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Chen Xiang could only wait for Teng Yong and Jing Ze to return then try to refine the Bone level Dan s. At that time, they would definitely be able to bring back a large amount of divine medicines. They would have over a hundred Shangpin bone level Dan s on their hands and after being sold, they would be able to obtain a large number of Shen Yuan stone s.

"Big brother!"

Just as Chen Xiang was about to enter the secret room to condense purple pearls, he heard someone shouting.

Huang Jintian anxiously jumped out, only to see him support a big man whose body was full of scars.

"It's Li Qi!" One of the disciples inside the Villa said: "Big Brother, he has a good relationship with Hua Lang, and he had wanted to join us since a long time ago, but in order for the inner court to help Hua Lang, that's why he didn't come to the Villa."

"It's serious!" Chen Xiang anxiously took out a Divine Pill and placed it in Li Qi's mouth. Then, he took out a jade bottle and dripped some white liquid onto the wounds on his body.

Li Qi had fainted when he entered the room. After taking Chen Xiang's divine pellet, he quickly woke up, and the wounds on his body had healed by a lot.

"Slow down!" Chen Xiang smiled at Li Qi: "Who hurt you?"

"Yes …" In the Clan Elder's Courtyard, they found Hua Lang and us. Since Leader wasn't on the mountain, they attacked us and captured Hua Lang. " Li Qi said angrily, "These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of the Elder's Hall, they actually forbid us to leave! Fortunately, we have already sent a letter to all the outer disciples. If they believe us, they would be here very soon. "

"Hua Lang was captured and brought back to the Everlasting Mountain?" This was what Chen Xiang was most concerned about right now. His expression became very serious.

"I don't know. The ones who did it weren't people from the elders' courtyard, nor were they inner court disciples. We don't recognize that group of people, but their strengths are very strong." Li Qi said, "We only know that they were sent by the Elder's Hall. Moreover, they have some enmity with you, Big Brother."

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then immediately understood: "I know who it is! Great Heaven School! "

Great Heaven School often did things like stealing chickens and dogs, and there was nothing wrong with it. This was definitely under the protection of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the Elder's Hall.

The death of Dai Donggong's son was related to the Great Heaven School, if not the Heavenly Aquarius would not be in the Great Heaven School, and if the elder's courtyard could call for the Great Heaven School to make a move, then it meant that they were secretly plotting something. Chen Xiang suspected that the elder's courtyard and the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute were the ones who had ordered the to kill Dai Donggong.

"Master, you stay here to receive the disciples that have come over. I will make a trip to Great Heaven School!" Chen Xiang said.

"Big brother, we'll go too!" One of them shouted, and the other twenty odd people also started shouting, they wanted to follow Chen Xiang to the Great Heaven School to save Hua Lang.

"No need, you all stay here!" Right now, I am not completely sure that Hua Lang is in Great Heaven School, so it would be more convenient for me to travel alone! And you guys also have things to do here, if there are other outer sect disciples here, you guys have to receive them and convince them to stay here. "

With Huang Jintian here, Chen Xiang did not need to worry. When Dai Donggong got the Three lotus Dan, he immediately went to treat his daughter's poison. For a moment, he did not know what would happen, so he could only take care of it himself.

… ….

Chen Xiang came to the city where the Great Heaven School was, and after he came, he went straight to the Villa where the Great Heaven School was! At this time, the lights and decorations were on outside the big door of the Great Heaven School. Outside the door stood a few handsome youths, smiling as they welcomed the people who had walked in.

"Congratulations, today is the day of the alliance between Great Heaven School and myself, and it's a hundred thousand years' worth of celebration on top of that." An old man laughed as he came to the door.

"Thank you for coming to support us. Please come in." A man outside the door smiled apologetically.

Chen Xiang felt that he guessed right. Although the Great Heaven School and the Great Heaven School were in an alliance, it was equivalent to becoming a subsidiary power of the Everlasting Mountain, and it would be more convenient to mobilize the Everlasting Mountain in the future.

No matter who it was, as long as one wore a decent attire, they would be able to enter. Chen Xiang changed his appearance to make himself look very n.o.ble, then swaggered in.

After Chen Xiang entered, he immediately released more than a hundred threads of divine soul, searching for traces of Hua Lang. At this time, the Great Heaven School was in high spirits, full of cheers and laughter.

"Found it!" Chen Xiang's thread of divine soul sensed a trace of Hua Lang's aura, which was located rather far away from the Great Heaven School's plaza at the center.

This was Great Heaven School's territory, and the Great Heaven School had just allied with the Everlasting Mountain, so there were many experts from Everlasting Mountain here today. As such, the Great Heaven School was not afraid of anyone coming to cause trouble, and so their guard was relatively loose. They still hoped that someone would cause a ruckus and teach those who had come to make a lesson. After all, Great Heaven School's previous reputation was not very good.

Chen Xiang easily arrived at the back of the mountain. There was a dungeon here, he determined Hua Lang's location, and then immediately teleported there.

Hua Lang was locked in a secret room with four walls of array barriers. The short and short was up all over, his hair was messy, and the face that had been laughing and laughing all day was swollen and purple, but his eyes were still very clever. When he saw Chen Xiang suddenly appear in front of him, he was so shocked that his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out.

"Big... "Big brother!" Hua Lang never thought that Chen Xiang would come after he was locked in here for only a short while.

"Kid, you're quite spirited!" Chen Xiang patted his head and laughed.

"My life is tough, I won't die." Hua Lang laughed mischievously. "Looks like Li Qi successfully escaped, I was worried that he would die on the way."

"He didn't die, but he was heavily injured." Chen Xiang looked at the st.u.r.dy green chain in Hua Lang's hands and tried to pull it apart but to no avail.

"This chain is too powerful. Is it a high-grade divine tool, refined by the Leader?! Back then, Leader refined many things for the sake of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the Elder's Hall. " Hua Lang said: "It's not easy to open it!"

"Who said that?" Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword. He controlled the Heavenly magic sword to become as big as a dagger and gently cut across. It was as simple as cutting a rope.

"So powerful!" Hua Lang's eyes widened: "Slicing a high grade divine tool is like cutting vegetables, big brother your broken sword is too awesome!"

Chen Xiang took out some medicinal liquid and divine pellets, allowing Hua Lang to take them to make a breakthrough.

"How did they find out?" Chen Xiang felt that it was extremely strange. "Did someone betray you?"

"Yes, there's a guy who went in through the outer sect examination, but he has a thick skin. As long as he sees an inner sect disciple, whoever he sees would kneel, and his kneeling posture and methods are first-rate. So he is deeply liked by the inner sect disciples!" This fellow was the one who found out about us. " Hua Lang said: "It's all our fault for being careless. I never thought that this guy would actually please some outer sect disciples, so he knows quite a few things."

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