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When Chen Xiang was refining the Three lotus Dan, he only knew that it took a lot of time, but it was only seven days. This was mainly at the stage of fusing and refining.

"Did it really take two months?" Chen Xiang still could not believe it. He felt that he had only used ten days.

"It's true!" Yue'er said: "Feng Wu has already been here a few times, but I haven't been able to see you. I don't know what urgent matter she has! But you'd better rest first, and take a look after you've recovered. "

"No need to rest, my energy consumption isn't that high!" Chen Xiang hurriedly walked out of the secret underground room and arrived at the top.

The moment he came out, he could sense that there were quite a few people in the Manor, more than ten of them in this way.

"Master is here too!" Chen Xiang anxiously took out his Communication jade Symbol paper. Upon hearing Huang Jintian's message, he had already rushed over to help him take care of these matters.

Chen Xiang also didn't know how they got to know Feng Wu, or how they did it, but he hurriedly arrived outside a large house at the Villa. Just as he arrived at the door, Feng Wu ran out from within.

"Big brother, you've come out of seclusion!" Feng Wu laughed.

"What is it? Did something big happen? " Chen Xiang followed Feng Wu into the house and into a hall. The people who were originally sitting there all stood up in a hurry because Chen Xiang recognized one of the Hua Lang.

However, he could guess that these were all the outer sect disciples from the Everlasting Mountain, and they were all pretty strong, all of them looked very strong, very different from the inner sect popinjays. Just this valiant aura alone was enough to suppress the group of inner sect disciples.

"Big brother!" These ten people shouted in unison. Although their voices weren't loud, they were filled with ferocity.

"Alright, sit down!" Chen Xiang laughed and made a gesture to invite them in. These were all won by Hua Lang from the Everlasting Mountain.

After Chen Xiang walked in, he sat at the top of the hall, listening to the introductions of the ten men. They were all disciples that had fought with the inner sect disciples before, but they were not as intense as Chen Xiang, and were extremely impressed with Chen Xiang's actions!

At first, Hua Lang did not say that he had Bone level Dan s for them. When they heard that it was Chen Xiang, they all expressed their wish to follow him.

"Big brother, now that the Eternal Leader has come out, we have no way of knowing what actions he will take, but it would be best for you to be more alert. Even though the Eternal Leader is unable to break through to the peak after coming out from closed door cultivation, your strength has definitely increased." His name was Li Hong, and he possessed the ninety-five Divine Deity and three Bones.

"I wonder how much do you all know about the Eternal Leader? "I've only heard that they are not bad people. The outer sect disciples are all quite sympathetic towards them, and some even say that they would change the rules and allow the outer sect disciples to enjoy equal treatment with the inner sect disciples." Chen Xiang suddenly had another plan.

"That's right, the Eternal Leader has said it himself! But it will be very difficult for him to execute it, it must involve the interest of the elders of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute as well as the large amount of true disciples. If they want to execute it, they would rather not have this Leader. " A large man said.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "Looks like I have to go and meet him. If he has such thoughts, then it means that he is a good person."

Feng Wu and the others were very surprised when they heard it.

"You are going to see the Leader, he is an expert at the peak of the realm, are you not afraid of him?" Hua Lang said.

"No!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

The Heavenly Aquarius that Chen Xiang had previously obtained was given to his son by the Leader. With this bottle in his possession, Chen Xiang was sure that he could have a good talk with the Eternal Leader.

"Teng Yong and Jing Ze didn't come back?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not yet, but Big Brother's Master and Martial Uncle are here." Just as Hua Lang finished speaking, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian walked in with a laugh.

They had exchanged for a lot of Shen Yuan stone after selling it. Now that they found out that Chen Xiang wanted to set up a sect, they immediately came over to follow him as well.

Furthermore, if they wanted to avenge the Undead Divine Race, they had to rely on Chen Xiang.

"Master, Martial Uncle!" Chen Xiang immediately shouted.

"Hehe, now that we are planning to stay here, don't chase us away when the time comes." Huang Jintian laughed.

"How could that be? However, you must not be lazy. At that time, there will be a lot of things for you to do. " Chen Xiang laughed.

Chen Xiang walked over and handed over a Storage bag. "Senior Master, please go back and pa.s.s the things inside to Sister Qilian."

Huang Yantian was secretly shocked, he did not expect Chen Xiang to refine the King grade so quickly. A pill G.o.d that could refine the King grade's divine pellet, was already considered a rather powerful pill G.o.d in the Star Law Divine Realm.

"Good!" I'll go back now. " Huang Yantian frequently visited him, and he now had many Shen Yuan stone, so he wouldn't feel so bad about using them.

Other than the three Three lotus Dan pills, there were also the divine medicines to refine the Taipin bone level Dan as well as the things that Chen Xiang wanted to say to Lv Qilian.

After Huang Yantian left, Chen Xiang took out a few Zhongpin bone level Dan s and distributed them to the ten disciples who had just joined.

"You guys still have to raise your Bones by a lot. Right now, we don't need to fight with other powers, so during this period of time, you should become stronger. In the future, when we touch on the interests of other big powers, we will need all of you to fight in the battlefield." Chen Xiang said.

No one obtained a few Bone level Dan, which made them very excited. This was something they did not even dare to think about before! In the past, when they were in Everlasting Mountain, for the sake of obtaining the Bone level Dan, they had lost a lot of blood and spent a lot of time in order to get one of the somewhat inferior quality.

But now, Chen Xiang had given everyone a few pills, it was definitely a huge gift.

"Hua Lang, were you suspected in the Everlasting Mountain?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No!" Hua Lang laughed: "They won't suspect anything, I have always been strict with my work."

"Then, is there any way for you to help me send a message to the Eternal Leader?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"What?" Big Brother, do you really want to meet the Eternal Leader? " Hua Lang thought that Chen Xiang would wait for a while, he didn't think that he would have to go see the Eternal Leader so soon.

"Of course, because I feel that we won't become enemies with this Leader in the future." Chen Xiang laughed: "In the future, we will build our sect on top of the Everlasting Mountain."

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