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"If you think they're more useful, just stab me to death." Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course, now that they are all dead, they are definitely useless."

"You … What are you trying to do? " The elder's sword was actually trembling, he was actually afraid of Chen Xiang.

"I just want to take the a.s.sessment to become a true disciple." Chen Xiang replied seriously.

He was an old fellow who had lived for many years, so he naturally knew how dangerous the person in front of him was. In the inner sect of the Everlasting Mountain, in front of the elders and many disciples, after killing three people in a row, he was still chatting and laughing with Chen Xiang.

"Elder, among those who died just now, there was the grandson of the Great Elder. We have already informed the Elder Hall, do not let him go." Just as he finished speaking, that elder had already fiercely thrusted his sword towards Chen Xiang's throat. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiang had suddenly grabbed hold of the longsword, and then, broke it with great force by Chen Xiang.

"I didn't want to kill you!" After the Meteor immortal power rushed out, it pierced through the elder's body and blasted him away. Boom!

"Hurry up!" No one knew who shouted, but after that, the disciples scattered in all directions, and in the blink of an eye, all of them disappeared.

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, there were some things that he couldn't control himself either. He had originally planned to stay in the Everlasting Mountain for a while longer, lurk here, and rope in more outer sect disciples. Of course, if he endured it just now, then it would be over. But he had endured it twice already, so it was impossible for him to endure it a third time. For him, it would at most be a new plan.

He had already gotten the Qingxin spiritual lotus, and even if he could rope in Teng Yong and Jing Ze, the two relatively powerful true disciples, with them in charge, his plan would still work.

"This aura... So powerful! " Chen Xiang was surprised: "Could it be the Great Clan Elder from the Clan Elder's Hall?"

"It should be, the experts at the peak of these powers are all extremely terrifying, and are not something that the Divine Nations s can compare to, even the Black Stone Divine Venerable s are weaker than them!" Yue'er replied, "Otherwise, the entire Undead Divine Race would not have been annihilated."

"I always thought that they had the same strength as the Divine Lord!" Chen Xiang frowned: "Logically speaking, those Divine Lord should also be at the peak, their strength should not be too far off."

"There's still some difference. Those Divine Lord s might only have seven or eight bones, or even less, but the strong experts at the peak of this place all condensed their nine Bones! Furthermore, they have been stuck at this stage for many years, refining their divine power and making it stronger. " Yue'er urged him, "Let's go first. When you reach the peak of your cultivation, you will have sufficient strength to fight them. Right now, you are only a powerhouse at the peak of your strength. If there are two or three more of you, you will be in trouble."

Chen Xiang immediately teleported out of the cave and returned to the cave. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly saw Chen Xiang here, and was very surprised.

"Feng Wu, you can't stay here anymore, come with me!" Chen Xiang walked over, held her arm, and at the same time took out the Communication jade Symbol paper, pa.s.sing a message to Hua Lang and told her what he had done.

Feng Wu had felt the Qi of a Ranker just now, and she was very curious about what had happened. She really wanted to go up and take a look, who knew that Chen Xiang would suddenly appear, and without waiting for her to ask, Chen Xiang had already brought her and teleported away from Everlasting Mountain.

"That's about it!" After Chen Xiang brought Feng Wu away, he told him everything simply because Feng Wu was in the same cave as him. If they were to investigate, Feng Wu would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

"You really killed an elder and three disciples?" When Feng Wu heard this, he couldn't believe that Chen Xiang had actually made his move, and was even killing an elder.

"That's right!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "There's no other way. I have already given them a chance."

Feng Wu took a deep breath, then patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "Good job, those fellows are courting death, they deserved it! The last time I went to take the examination, I was almost tricked by them! However... Sigh, the true disciple that I have just tested is already useless like this. "

Thinking that Chen Xiang was a powerful Pill G.o.d, Feng Wu felt that there was no use in becoming a Successor Disciple, and furthermore, she was an outer sect disciple, so she would still be looked down upon.

"I had originally planned to secretly establish a force in the Everlasting Mountain and occupy it. Now it's no longer feasible." Chen Xiang said: "The plan will have to be changed. It can only be established in the outer sect, but it will have to wait until Teng Yong and Jing Ze buy a large amount of mystical pills."

It was enough to have Bone level Dan. Here, the resources were richer, and there were more other divine pills, moreover, they were not as expensive as the Bone level Dan. Only the Bone level Dan were controlled by the big powers, so the price was very high and the quant.i.ty was very rare.

Hua Lang was still near the Everlasting Mountain. Upon receiving Chen Xiang's message, he immediately returned to the Everlasting Mountain to confirm what Chen Xiang had said! He could not believe that Chen Xiang had done such a thing. After confirming it, he secretly admired Chen Xiang in his heart and he actually did what many outer sect disciples had wanted to do for many years.

"Big brother, they are all looking for you now. They already know your name." Hua Lang returned to his own cave abode and transmitted a message to Chen Xiang.

"Then, do they know that I have come into contact with you, Teng Yong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Feng Nan Yi told the Great Elder about Teng Yong in your cave. He also knew that Feng Wu was in the same cave as you, and he even found out that you and Feng Wu had hunted Armored crocodile before." Hua Lang said, "I'll immediately tell Brother Yong about this and tell him not to come back!"

"What about you?" Chen Xiang was still a little worried about Hua Lang, since Hua Lang was in his cave and out often, he must have been seen by someone.

"Don't worry about me, I come to visit often. This is something many people know." Hua Lou smiled and said, "Just now, they asked me about your matters. I made up some nonsense and gave it to them. I want to stay here and help Big Brother rope in the outer disciples."

"Alright, but you have to be careful as well!" Chen Xiang said: "We will arrange to meet at a place. I will give you some Zhongpin bone level Dan s so that it will be easier for you to rope us in."

Chen Xiang waited for half a day after meeting Hua Lang in Cang Cloud City, and when it was finally Hua Lang's turn, he was even worried that Hua Lang had been captured.

"Fifty Zhongpin bone level Dan pills. This should be enough for you to use for a period of time to rope me in. When that happens, you can let Ah Yong and Jing Ze find a place to stay at Cang Cloud City and I will come back here. " Chen Xiang said.

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