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Even when Chen Xiang used all his purple pearls that he had condensed in the past few days, he could only produce one Bisheng immortal lotus, and it was so together with the Six Realms G.o.d Cup and the Six Realms mirrors. If he wanted to make another one, it would take more than ten days.

On the morning of the start of the trade fair, there were people who came to receive Chen Xiang and Feng Wu, and brought them to the side of a house in the villa. After pa.s.sing through a formation array, they entered a large hall in the belly of the mountain. Chen Xiang and Feng Wu both felt that the five million Shen Yuan stone was worth it.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu sat at a big round table. There were still eighteen empty seats at the round table, and this hall only had one table. There were only twenty people at the trade fair, which was not as big as Chen Xiang had imagined.

Chen Xiang and the rest were the first to arrive, after that, there were more people that came in, they all sat on the luxurious chairs, and at this time, some people came over to pour the fragrant tea.

"You … You are Feng Wu! " A middle-aged man shouted in surprise.

Feng Wu was also shocked, when she saw the middle aged man, her eyes revealed a look of fear, but thinking about Chen Xiang at her side, she immediately dispelled her fear, and coldly said: "I never thought Clan Leader Feng would actually recognize this little girl."

Chen Xiang immediately understood, the middle-aged man was the patriarch of the Feng Clan, Feng Hao! He was also the strongest in the Feng Clan.

"If you have any grudges, settle them outside the venue." An old man said softly.

Feng Hao had always been looking for Feng Wu, and had even heard that Feng Wu was in the Everlasting Mountain. But not long ago, he heard that something had happened to Feng Wu in the Everlasting Mountain and he was currently being hunted down by the Everlasting Mountain. Feng Wu was related to this man!

When Feng Hao sat down, he stared at Chen Xiang. He had already guessed that the man who started a ma.s.sacre at the Everlasting Mountain was the one beside Feng Wu.

People arrived one by one and soon, the seats were full.

"Now the trade fair has begun. Here, as long as you agree on the price, you can buy anything." An old man said, "Please follow the order and take out your things, the first is this Young Master Shen!"

Chen Xiang immediately took out a jade box and opened it, saying, "Two Shangpin bone level Dan!"

The other eighteen people secretly calculated in their hearts about how many Shen Yuan stone they had. If they could get them, that would be good.

"May I know how to change it?" The old man in charge of the trade fair asked.

"I heard that someone here will take out the King grade and divine medicine, the Purple Heart Lotus. Today, I want to exchange it for the Purple Heart Lotus." Chen Xiang said.

Feng Hao said as he furrowed his brows, "I also want to exchange for the Purple Heart Lotus, and I've already made an agreement with you a long time ago!"

An old man said, "This will depend on what Elder w.a.n.g, who possesses the Purple Spirit Lotus, says!" He looked at a black-robed elder.

The old man stroked his beard and took out a small, transparent box. Inside was a purple lotus flower. This lotus flower looked like it was made out of translucent amethyst crystal. One could see a purple light emitting from the center of the lotus; this was the Purple Heart Lotus.

"Clan Leader Feng, although you have an agreement with me, it does not mean that I will definitely exchange with you! You all know how precious the Purple Heart Lotus is, this is a King grade divine medicine, and one that can be used to refine the precious Three lotus Dan s within the King grade divine pellets. " Elder w.a.n.g stroked his beard again. "The two of you take out something that you want to exchange for my Purple Heart Lotus. I think that would make me like it."

"Young man, if you think that you can get two Shangpin bone level Dan, then you're too naive." Feng Hao laughed coldly, then took out a large jade box, which he placed on the large table.

After opening it, they were filled with Xiaping bone level Dan s.

"The more common way of trading is a thousand Xiaping bone level Dan." Feng Hao said indifferently, then shot a disdainful glance at Chen Xiang.

Everyone started to exclaim in surprise. Previously, they had heard that the Everlasting Mountain's Qingxin spiritual lotus s were only auctioned to seven hundred and eight, but now Feng Hao had taken out a thousand of them.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Amongst these thousand Xiaping bone level Dan, many of their quality are relatively average, at most, it can be counted as eight hundred, aren't you trying to cheat me?"

Everyone nodded. With a sweep of their consciousness, they could roughly tell the quality of these Bone level Dan.

"Why don't you take out something decent? Other than those Heavenly Star Great Leaders, do you think that it's easy to take out a thousand Xiaping bone level Dan? " Feng Hao scoffed, "Don't think that just because you have two Shangpin bone level Dan s that you are so amazing!"

Chen Xiang let out a soft sigh and then also took out a big box. After he roughly summarized the box, the medicinal fragrance inside gushed out like gushing spring water.

"I also have a thousand Xiaping bone level Dan! This isn't too hard for me. " Chen Xiang smiled faintly, looked at Elder w.a.n.g and said: "Elder w.a.n.g, you should be able to differentiate between my good and his good!"

Everyone's eyes were straight as they looked at the high quality Bone level Dan s in the box. They used their spiritual sense to scan the box a few times, and each pellet was of the high quality and very fresh.

Feng Hao took a deep breath, his heart was filled with anger, he never thought that the young man who had started a ma.s.sacre in the Everlasting Mountain would have such a deep background. When he saw Feng Wu sneering at him, his heart was filled with rage, he was actually looked down upon by this woman! What made him secretly hate, was that Feng Wu was from Feng Clan. Feng Wu should have gotten benefits if he found a good man, but because of the conflict he had with Feng Wu, Feng Wu ran away from home.

Although Chen Xiang was surprised to see Elder w.a.n.g, there was disappointment in his eyes, because this was not what he wanted.

The Purple Heart Lotus was extremely important to Chen Xiang, so he would not let go of this opportunity. He took out another small jade box, and after he opened it, everyone present took a deep breath.

"Elder w.a.n.g, choose between the two!" When Chen Xiang saw Elder w.a.n.g's eyes shining, he knew there was hope.

As everyone was admiring these Bone level Dan, they were also very curious about where Chen Xiang's Bone level Dan came from. This pill formula was only owned by the powerhouses of Heavenly Star Realm, and this young man actually had so many. He definitely did not buy them, and the quality of the Bone level Dan was not the same.

"I choose ten Shangpin bone level Dan!" This was already a huge profit for him. Normally, even if he had more Shen Yuan stone, it would be difficult to get them.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang and Elder w.a.n.g finished their exchange. Elder w.a.n.g left, but Chen Xiang did not leave, which made the others secretly rejoice in their hearts. In their eyes, Chen Xiang was a tyc.o.o.n.

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