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Although Chen Xiang didn't expect such a thing to happen, sometimes things would inevitably go wrong with the plan. Right now, the matter of him secretly trying to rope in the inner disciples of the Everlasting Mountain had already been discovered by the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the elders. Baidu Search for t.i.tle + 800 Tale Net

Chen Xiang felt that there was a high possibility that the next person would be the Feng Clan, because the Feng Clan hated him very much as well. Now that the Everlasting Mountain had started the alliance with the Great Heaven School, if they could give the Great Heaven School a lot of benefits, then the other powers would be happy too.

"There is nothing good about allying with the Everlasting Mountain … Of course, this is only for the low and low disciples of the other powers. As long as you form an alliance with the Everlasting Mountain, those people will be the same as the outer disciples of the Everlasting Mountain. " said. Everlasting Mountain allying with other small and middle-sized forces, this posed no threat to him.

Thank goodness they did not know that the Leader was already with you, even if they did, it would be nothing, they can't do anything to the Leader. Hua Lang said.

"Then do they know that I possess a large number of Bone level Dan?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I know, and they are very sure that the person who bought the Qingxin spiritual lotus was you, Big Brother. Who knows where they got the Bone level Dan that Big Brother refined from. It was determined through comparison." Hua Lang could hear a lot of news within the inner sect, and he could even hear some of the more secretive things.

"Ah Lang, I will send you out of the city right now, you should know how to get back, right?" Chen Xiang said as he saw Hua Lang's injuries turning better.

"Big brother, are you going to continue staying here and ruin their good fortune?" Hua Lang smirked: "I also want to stay and watch."

"No, you should go back first. Your injuries haven't completely healed yet." Chen Xiang shook his head: "Now they already know that I am able to refine a large number of Bone level Dan, which can endanger their position and interests. They will definitely hate me for sure next."

Hua Lang nodded, his power was limited, if they were to fight, he would not even be able to run.

Using the power of s.p.a.ce, Chen Xiang carefully opened a spatial tunnel and sent Hua Lang away from the Great Heaven School.

They did not know that Hua Lang had already left. At this moment, they were celebrating to their heart's content!

Chen Xiang felt it was funny. Great Heaven School was so happy now, he completely didn't know that Everlasting Mountain and the elder's courtyard had allied themselves with the Great Heaven School in order to find new slaves. The disciples at the bottom level of Great Heaven School had thought that fawning on the Everlasting Mountain was a good thing, so they had followed to celebrate.

The only thing that would benefit from this would probably be the higher ups of the Everlasting Mountain, and they had worked for the Everlasting Mountain for a long time, so now they could only join the Everlasting Mountain in name only, and sell out all the disciples at the same time.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the plaza at the center of the plaza, he had already heard someone say that they would celebrate for a few days and nights. The amount of banquets here grew more and more, and the entire plaza was enveloped in the thick aroma of wine and joyous sounds.

Suddenly, the people in the center of the plaza all stood up and moved the tables away, creating a huge s.p.a.ce. An old man walked over and waved his hand to release a seemingly strong and st.u.r.dy Contest Ring, and then, a few other old people came, took out many array discs and laid down a barrier.

An old man walked onto the stage and said loudly: "I am the clan elder of Everlasting Mountain, I have matters to attend to and have not come to Leader yet, so I am in charge of forming the alliance between Everlasting Mountain and Great Heaven School! Thank you so much for coming here, so we decided on the spur of the moment to add another show to our fun. "

"Our Everlasting Mountain and Great Heaven School will each choose a disciple. First, the disciples of the Great Heaven School will guard the stage. After defeating the disciples of Great Heaven School, will be the time for the disciples of my Everlasting Mountain to come on stage, and if the disciples of my Everlasting Mountain are to be defeated, then they will be able to obtain the Shangpin bone level Dan. "

If they won, they would be able to obtain Zhongpin bone level Dan, and they might even be able to obtain Shangpin bone level Dan. Many of the old fellows had already decided to go up on stage and try their luck.

The old man saw the excited look on everyone's faces and laughed: "I see that everyone is very interested in this. There will be a lot of people attending and it will be difficult to arrange for them to come over!" How about this, let's have our disciples hold a secret made box, and as long as we can grab the black pearl from the box, we will be able to go up on stage and challenge our defending disciples. "

Chen Xiang looked around, and sure enough, there were a hundred disciples carrying boxes and walking amongst the crowd, and many people were trying to reach into the boxes to grab the pearls.

When it was Chen Xiang's turn to use the Dao heart Eye, he easily saw the black pearl and grabbed it out. After observing it carefully, he discovered that out of the beads, there was only one black pearl out of the one hundred, and there were several thousand people present who partic.i.p.ated, but in the end, only a few dozen people obtained the black pearl.

Although there were many people who complained that they did not have a chance, they understood that if a few thousand people took turns to challenge the gavel, those on the stage would definitely be exhausted to death. And if several dozen people took turns to challenge, that made sense.

"Friends who have received the black pearl, please line up here to register." When Chen Xiang heard the elder's voice, he immediately stood up and walked over.

Not long after he left, he was stopped by someone. It was a fierce and big man.

"Brat, give the black pearl in your hand to me, I'll give you a hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone." When the big rough hand pressed onto Chen Xiang's shoulder, it actually grabbed onto Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang snorted, he used the Hail magic wind and used a burst of cold Qi from his shoulder and poured it into the big sized man's hand.

When he wanted to curse Chen Xiang, he couldn't make a sound because his entire body was being infiltrated by the Hail magic wind, causing him to retreat a few steps, and then sit down on his own chair.

This burly man only had seventy Divine Deity, a single palm from Chen Xiang could kill him, yet he dared to threaten Chen Xiang! And Chen Xiang had also taught him a painful lesson!

When Chen Xiang arrived at the registration place, he discovered that he was the last one there. He secretly cursed the burly man earlier in his heart, if it wasn't for the burly man blocking him for that little bit of time, he definitely wouldn't have been there.

"What's your name?" An old man looked at the black pearl that Chen Xiang had given him, and after confirming that it was real, he asked.

"Qi Tian!" Chen Xiang made up a fake name.

"Alright, you are the fifty-third and last place respectively! Young man, you're not smart enough, or you wouldn't be so far behind the line! But you don't need to worry too much. Perhaps after they exhaust all of their disciples' power, it just so happens that it's your turn. The old man laughed and gave the black pearl back to Chen Xiang.

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