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Speaking till here, Dai Donggong was extremely agitated and angry, "They actually found an excuse to say that they sold the Xiaping bone level Dan because they did not have enough Xiaping bone level Dan! They knew that I was going to change Everlasting Mountain's current situation and that it would affect them when the time comes, so they wanted to show their might to me before selling the Qingxin spiritual lotus. "

Chen Xiang was secretly happy, at the same time he understood why Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute took out Qingxin spiritual lotus to sell. Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute definitely did not lack Xiaping bone level Dan, but he still auctioned off this precious Qingxin spiritual lotus, so it was all on purpose.

"Senior, it seems like you and I are fated to meet! To be honest, I came to Star Law Divine Realm from very far away places just to find the Three lotus Dan's divine medicine and refine it into a Three lotus Dan to cure my beloved wife's poison! Not long ago, I happened to be able to refine a batch of Three lotus Dan, and now, I have already ordered someone to send them back! " Chen Xiang said.

Dai Donggong immediately became agitated. He grabbed Chen Xiang's shoulder and asked: "Three lotus Dan only needs to be refined using a lotus seed. The divine lotus you obtained, should also have at least two lotus seeds.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, when I return, I will immediately go into seclusion and refine Three lotus Dan for Senior's beloved daughter."

"Good, good, good!" Dai Donggong was extremely excited at the moment. He knew that it was fated for Chen Xiang to bring back his son's remnants, and he would be able to refine the Three lotus Dan to cure his daughter's poison soon. At this moment, he was even more determined to join Chen Xiang and the others.

Chen Xiang and Dai Donggong then chatted for a while in detail, gave Dai Donggong his Villa's address in Cang Cloud City, and even gave him a few Bone level Dan. This was to allow him to win over outer court disciples for himself.

Now, Dai Donggong had already given up on the inner sect disciples. Previously, he was also threatened by the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, which made his heart even colder, and Chen Xiang was able to quickly refine Three lotus Dan for him, even if it was only to thank Chen Xiang, he still wanted to join Chen Xiang.

Dai Donggong returned to the Everlasting Mountain, while Chen Xiang returned to Cang Cloud City's Villa, where he started refining pills in the secret room.

"When I was at Star Law Divine Realm back then, Dai Donggong still hadn't taken over. So many years have pa.s.sed, and he has already stepped into the peak! At that time, within the Everlasting Mountain, he was not the strongest, but when the old Leader saw his kind heart, she pa.s.sed down the position of the Leader to him. " Yue'er said, "With him joining us, our side's strength will also be much greater. This way, we won't need to fear the other Heavenly Star Realm's forces."

"The other heavyweights of the other Heavenly Stars are all of the older generation?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It should be, otherwise they wouldn't kill all of Undead Divine Race to extend their lifespan." Yue Er coldly snorted and said, "Those guys actually want to make a move against all the G.o.d Tribes. They will get their retribution sooner or later."

"Then where did Everlasting Mountain's old Leader go?"

"I don't know, it's worth it for Dai Donggong. Everlasting Mountain's Old Leader is also not a bad person." Yue'er sighed: "It's a pity that after he left, the Everlasting Mountain turned into such a bird."

Chen Xiang took out three lotus seeds and began to refine a Three lotus Dan. Dai Donggong's current weakness was his daughter, who had already been asleep for many years.

With his previous experience, he refined Three lotus Dan much faster this time, and it was done in more than a month. When he walked out of the secret room, he had already found out that Huang Jintian had received over ten outer court disciples from the Everlasting Mountain s, and the ten people who had went into seclusion previously had already come out by now. They had all successfully condensed their Bones.

More than twenty powerful outer court disciples had already gathered in this villa! After Chen Xiang saw these disciples, he chatted with them for a while and gave each of them a few Zhongpin bone level Dan s.

"Hua Lang, help me arrange something. Send a message to the Eternal Leader and have him meet at the same place." Chen Xiang said. At that time, Hua Lang had already won them over, and they did not believe it at all. Only after Dai Donggong had over ten outer sect disciples come over, did they dare believe it to be true.

Hua Lang hurriedly nodded, then left the Villa.

"Feng Hao insists, you stole Feng Clan's Bisheng immortal lotus, and for some reason, the other elders of Feng Clan believed it. Right now, Feng Clan is looking for you everywhere!" Feng Wu said: "Earlier, you told me to warn Feng Hao, not only did he not listen, he even continued to spread the news of you selling a large number of divine pellets privately."

"Yes, we don't need to bother with the Feng Clan right now. We will take care of them when we are ready!" Chen Xiang said: "Feng Clan is just a small fry, don't worry about it! Feng Wu, if you have time, help me find a place. It would be best to stay in the wild, where there are mountains and water, a beautiful place, a place that is large enough, and there are no Special G.o.d beast s. "

"Alright!" Feng Wu did not know why Chen Xiang wanted to come, but it sounded like a place used to build villas.

… ….

When Chen Xiang arrived at the place where he met Dai Donggong last time, Chen Xiang immediately took out two Three lotus Dan s and handed them over to him.

"There are two of them. If one is not enough, take another!" Chen Xiang said.

"All these years, I've only been able to find Qingxin spiritual lotus and you found three types of Divine Lotuses so quickly!" Dai Donggong exclaimed: "Looks like your alchemy skills are even more outstanding than what I imagined. You only managed to concoct a batch of King grade divine pellets in a month's time, and you only produced two pellets, which is much more powerful than those fellows in Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute."

Chen Xiang only smiled faintly: "Senior, you should be a bit careful within the Everlasting Mountain. If you remove the poison from your daughter, and you don't trust her to stay in the Everlasting Mountain, you can let her come to my villa. I can guarantee her safety."

"Alright!" Dai Donggong: "I will also leave the Everlasting Mountain and enter the Villa in a while. Afterwards, I will be at your command."

Dai Donggong was very grateful to Chen Xiang, these two Three lotus Dan s were both very precious, if he was going to use Xiaping bone level Dan s to exchange for them, then he would need a lot more, and all these years looking for three types of Divine Lotuses, he had been bankrupt, so right now he was also short on money.

Dai Donggong obtained the Three lotus Dan and quickly left. He wanted to cure his daughter's poison, he was his only family.

Chen Xiang had become a lot more relaxed now, and he did not have many Zhongpin bone level Dan left either. He had been hoping for Teng Yong and Jing Ze to return quickly so that he could have divine medicine and not have to replicate it himself.

"Yue'er, has the Bone level fruit been copied yet? First, I'll make one, then I'll use it to try forging a pill! " Chen Xiang asked.

"Not yet! You need to condense more purple pearls, and with the help of Spirit seed, you will be able to condense more purple pearls very quickly! I wonder what grade of divine medicine that Bone level fruit is at. " Yue'er replied, "Although it looks like a King grade, it requires many purple pearls to duplicate it, even more than those divine lotuses."

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