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"Mn, don't worry Big Brother. I will definitely recruit a disciple that Big Brother will be satisfied with." Hua Lou started to admire Chen Xiang even more. When he returned to the inner sect, he heard the description of Chen Xiang's murder from the disciples present.

After Hua Lou left, Feng Wu asked: "Where are we going next?"

"Feng Clan!" Chen Xiang said: "The Feng Clan has Bisheng immortal lotus, it is a divine medicine used to refine Three lotus Dan, I must obtain it. So right now, I will first go to the Feng Clan and then sell it.

"Feng Wu, don't worry. With me by your side, you don't have to worry about being forced by the Feng Clan to marry others!" Chen Xiang smiled at Feng Wu.

"I believe you!" Feng Wu smiled and nodded. Not only was Chen Xiang's pill refining powerful, his strength was also terrifyingly strong. She had already known when she saw Chen Xiang killing the Armored crocodile and Great Heaven School's Yu Zhen.

Chen Xiang was asking Feng Wu to bring him to the Feng Clan!

"The city where the Feng Clan is located is called Wind City, it is also a relatively large and famous city, all the large cities use the Transmission array that leads to the Wind City." Feng Wu said as he brought Chen Xiang to Transmitting Square.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang had already arrived at the Wind City, which was very far away from the Cang Cloud City.

"Chen Xiang, how do you plan to buy Bisheng immortal lotus from Feng Clan?" Feng Wu asked.

"If you use a lot of Xiaping bone level Dan, will that work?" Chen Xiang had used many Xiaping bone level Dan to buy the Qingxin spiritual lotus before.

"It should be possible. We'll know when we talk to them." Feng Wu said: "Feng Clan is also lacking Xiaping bone level Dan, if you offer a high enough price, they will definitely give it to you."

At this time, Feng Wu had changed her appearance, and was not worried about being discovered by the Feng Clan. She brought Chen Xiang quickly to walk on the streets, and arrived at a p.a.w.nshop in the Feng Clan.

"This is the biggest p.a.w.nshop in Feng Clan, you can even p.a.w.n G.o.dly pellets here, many small and medium-sized sects do this, big powers would not say anything." Feng Wu said to Chen Xiang: "The shopkeeper of this p.a.w.nshop has more power. If you can meet him, then you can hope to talk about the Bisheng immortal lotus with the Feng Clan."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and then entered the p.a.w.nshop with Feng Wu. There were a lot of people inside, all of them lined up to purchase items, in exchange for Shen Yuan stone s.

After entering, Feng Wu pointed in a direction. There was a door there, and outside the door, there were two people guarding it.

"This door is specially used to receive distinguished guests. Go straight ahead and take out something that shows your esteemed status." Feng Wu sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then walked over. The guard immediately stopped him, and just as he was about to speak, Chen Xiang took out a small box.

The two guards recognized the Xiaping bone level Dan and immediately opened the door for Chen Xiang.

After entering, Chen Xiang and Feng Wu were led to a private room by a lady.

"Our manager is currently talking with other important guests. He will be here soon, so please wait patiently." The woman smiled sweetly and left the room.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu waited for less than an hour before the shopkeeper entered the secret room. It could be seen that he was really busy, and had received a lot of important guests.

The shopkeeper was middle-aged, and upon entering, he said with a smile: "Friend, when you first came in, you revealed dozens of Xiaping bone level Dan, I wonder what you wanted to p.a.w.n? Or is there something else you need? "

"Bisheng immortal lotus!" Chen Xiang went straight to the point: "I know that your Feng Clan has Bisheng immortal lotus.

"This... If you know about the recent events, then you must know that there was a Qingxin spiritual lotus that was previously sold to seven hundred and eight Xiaping bone level Dan, and our Bisheng immortal lotus is only more expensive than the Qingxin spiritual lotus, so it definitely isn't low. If you are ready, I can talk to the elders of our Feng Clan and have them come over as soon as possible. " The shopkeeper never thought he was here to buy Bisheng immortal lotus, he really couldn't make the decision.

Chen Xiang took out a large jade case, placed it on the table, and then opened it. Inside were all milky-white Xiaping bone level Dan, which at one glance, could be seen to be of high quality.

The shopkeeper saw so many white Xiaping bone level Dan and couldn't help but to suck in a breath of cold air. Even though he was the shopkeeper of this big p.a.w.nshop, he had never seen so many Xiaping bone level Dan before.

"I will inform the elders and ask them to come as soon as possible." The shopkeeper walked out of the private room, while the elder came in quickly, so Chen Xiang and Feng Wu only waited for a little while.

When an old man came in and saw the Xiaping bone level Dan s on the table, he was secretly shocked. When Chen Xiang saw him coming over, he immediately put away the box.

"Eight hundred pills!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "How is it?"

"Bisheng immortal lotus s are a bit better than Qingxin spiritual lotus s, and Qingxin spiritual lotus s can be sold for 780, so you only need to add 20 of them!" The old man quickly asked, "How about 900?"

Chen Xiang frowned, he pretended to consider it for a while and sighed: "Alright, but you have to let me see how good the Bisheng immortal lotus is!"

The old man took out a jade box and opened it. Inside was a lotus carved from jade. When the light shone into it, the entire flower became transparent, and it even emitted a silvery white radiance. It was extremely beautiful.

"Under our careful care, the quality is excellent." The old man said.

"These are nine hundred Xiaping bone level Dan!" Chen Xiang took out a large jade box and placed it on the table.

The old man nodded, and then started to count the quant.i.ty with the shopkeeper. Very quickly, they finished counting. They were very happy, because the quality of these Xiaping bone level Dan were all the best!

Feng Wu was secretly shocked in her heart. She guessed that these divine pellets were all made by Chen Xiang when he was in closed-door cultivation earlier. To be able to refine so many in such a short period of time, she really couldn't understand no matter how hard she tried.

"Here you go!" The old man pa.s.sed the Bisheng immortal lotus over to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang carefully examined it once more, nodded his head, and placed it into the ring.

After the trade was completed, Chen Xiang and Feng Wu immediately left the p.a.w.nshop and strolled around.

"I want to leave the Wind City as soon as possible. I'm worried that they will find out that I'm here. It wouldn't be good if I get into trouble." Feng Wu sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, and at this moment, she was even more cautious: "That elder from before didn't see me before, so he didn't notice it."

"We're being followed. It's that elder and manager who are following us. I wonder what they are planning to do!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to him: "Feng Wu, bring me out of the city. Let's stay far away from the Wind City to see what their purpose is."

Knowing that she was being followed, Feng Wu became nervous, but thinking that Chen Xiang was very strong, she calmed down. She was afraid of Feng Clan, because she thought that he was too weak, and now not only did she have the powerful Chen Xiang by her side, she had also grown a lot, so she was no longer afraid of Feng Clan.

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