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Chen Xiang continued to stay in the trading center only to see what good stuff he would have next. At the same time, he also planned to anger the patriarch of Feng Clan, Feng Hao.

As the Patriarch, Feng Hao must have known about this matter. Chen Xiang guessed that the reason he came to this trading center was to see if the Bisheng immortal lotus would appear here, or if he could exchange it for the King grade's divine medicine that was comparable to the Bisheng immortal lotus.

Although Feng Hao was the Patriarch, there were still a few factions in the Feng Clan. The Bisheng immortal lotus were under his control, and if they were to lose them now, they would definitely be scolded by the people from the other factions.

"Feng Hao, don't you have a Bisheng immortal lotus? Could it be that you plan to attack them this time?" A middle-aged man laughed and asked: "I am very interested in your Bisheng immortal lotus."

Feng Hao snorted: "Bisheng immortal lotus is the clan protecting treasure of my Feng Clan, and furthermore, it's a Bisheng immortal lotus that can condense three lotus seeds, I'm afraid you can't afford it!"

Chen Xiang secretly nodded his head. The lotus seeds that the divine lotus seed had condensed were also very important, they could be used to concoct pills if the quality of the lotus seed was high enough!

Right now, Chen Xiang had already obtained three divine lotuses, the Everlasting Mountain's Qingxin spiritual lotus, and the Purple Heart Lotus he had just obtained were all only worth one lotus seed.

"Yue'er, place the Spirit seed into the Six Realms G.o.d Cup, and then put the Bisheng immortal lotus into the Six Realms G.o.d Cup. See if you can quickly produce a lotus seed." Chen Xiang said.

When he first entered the Nine Star G.o.d Realm, the Spirit seed he obtained combined with the Six Realms G.o.d Cup's usage already had the effect of making the divine medicine mature. He hadn't tried it yet, but he had Yue'er plant a lot of Spirit seed inside it.

The middle-aged man who was ridiculed by Feng Hao was unconvinced, he took out a black box and said: "Your Bisheng immortal lotus s may not even be able to compare to the things inside my box!"

Everyone was surprised as they looked at the black box.

The middle-aged man opened the lid, revealing a large black fruit.

"What is this?" Although everyone could see that it was a fruit, they did not know what kind of fruit it was.

"You don't know!" This is called the Bone level fruit. After eating it, you will be able to condense Bones. " The middle-aged man said loudly: "I received two back then, and if I eat one, I will condense Bones!"

Feng Hao sneered: "This is just one side of your story. I, Feng Hao, have lived for so long, and I have a great understanding of divine medicines, but I have never heard of the Bone level fruit you speak of!"

"It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not, but I can use my life as a guarantee that after eating it, you will be able to sense the existence of new Bones, and even if you don't immediately condense it out, you will feel the vague existence of Bones. As long as you focus on cultivating that Bones in the future, you can condense it out very quickly, and it won't be like how many Bone level Dan you eat." The middle-aged man was very confident, "I already have five Bones now, the fifth Bones was formed from this fruit, back then there was no pain at all."

Everyone present looked at each other, shook their heads, expressed their disbelief. They were sure that if they ate it, they would be able to condense Bones, this was just too shocking. Star Law Divine Realm had existed for many years, but they had never heard of such a fruit.

Chen Xiang also asked Yue'er, and Yue'er also indicated that she had never heard of it before.

Feng Hao sneered: Do you see that, no one here believes what you said, you only have one fruit, and you are the only one who has eaten it, it is very difficult to prove anything, unless you make me eat it.

"Don't even think about it." The middle-aged man was somewhat angry because no one believed him. He put away the black box.

"Brother, I am interested in your fruit. How can you exchange it with me? But let me explain first, I don't have much Shangpin bone level Dan left on me right now, not even ten. " Chen Xiang said.

"I am Ge Long, thank you for believing me!" Even if that is the case, I will not easily exchange it with you. If you do not have enough Shangpin bone level Dan s, do you have any more valuable divine medicines? " Ge Long stood up and cupped his hands towards Chen Xiang. No one believed that his words made him feel awkward, but Chen Xiang had expressed his interest towards his fruits, which was why he paid his respects to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "You just said that you are interested in Bisheng immortal lotus, right?"

Ge Long nodded his head, and said: "I am interested, but there isn't enough Bisheng immortal lotus to exchange for this fruit of mine, unless you condense four lotus seeds!"

"Four lotus seeds?" It would take hundreds of thousands of years to achieve that, and five hundred thousand years for my Feng Clan's Bisheng immortal lotus to condense the third lotus seed. " Feng Hao said in disdain, "Don't tell me you expect this kid to have Bisheng immortal lotus?"

Chen Xiang smiled lightly: "I really do have one!"

Feng Hao was immediately shocked, because their Feng Clan had just lost his Bisheng immortal lotus and the elder had already died. He did not even know where his Bisheng immortal lotus had gone.

Just now, Yue'er had told Chen Xiang that she had used a large number of Spirit seed s, in conjunction with the Six Realms G.o.d Cup s, to successfully make the Bisheng immortal lotus give birth to a lotus seed!

Chen Xiang now had two Bisheng immortal lotus. One was copied, and it even had a lotus seed born, and the whole was much bigger than the one he had before.

"Oh? If little brother has a Bisheng immortal lotus, can you take it out to broaden our horizons! " An old man laughed and said, "You don't look like someone stingy. You will definitely let us have a look at the world, right!?"

No one present had a good impression of Feng Hao, and they all agreed with the old man's words. Feng Hao was petty, and to say that he would hurt others with his words, Ge Long must have been angered by Feng Hao just now.

Chen Xiang took out a jade case, and after opening it, a jade green lotus, that looked as if it had been sculpted from a piece of jade, immediately appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

"Where did you get it?" Seeing that, Feng Hao asked loudly, his tone was extremely stern.

"Where did I get this? What does it have to do with you?" Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "Could it be that only the Feng Clan has one? Or do you want to say that this was stolen from your Feng Clan? "

Feng Hao was extremely familiar with his own Bisheng immortal lotus. He could confirm that this one in front of him was not from their Feng Clan, and it was much better than theirs! Because he had lost his Bisheng immortal lotus, and there were even more people like Chen Xiang, who he disliked, so he was very angry in his heart and wanted to immediately s.n.a.t.c.h them away.

"Do you want to change it?" Ge Long immediately asked: "I, Ge Long, promise with my life, that my Bone level fruit's effects are exactly the same as what I said! I, Ge Long, am the Star Lord of Earth Dragon Star. If you find something different when you eat it in the future, you can come and find me on Earth Dragon Star anytime. "

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