everlasting Mountain did not give the Bone level Dan to Chen Xiang, then it would be breaking their promise. This was a matter that would ruin their reputation, and even though they were absolutely unwilling, they still gave Chen Xiang a Zhongpin bone level Dan.

"Now, I can challenge that Everlasting Mountain disciple, right? Zhongpin bone level Dan is not of much use to me, I am here for the Shangpin bone level Dan. " Chen Xiang said while laughing.

No matter how you looked at it, you would feel that he was here to create trouble, not for the Shangpin bone level Dan!

"No need to be anxious. You should rest first. We have already sent someone to notify that disciple. He will be here very soon." His face was gloomy, his voice low and deep, looking very terrifying. Everyone could see that he was angry, but due to face, he was unable to kill Chen Xiang with a palm.

Chen Xiang actually hoped that he would attack her, so that she could kill him justifiably.

"Why aren't you here yet?" Chen Xiang sat on the fighting stage, feeling impatient.

"That's because our strongest disciple is still in closed-door training, and only our Everlasting Mountain's number one Successor Disciple is fit to fight you. Calm down, it's too late for you to leave." The old man smiled sinisterly.

The number one true disciple in the Everlasting Mountain! One could tell that it was very powerful!

"This guy's done for. The first Successor Disciple is a guy from the Hundred G.o.ds level. He possesses quite a few Bones."

"Not necessarily, he did not use his full strength just now. Maybe he is also from the Hundred G.o.ds level."

"What is the background of this Qi Tian fellow?" Everlasting Mountain is the strongest power in the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, he definitely knows about it. But to provoke it, could it be that the other Heavenly Star Sect are here to ruin it? "

Everyone began guessing!

Chen Xiang sat on the stage, and realised that there were over 10 elders surrounding the stage, afraid that he would run away! He guessed that the Everlasting Mountain wanted the number one true disciple to kill him, save face, and vent out his anger at the same time.

The bored Chen Xiang took out the Zhongpin bone level Dan he received as a reward. He sniffed and frowned: "Isn't the quality of this Zhongpin bone level Dan too terrible?

As he spoke, Chen Xiang threw the divine pellet outwards: "I don't want this kind of trash, whoever wants it will have it. For a dignified Everlasting Mountain to be known as the strongest in terms of pill refinement, he actually used this kind of trash to fool people. "

The Zhongpin bone level Dan could be lost at any time, even if it was of low quality, it was still very expensive!

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