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This Ge Long was actually the Star Lord of a star, this made Chen Xiang and everyone present very surprised!

Yue'er said: "Earth Dragon Star should be the Earth-stage Stars. For him to be able to become the Star Lord with only five Bones, it means that he has a very strong background. Otherwise, this kind of strength isn't enough for him to become the Star Lord of the Earth-stage Stars."

Chen Xiang hesitated for a moment, then said: "Alright, I will bet, I believe Brother Ge's words!"

Ge Long laughed: "You really dare to gamble! How should I address you, little brother? People like you should be very famous! "

Chen Xiang pushed the Bisheng immortal lotus over and smiled faintly: "Chen Xiang!"

Just as Ge Long was about to receive the jade box, his hand suddenly froze, because he had heard of this name before, and everyone present had heard of it!

"Is the person who started a ma.s.sacre in the Everlasting Mountain you?" Ge Long took a deep breath and asked.

"Exactly! Brother Ge, could it be that you are afraid of the Everlasting Mountain and do not dare to make a deal with me? " Chen Xiang laughed, his own name becoming even more famous, he did not feel surprised at all.

"I'm not afraid! Brother Shen is so brave, to actually dare to fight against Everlasting Mountain, I truly admire you! " Ge Long pa.s.sed his own black chest to Chen Xiang: "If you are chased by Everlasting Mountain until there is nowhere to run, then come and sit with my Earth Dragon Star! Although the Everlasting Mountain is a great power that governs one of the Heaven-stage Stars, I am not afraid! "

"If there's a chance, I will definitely go!" Chen Xiang cupped his hands towards Ge Long.

They were not confident like Ge Long, they were worried that the Everlasting Mountain would hate them if they were to exchange with him. After all, if the Everlasting Mountain found out about this, he would definitely hate them.

Chen Xiang stood up, and laughed: "Everyone, I have already obtained what I want, so I will take my leave first!"

He looked at the elder in charge and asked, "Will this matter be leaked out?"

The old man said, "We can't guarantee that we won't leak it out, but we can guarantee that if this matter were to be leaked out, we will definitely find out who leaked it and kill them."

"Alright, farewell!" Chen Xiang clasped his hands at the old man, then left the hall.

He wanted to obtain either the Bisheng immortal lotus or the Purple Heart Lotus very much, but his own financial resources were limited and he could not exchange for it at all. This made him even more jealous of Chen Xiang.

Today, Feng Wu had broadened her horizons. She was very curious as to why Chen Xiang was able to suddenly take out the Bisheng immortal lotus of the Four Lotus Seeds.

"Feng Hao that fellow will definitely be angered to death!" Feng Wu chuckled: "In the past, he was a lofty existence in my eyes, but now, he doesn't seem to be anything special!"

Chen Xiang smiled faintly, then proceeded to the city's Transmission array, teleported away from this Cyan Profound Star, and returned to Cang Cloud City.

Jing Ze and Teng Yong were currently running all over the place. They planned to use a long period of time to travel all over the famous stars of the Star Law Divine Realm to purchase as many of the divine medicines to refine Bone level Dan s as possible. They only needed to think of how to turn those flowers into precious Bone level Dan s.

They had only given Chen Xiang thirty sets of Shangpin bone level Dan's divine medicine and Chen Xiang had already given them 180 of them. This gave them a lot of motivation and pa.s.sion.

"Big brother, I've already won over ten people. They all plan to leave Everlasting Mountain to follow you!" When Chen Xiang returned to the Cang Cloud City, he received a message from Hua Lang.

"Let them wait for a little while, I have to make arrangements." Chen Xiang replied. He currently lacked manpower, so Teng Yong and Jing Ze were already out and would not be able to return for a while.

Chen Xiang thought about it and decided to send messages to Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian. They were not in the Cang Cloud City right now, but they had an agreement with Chen Xiang that they would come back once in a while to receive a message.

"Feng Wu, why don't you go and contact Hua Lang first, and settle down the disciples that exited the Everlasting Mountain!" Chen Xiang gave Feng Wu twenty Zhongpin bone level Dan. "You think of a way to sell them, get some Shen Yuan stone, and then distribute them to the disciples."

"Alright!" Feng Wu was also very idle right now, but if Chen Xiang wanted to refine pills, naturally, she had no time to care about these things. She had always been, and she could not do anything for Chen Xiang.

… ….

Feng Wu bought a villa in Cang Cloud City, and Chen Xiang was in a secret underground room in the Villa.

"Yue Er, are you a.n.a.lyzing that Bone level fruit?" Chen Xiang asked: "Is it like what Ge Long said, only eating it would allow one to condense Bones?"

"I can't be sure, but I've discovered that there's something similar to Bones inside this Bone level fruit! However, this type of Bones is not like a human's. If a human eats it, they might really be able to condense their Bones. " Yue'er was also a little excited: "I never thought that there would actually be such a magical thing. I had always been delusional, if only I had something like this that could immediately congeal Bones."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I think refining this thing into a pill is the best! I need to refine a Three lotus Dan first and cure Xue Yi's poison first. "

The Three lotus Dan was a divine pellet of King grade, so Chen Xiang didn't have absolute confidence in refining it now. He let Yue'er use the Spirit seed and the Six Realms G.o.d Cup first, allowing the three divine lotuses to condense more lotus seeds.

"Right now, I need to condense more purple pearls and cooperate with the Six Realms G.o.d Cup to replicate the Taipin bone level Dan. I need to refine a few more Taipin Dan before I can try out the King grade."

Chen Xiang activated his Alive Slain Method and condensed a purple pearl. In the blink of an eye, three months had pa.s.sed!

"There are already four lotus seeds, and ten of them are used to refine Taipin bone level Dan s. We haven't been able to obtain any Nine Yin and yang Dan s' divine medicines for the time being." Yue'er said. Her work in the cave was relatively easy, she only used purple pearls to dilute the Spirit seed into water, and let it take root and grow into a grain of rice, then peeled off one grain at a time.

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why the Six Realms G.o.d Cup in the Black Stone Divine Venerable had a Heaven Rank King grade's divine medicine. It was all caused by that Spirit seed.

"I wonder if the Star Law Divine Realm has ever auctioned the low rank Bone level Dan before?" Chen Xiang looked at those familiar divine medicines. In the past, the ones he refined were all middle heaven grade ones, but now they were all high quality ones.

"No, who would be willing to sell this kind of thing!?" They were all left to try and break through to the eighth or ninth Divine Deity. " Long Xueyi laughed: "But very soon, people will sell it."

Chen Xiang had become stronger and stronger, and Yue'er was very happy as well. Only by doing this would she be able to protect her Cat Race from being bullied.

"The Taipin bone level Dan should not be difficult for you to refine, right?" Yue Er asked.

"It's definitely not difficult. Bone level Dan have always been easy to refine!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and after placing a few high quality divine medicine in it, he began to use the Dao heart Eye and then use the Original source refining to refine it.

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