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When Chen Xiang came to the Star Law Divine Realm, he discovered that the position of the strong Pill G.o.d was even higher there. For example, right now, he could rope in Teng Yong and Jing Ze, who were both able to win over the Hundred G.o.ds level!

He felt that since he was refining pills, it wouldn't be good for him to go out and fight all day, so he should just leave this matter to others. He would usually refine pills, and flirt with his woman, and if there were really things that his subordinates couldn't solve, he would personally do it himself.

He felt that the Star Law Divine Realm was the end of the world. All the strong warriors who had reached the peak of their strength were gathered here, and if they could establish a stable power here, then he would be able to live a peaceful life in the future and focus on breaking through to the peak of his cultivation.

Refining low quality Bone level Dan was the same as refining high quality Nine Yin and yang Dan, it was not very difficult, it only took a little bit of time, and it took him six hours to finish refining. This was also the reason why the high quality divine medicine was harder to refine and fuse, but after he familiarized himself with it, he could directly use the Bones in his eyes to instantly refine it.

"Five pills, gone!" Chen Xiang sighed, the quality of these five Taipin bone level Dan s were all very good, but previously, when he was refining high and middle rank pills, he produced six of them.

"I'm still not familiar enough!" Yue'er said: "But it's not bad either, I have never seen a high quality Bone level Dan before!"

"I'm not familiar with it. The second batch should be enough!" Chen Xiang nodded, and then began refining the second batch.

The time taken for the second furnace wasn't as long as before. It was completed in four hours, and there were even six pills. Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction.

"I can refine the Three lotus Dan now, I need to quickly cure Xue Yi's poison. Thinking about this Little Naughty Dragon that's unconscious, my heart aches." Chen Xiang said as he took out three lotus seeds.

The Qingxin spiritual lotus was white, the Bisheng immortal lotus was emerald green, and the Purple Heart Lotus was purple.

"Three lotus Dan is more than just detoxifying, right? Otherwise, these three divine lotuses wouldn't be so precious. " Yue'er said, "Any single pill has a great use. If they are combined together to form a pill, the effect will be even stronger."

"I'm not too sure either. In short, I'll just refine it first!" Chen Xiang placed the three lotus seeds into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. He had pinched the three lotus seeds a moment ago, and they were not of an ordinary toughness. Even with his strength, he was unable to crush them.

"It's my first time refining the King grade and elixir, I wonder how it will turn out!" Chen Xiang was also a little nervous in his heart. He took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and then controlled the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to release the flames.

"It really is difficult to refine. The King grade's divine medicine is just different." Chen Xiang released a very fierce flame that burned for a while, but the three lotus seeds actually did not have any reaction.

If the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace's current flames were to land on a Divine Monarch with a total of eighty to ninety Divine Deity, it might even burn them into ashes if it were to slow their reactions.

However, these lotus seeds had been burned for a long time, yet they were still perfectly fine!

Chen Xiang stopped burning and took out the lotus seed. He could not help but scold in a low voice: "d.a.m.n it, it's actually that cold, this lotus seed knows to release a corresponding power to protect itself. The King grade divine medicine is truly inconceivable! This kind of power to protect oneself, is comparable to an expert of the Hundred G.o.ds level. "

"Is there no way to refine it?" Yue'er said worriedly: "Your Chuangshi G.o.d furnace are already so terrifying, if you can't even burn this lotus seed, then wouldn't it be even more difficult for other Pill G.o.ds?"

"Therefore, refining the King grade's divine pellet is not something that can be done in a day or two! Even if it has been thousands or tens of thousands of years, it might not necessarily be. The other Pill G.o.ds should have borrowed the flames of the earth's core to burn for a long period of time, exhausting the power of their divine medicine resistance. " Chen Xiang said: "I have the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and Heavenly Alchemy, so I definitely won't use that method of death."

"I can only use the old method to find a solution to the problem from the Heavenly Alchemy. I only managed to get a little insight into the Heavenly Alchemy now, but I really don't know if that guy made it. It's really too scary." Chen Xiang said: "Do the people from the Star Law Divine Realm know about the existence of the Heavenly Alchemy?"

"I also think that it's very strange. A divine technique like the Heavenly Alchemy should already exceed the category of the Hundred G.o.ds level's nine great Bones experts. That is to say, the strength of the person who is able to create this kind of divine technique definitely surpa.s.ses its peak!" Yue'er replied, "Amongst the four types of Taboo magic, this is the most terrifying one. The other divine arts still make sense."

Chen Xiang had a greater understanding of the Heavenly Alchemy, and was very familiar with the many mental cultivation methods, as well as the various small methods. Right now, he could only search through his memories for any kind of methods, and then a.n.a.lyze them to see if he could solve the problem he was facing.

"There is. If you meet a divine medicine that is difficult to refine, you need to condense a special type of flame. This type of flame is called an Illusory Flame!" Chen Xiang said.

"Mystic Fire? "What are the specific effects?" Yue'er asked. She was the most curious about new things.

"How so?" Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "Illusory fire is not a substantial flame, this kind of flame can only be seen by its users, and the person being burned can only see it, and can only sense it, and won't produce any heat either. No one else can see it …"

"Can't see? What will happen after it's burned? " Yue'er asked, "Even if your perception is strong, you still can't sense it?"

"I can't feel it either!" The top of the Heavenly Alchemy is called Illusory Fire, but I think that calling it Spirit Fire is more appropriate. It is equivalent to you eating a Consecutive Core and me, and I will pa.s.s on to you what I think. Only you and I know, that no matter how strong the others are, they won't be able to know. " Chen Xiang said, "Illusory fire is of a similar form. It is equivalent to me using this kind of flame, establishing a state of telepathy with the divine medicine, and then directly transmitting the flame inside the divine medicine!"

"It means that you and I have a telepathic connection, and then, no matter what I think in my heart, no matter where you are, you will be able to receive it." Chen Xiang explained in detail: "When I use the Illusory Flame, it is to forcefully establish a telepathic connection between me and the divine medicine, and then, I forcefully insert the flame into his body, in order to refine it. When the flames were formed, it was in my heart. After pa.s.sing it on, it would be inside a divine medicine. Moreover, this kind of fire comes from the fire that is imagined within my heart. "

Yue'er was astonished and asked, "An imaginary flame?"

Chen Xiang nodded: "That's right. I've used the Heavenly Alchemy's method and used my divine power to imagine it, then created a Illusory Flame. Then it will pa.s.s through the portal to you, and then you will have the illusion of being burned, and then you yourself will be burned to death, a flame that only you and I can see. "

"The Heavenly Alchemy is truly terrifying!" Yue'er sighed in admiration. "If I didn't use the Illusory Flames to refine pills, would I be able to use it against others?"

"Of course you can! I can pry into another's Divine Sense Sea, and if I use the Bones in my eyes to break open another's defenses, and directly release fire inside of them, it would be even easier for me to succeed. " Chen Xiang laughed.

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