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Chen Xiang had long known that the inner sect disciples loved to bully the outer sect examination disciples the most, but he never expected that they were this rampant.

Chen Xiang secretly clenched his fists. After the man who wanted to teach him a lesson came over, a few more men ran over with a laugh. With a glance, Chen Xiang could tell that they were in the same group, and they were right behind Chen Xiang.

Suddenly, one of the man patted on Chen Xiang's head. His strength was not great, just a light pat.

Chen Xiang immediately turned around and stared at one of the men. The man held a folding fan, and upon seeing Chen Xiang turning around, he retracted his smile and scolded: "What are you looking at, do you think I hit you? You don't have eyes on the back of your head, how do you know that it was me?"

Chen Xiang's face was extremely gloomy, his tightly clenched fists were releasing creaking sounds. At his level, even if one did not have eyes in the back of the head, they would still be able to clearly see who hit him.

"Calm down, calm down. I want to take the exam." Chen Xiang's tightly clenched fists loosened up a bit. He told himself that he shouldn't bother with these people for now, he still had to stay in the Everlasting Mountain and secretly gather his forces.

Just as Chen Xiang was telling himself to calm down, suddenly, a few disciples came to his back, laughing merrily. Chen Xiang knew what they were going to do, so he just stood there.

Sure enough, another person slapped his head, and after that, they started laughing loudly again. There were a few men behind Chen Xiang right now, all of them came here to tease him.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart. Before he came here, he never would have thought that these inner disciples would be so rampant when bullying the outer disciples.

"Endure it." Chen Xiang turned around and looked at the man who hit the back of his head. He wanted to recognize the two people who patted his head from behind, but at this moment, he saw an old man walking over, who should be the elder in charge of the a.s.sessment.

Seeing that the clan elders had arrived, Chen Xiang's anger had dissipated by a lot, because the clan elders had all seen of this area, so the inner disciples would definitely be more restrained.

Chen Xiang wanted to walk over, but he did not expect to be stopped by these men. What made Chen Xiang's heart surge with anger was that the elder pretended not to see, ignoring him as he busied himself with registering himself as a disciple for the Successor Disciple a.s.sessment.

Suddenly, a man kicked Chen Xiang's b.u.t.t. He used a lot of strength, causing Chen Xiang to almost fall forward.

"Haha …" "This guy is standing very steadily. He didn't even kick him down." A man laughed out loud, as though they were always teasing Outer Sect disciples, and when the gathered disciples saw Chen Xiang being kicked, they also laughed out loud.

Chen Xiang straightened his body and for some reason, the anger that had originally surged in his heart had already disappeared. This was because this anger had already turned into power and had fused into his body.

Seeing Chen Xiang being so calm, the disciples all thought that he was just enduring.

Chen Xiang walked forward a few steps and arrived in front of the man who slapped the back of his head. This man also intentionally stuck out his chest to block him.

"You were the one that hit me from behind, right?" Chen Xiang asked indifferently.

"Heh, so what if I hit you? If you have the guts, then come back!" The man laughed. "Come, come, my head is right here. Beat it, quickly beat it. Do those idiots who come in from the outer sect really think they are invincible?"

This man would probably stoop down, bring his head in front of Chen Xiang, and also point at his own head, allowing Chen Xiang to hit him.

Chen Xiang raised his hand and slapped his palm.


A deafening sound rang, and those disciples who were originally mocking Chen Xiang, were now all dumbstruck. Chen Xiang had really hit him, and had even smacked that man's head into a cloud of smoke.

Everyone found it hard to believe what they had seen with their own eyes. An outer disciple had killed an inner disciple with a single palm strike.

Chen Xiang was very calm. With a teleportation, he arrived behind the other man who slapped his head just now. His palm was like lightning, fiercely smashing over, and with another series of explosions, the man's head exploded in a row like that of Chen Xiang, scattering in all directions.

"This... "This, he's killing someone." One of the disciples reacted and shouted, "The outer sect disciples are killing people."

Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the back of the man who kicked him earlier, raising his palm that was ignited in flames, he jumped up high, his palm striking downwards, transforming into a gigantic flaming palm, smashing onto the man's body, miserable wails sounded out like a pig being slaughtered, in the blink of an eye, the man was smashed into a pile of black ash by Chen Xiang's palm.

Chen Xiang consecutively killed three people, and all of them were killed in an extremely short period of time. What caused these inner sect disciples to be alarmed was, although Chen Xiang had killed eighty Divine Deity and three Bones, they were all unable to withstand a single blow and were all directly killed.

Even though these inner sect disciples were usually arrogant, they were not stupid at the critical moment. If they could kill three inner sect disciples who were not weak in three moves, even if they surrounded and attacked, their fates would still be the same, so they immediately spread out, far away from Chen Xiang. It was only now that they suddenly recalled that the outer sect disciples were not weak.

Normally, the outer sect disciples would only be restricted by the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute s, so they were always left to their own devices, because there had never been an outer sect disciple like Chen Xiang who had fought so hard and killed people directly. This caused many inner sect disciples to be terrified, and at the same time, they were secretly glad that they did not bully Chen Xiang earlier, otherwise, their heads would have been smashed.

Of course, that elder had seen all of this. He was also stunned for a long time before he finally reacted. At this time, he hurriedly rushed over.

"Look at what you've done. Do you know what you've just done?" The elder had already taken out a long sword, and roared at Chen Xiang, but he did not dare act recklessly, as there were many outer sect disciples that were stronger than him.

Of course I know what I'm doing, I just got rid of the three pieces of trash. This way, our Everlasting Mountain wouldn't have to provide them with resources in the future, and then we would all be able to get more resources. Chen Xiang was actually smiling.

With a smile on his face, Chen Xiang walked over and stabbed the sword into his throat. He laughed: "Clan Elder, do you think that I am more useful?

All of the disciples felt chills down their spines. After killing three people, the elder had already taken out his sword, but Chen Xiang was still laughing and joking, he did not seem to care about what had just happened at all.

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