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Chen Xiang had just finished registering and someone was already challenging the disciples of Great Heaven School!

An old man had introduced this disciple named Huo Yang, who was an expert in the use of the divine power of ice and lightning. He was the youngest and most outstanding disciple of the Great Heaven School and was quite handsome. The old man had even told everyone that Huo Yang possessed ninety percent of Divine Deity, but he didn't say how much of it he possessed.

"Ninety-three Divine Deity, four Bones! This kind of strength, for the more than fifty guys in front of me, you have no chance of winning at all! " Chen Xiang thought, and at the same time told Yue'er. He had the Dao heart Eye, so if he focused his mind to observe, he could vaguely see the Bones of other people's bodies, but Divine Sense Sea's Divine Deity was something that could be seen by using the Bones in his eyes.

And sure enough, the first person to go up only had eighty percent of his Divine Deity left. He was sent flying by a single palm from Huo Yang, and he vomited blood as he flew.

Huo Yang's attacks were not light. The elders of the Everlasting Mountain had said before that it was extremely likely for one of them to be severely injured, or even killed, during the battle.

Seeing that the people on the ground were dying and there were more than fifty people in the line, more than thirty of them immediately left the line. They thought that the people fighting today would show mercy and they themselves would be able to compete with their luck, but who knew that this wouldn't give them the chance to fight. They knew very well that they didn't even have the chance to put their lives on the line, so they all consciously withdrew.

Those who continued to queue up had confidence in themselves. Even if they couldn't beat him, they wouldn't be seriously injured!

The second challenger went up on stage. He was an old man, and after he started, he released a raging flame that engulfed the entire Contest Ring, and he too disappeared within the sea of fire.

"He has some skill, to actually be able to merge himself into the fire, this looks like he's using the s.p.a.ce wind! I just want to merge my own body into the s.p.a.ce wind and move with the wind. " Chen Xiang said.

"It looks like this person has studied many ways to use fire. It seems like he's quite formidable!" Yue Er said.

Huo Yang bellowed, both his fists. .h.i.tting the ground, causing the ground to shake. When his fists touched the stage, a burst of cold Qi accompanied by a burst of berserk power rushed out, in the blink of an eye enveloping the entire stage, the flames suddenly extinguished, the old man who had merged with the flames had no choice but to appear, but the moment he appeared, he was sealed by ice.

Following that, Huo Yang took a big stride forward and punched the old man sealed in ice with his fist. Instantly, thunder roared and his fist was like a blood lightning bolt in the darkness, penetrating straight through the old man who had been frozen into an ice cube.


The block of ice instantly shattered into ice. The old man also turned into ice and scattered. Under the rays of the hot sun, the ice quickly melted.

Everyone secretly frowned. This person had come to congratulate them, but had actually killed them with a single punch. Furthermore, today was a joyous occasion for both Everlasting Mountain and Great Heaven School.

"This is the Great Heaven School demonstrating, telling others that they want to take advantage of them!" Chen Xiang sneered in his heart.

Seeing that the Great Heaven School was not merciful at all, more than ten people left, and there were less than ten people in front of Chen Xiang! In the eyes of these people, those who still dared to queue up and go up were all suicidal.


There was a clap of thunder, and an old man was knocked off the stage. The old man was not heavily injured, and when he landed, he was able to stand still, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

Those who dared to stay behind, sure enough, all had some ability. Although they couldn't win, they were not dead yet, and the strongest actually exchanged more than ten moves with Huo Yang, which made everyone admire him.

Not long after, there was no one in front of Chen Xiang, which meant that it was his turn to go up on stage!

"Everyone, if you all were to join the Great Heaven School, you would also become as strong as the disciples on our stage! And the Great Heaven School has a pa.s.sageway that can lead to the inner sect examination. " The elder from Everlasting Mountain suddenly shouted: "All of you need to know, disciples who enter my Everlasting Mountain's inner sect will be groomed by us to become this powerful in a short amount of time. This disciple named Huo Yang is like that, he previously couldn't even kill a Special G.o.d beast with sixty Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang cursed the elder's shamelessness in his heart, to actually say such words to trick people into entering the inner sect!

"The compet.i.tion in the inner sect of our Everlasting Mountain is very cruel! Everyone should have heard a lot of rumors! But where was there no compet.i.tion? How could he become strong without compet.i.tion? Could it be that eating lazily could make one stronger? The losers in the inner sect resent the heavens and the earth, so they spread rumors about the poor environment in the inner sect of Everlasting Mountain, please do not listen to them. " The elder said loudly.

Chen Xiang found it extremely funny, because the inner disciples of the Everlasting Mountain were lazy to eat and become stronger, and in order to continue, they would continue to lure more people into the inner sect, and become their slaves.

"This guy is still talking nonsense!" "It's my turn, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Chen Xiang had not been called up to the stage yet because the elder of the Everlasting Mountain was taking the opportunity to brag about Huo Yang's terrifying strength. The elder had also said that Huo Yang had only cultivated in the inner sect of the Everlasting Mountain for three years.

Chen Xiang looked at the crowd, and saw that many of them were looking forward to it, and were deceived by the elder's words.

After the elder finished persuading, he walked off the stage, and when he pa.s.sed by Chen Xiang, he laughed: "I'm so sorry, I thought you were planning to quit! You look so young, and you really have the guts. If you had entered the inner sect of Everlasting Mountain to study for a few years, you would definitely have made great achievements.

Previously, the ones in front of Chen Xiang were all elderly, so everyone thought that Chen Xiang, this young man, would definitely not be as strong as those old men, but now, he actually dared to run up, and felt that he would most likely die.

Chen Xiang nodded, but he still walked up the stage!

Huo Yang seemed to be impatient. He saw that Chen Xiang had overestimated himself and ran over, and said: "You have guts, but this is also the last time in your life that you have b.a.l.l.s, from the start I am going to use my strongest power to fight you."

He was the last one. Moreover, he looked so weak, yet still dared to run over. This kind of person who didn't know his own limits disgusted Huo Yang.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I'm so scared, you don't have to attack, you nearly scared me to death! If you say any more scary words, I might be so scared that I'll vomit blood and fly away. "

Everyone never expected that Chen Xiang would actually dare to say such provocative words! When they saw Huo Yang's sudden outburst of anger, everyone saw what happened to Chen Xiang.

He was enraged by Chen Xiang's words. The people who trained in the Thunder G.o.d's power were extremely irritable to begin with, and would easily be angered by a few words from others.

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