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The three lotus seeds that Chen Xiang had refined were already extremely difficult to burn, and adding on to that, the divine pellet would also be able to release the strange power required to resist it, so refining a lotus seed would be even more difficult. It would take a very long time!

The inside of the King grade's divine medicine had already condensed and become very st.u.r.dy! After condensing a crystal, a divine medicine could store an even more powerful energy. When refining, it could create a very strong resistance.

Right now, Chen Xiang was using the Mystic Fire Refinement skill. It was equivalent to letting the divine medicine burn and refine itself, burning its own energy.

Chen Xiang had only comprehended this method, but had never used it before, and did not know if it would work. Right now, he had to start using this method on the three lotus seeds, if he succeeded, this Fantasy Fire Refining Technique would be the best method to refine the King grade Spirit Pill. Of course, this still needed to be combined with the Original source refining to allow the energy of the various King grade and divine medicines to fuse together.

Chen Xiang once again placed the three lotus seeds into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and started to use the Illusory Fire Refinement technique, following the instructions in the Heavenly Alchemy. This was an invisible flame, even though it couldn't be seen or touched, it still consumed a large amount of his Six Realms' Power.

"Yue Er, it might take me a while to refine this Three lotus Dan. You should plant more Spirit seed in the ring and see if you can create the Bone level Dan's divine medicine." Chen Xiang said to Yue'er.

Now, he had successfully released the Mystic Fire, but he did not expect that the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace could actually increase the strength of the Mystic Fire.

"As expected of the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, all kinds of flames can increase the quality. It seems like the time it takes for me to burn these three King grade lotus seeds will be much shorter." Chen Xiang began to forcefully communicate telepathically with the three lotus seeds.

Even a low level medicine would use spiritual energy, not to mention the King grade and divine medicine, the King grade and divine medicine had intelligence that was not inferior to humans. One had to know that some rare flowers and herbs had good luck and could cultivate adult! Lv Qinlian had transformed into a lotus, these genius treasures could be reborn if they had the chance. After transforming into a human, their strength would not be any weaker than a human's.

Chen Xiang did not know how much time had pa.s.sed, he only used the Illusory Flame to wrap three lotus seeds around him, attempting to invade their minds, but he did not succeed. He had followed the methods in the Heavenly Alchemy, and according to the methods above, he would continuously attack the heart of the divine medicine.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang suddenly had a reaction with the three lotus seeds. The three lotus seeds had become very tame now, the Illusory Fire had already started working, starting to burn inside the three lotus seeds.

Not long after, the three lotus seeds suddenly cracked open. A dazzling multicolored light leaked out from within the cracks. It was green, white, and purple respectively.

"We've finally reached this step!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He was still worried that it would take a very long time to finish.

After the cracks appeared on the three lotus seeds, the Illusory Fire gushed out from within and began to burn the outer layer that had become extremely weak. Not long after, three clumps of light that were like clay appeared within the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

"After refining the Shangpin medicine and the divine medicine, they would take the shape of a liquid, while the quality would become a bit thicker! This King grade elixir is pulp! " Chen Xiang thought back to the Jingshen Dan that he had refined before. At that time, after he had used the Crash method to improve the quality of the divine medicine, it had gone from a medicinal liquid to a medicinal paste, and in the end, it had congealed into a Jingshen Dan.

Now that he saw these three clumps of medicinal liquid, he was sure that they were Jingshen Dan s!

"After refining the King grade and divine medicine, is it definitely the medicinal liquid? Why have I never heard of it? I remember that I read in an ancient book that after refining the King grade and divine medicine, they would also be made of medicinal liquid, but it would be a little thicker than the first grade, but it is still far from reaching this form of thick mud. " Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this.

At this point, he needed to use the Original source refining to search for the Spirit blood with three lotus seeds! He found it very quickly. The process of fusing the three lotus seeds was very clear to him. After he fused the three Spirit blood, the three lumps of medicinal liquid began to fuse together. The process of fusing was also relatively easy.

"When other Pill G.o.ds refine the King grade's lotus seeds, they might consume a large amount of energy from within the lotus seed, so in the end, they would only form a medicinal liquid. However, when I use the Mystic Flame Refining, the energy consumed by the divine medicine would be minuscule, which was why it is different from the energy used in the ancient books." Chen Xiang thought about it, and this was the only explanation he could come up with.

The three lumps of medicinal liquid that were originally very thick fused together at this moment, and were even pressed down into a smaller ball. Now, it was no longer a lump of milk, but rather a solid state!

"Very tricky! "Right now, it is already a very strong solid. If we continue to compress it, it will definitely condense and crystallize. The process will definitely be very difficult." Chen Xiang had refined two Jingshen Dan s. The first time was a failure, like turning into a small stone, and the second time was with the help of Liu Meng'er and the others who used the Seven Souls Refinement Art.

This time, no one helped him, and the Jingshen Dan that was formed this time was much stronger than before, because it was refined using the King grade's divine medicine.

"There's probably nothing to be afraid of. I have so many Divine Deity now, my cultivation has increased by a large amount!" Chen Xiang immediately divided the round stone orb into three parts, and after separating the parts, he let it become round.

"I'm starting to form the core. Success is just around the corner!" Chen Xiang gathered all of his Divine Deity and wrapped them around the three larger beads. As long as he compressed them to a stable state, they would be considered to have been condensed into pellets.

When turning into a Jingshen Dan, it would be hard to compress, but there was one benefit to it. If it failed, it wouldn't disperse, but it would turn into a rather poor quality small stone.

Under the compression of Chen Xiang's powerful divine power, the three round beads slowly shrank down from the inside. The process was very strange, and it even emitted a sparkling and flickering light, as though it was pa.s.sing through the multicolored light of a crystal.

"Very good, as long as this goes on, I will definitely succeed." Although Chen Xiang could feel that the three b.a.l.l.s of stuff he compressed were expanding, the pressure produced by the expansion wasn't too strong. He could still control it well.

Chen Xiang clearly remembered that it took him no less than seven days and seven nights to make this round bead into the size of a pill. At this time, his power to expand was also at its strongest, if he could no longer persevere, he would immediately explode! However, with Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, even if it exploded, it would not cause much damage.

"Let me handle it!" Chen Xiang growled, and suddenly, a burst of light burst out from inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. He had succeeded in concocting the pellets, and the three pellets were successfully refined by the Jingshen Dan, not to mention the Jingshen Dan itself.

"It's finally done!" Chen Xiang wiped the sweat off his forehead, opened the furnace, and took out the three crystals from the Three lotus Dan: "The quality is very good.

"As expected, the King grade's divine pellet is not easy to refine. You took two months." Littlemoon smiled and said, "But it's good as long as you succeed. Compared to other alchemy G.o.ds, the amount of time you spend is the least!"

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