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To be able to create such an effect, it meant that there were a lot of Bone level Dan in the jade box. Hua Lang and Feng Wu immediately stood up and walked over.

"Big... Brother, did you give it to the wrong person? " Teng Yong took a deep breath and said. Both he and Jing Ze believed that Chen Xiang gave them the wrong jade box, but they couldn't help but be shocked. Chen Xiang actually had so many Shangpin bone level Dan.

If Chen Xiang had a strong backer, and was not afraid of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the Elder's Hall, just with these Shangpin bone level Dan, he would definitely be able to dig a corner of the Everlasting Mountain.

"I didn't take the wrong one. This is what you made with those divine medicines!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "I am different from other Pill G.o.ds. When I am refining pills, I always pursue to the limit! In the hands of other pill G.o.ds, there might only be one or two pills, but in my hands, I can refine six! "

Teng Yong, Hua Lang and the others were all speechless, the Shangpin bone level Dan s could actually refine six pills in a single furnace? In their opinion, this was heaven defying!

Chen Xiang did not secretly take away a portion of the Bone level Dan, but gave them all of them. They felt that even if Chen Xiang gave them two pellets each time, they would definitely be happy to death, so they would not doubt him! This made them even more certain that Chen Xiang was their big brother.

"Thank you, Big Brother!" Teng Yong and Jing Ze said in a very touched manner, because they would no longer have to suffer the wrath of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, and would no longer need to be manipulated by him.

"I really want to smash Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute into pieces right now!" Teng Yong clenched his fists tightly, he was extremely excited, and suddenly wanted to do something more violent to vent the joy in his heart.

"Big bro, if I find some divine medicine, will you help me refine it?" Hua Lang quickly asked, while at the same time, Teng Yong took a handful of Shangpin bone level Dan s from the jade box and shoved them into Hua Lang's hands.

"Of course!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud. At this time, Teng Yong grabbed another handful of Bone level Dan and gave it to Feng Wu.

"Ah Yong, Ah Ze!" You have been here for so many years, you should have a way to secretly sell these supreme dan beads at a good price, right? All of you need a large number of Shen Yuan stone s now, and then, you can go through all the great Earth-stage Stars s and purchase a large amount of middle and low rank third grade Bone level Dan's divine medicine. " Chen Xiang said: "When we have enough Bone level Dan and sufficient strength, we will establish our sect."

When Teng Yong and the rest heard Chen Xiang's words, they became extremely ambitious. If Chen Xiang were to establish his own sect, then they would definitely be powerful elders! Although they had decent strength, within the Everlasting Mountain, they had never been valued as such. Only Chen Xiang valued them as much.

"Let's go and do it now. These Shangpin bone level Dan can be exchanged for many of our own! At that time, we will dominate the entire Star Law Divine Realm. " Teng Yong said excitedly.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "I will first take the a.s.sessment to become a Successor Disciple. I would like to see how strong the inner sect disciples are."

Hua Lang and I have just become true disciples, and there are already a lot of small things mocking and ridiculing us, and they seem to be very unconvinced. Those small trash who were born in the inner court at a young age enjoy such abundant resources, and normally don't need to go all out to hunt Special G.o.d beast s, but none of them can't pa.s.s the a.s.sessment of a true disciple, so they still have the face to say we! "

"That's right, especially after knowing that I just entered the inner sect and I've already become a true disciple, they are even more jealous. They are just a bunch of useless people, if I was like them, I would have already committed suicide long ago." Although she and Hua Lang had become true disciples, many inner disciples still looked down upon them.

"These guys will know how strong we are sooner or later. We'll let them see how small they are, so we'll let them jump for a while." Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "Now we will continue to secretly rope in the disciples who enter the outer sect so that they can quickly cultivate and produce more Bones."

"If I were an ordinary outer disciple, then let me come. A true disciple will be depending on Brother Yong and the others." Hua Lang said.

"I will join as well. I am now a Successor Disciple, after all. Usually, we just have to help those Outer Disciples who just came in and we will be able to gain their goodwill. We can also talk to them and easily win them over." Feng Wu had been working in the outer sect for a long time, so he was quite familiar with these methods.

"You guys give me some of the weaker Xiaping bone level Dan. The ones I refine are all not bad, I can't bear to give them to Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute." Chen Xiang said.

Jing Ze immediately took out over ten pellets and gave them to Chen Xiang. Because sometimes, when buying relatively rare and precious things, one would need to use a Bone level Dan for a trade.

After that, Hua Lang told Chen Xiang the steps of the true disciple exam.

It was the beginning of the month, and there were many disciples taking the exam, but most of them were inner court disciples!

Chen Xiang arrived at the great hall of the Elder's Courtyard at the top of the mountain and saw dozens of young men and women chatting. When they saw Chen Xiang arriving, they immediately quietened down and looked at him with disdain.

The only difference was that the clothes he was wearing right now were all given to him by the Everlasting Mountain s. The workmanship was a little rough, and the clothes worn by these inner disciples were all made of relatively better materials.

"Why are there so many outer sect disciples taking the a.s.sessment? Could it be that this fellow thinks that he is lucky as well? " A man laughed softly.

"Two guys pa.s.sed just ahead of us. They're really lucky. The next batch of outer court disciples will be taking the exam one after another. They're all here to try their luck!" A tall girl crossed her arms across her chest, and swept her gaze across Chen Xiang, she realised that Chen Xiang was rather good-looking, and also had a very temperament, different from most of the outer sect disciples she had met.

Especially when Chen Xiang had released that faint aura of power, causing the woman to not be able to laugh. After all, Chen Xiang was someone who had experienced many hardships. The most important thing was that he possessed absolute power. After killing Divine Lord, he would naturally not be angered by the little imps here. Right now, he was looking at the inner sect disciples as if they were ants.

"When did you enter the inner sect?" Why haven't I seen you before? " The tall and beautiful woman walked up and asked.

"It's been over a month. I'm usually down there." Chen Xiang answered honestly, but did not look at her, but looked at the table in front of the hall. When the time comes, an old man would come to register.

"This guy really deserves a beating. I'll go over and teach him a lesson." A man walked over. Because they had to wait a while, they didn't start registering. Right now, they were all looking for some fun.

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