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Chen Xiang's progress in refining the high grade Nine Yin and yang Dan was extremely smooth. He had previously refined a few high grade furnaces, so he was extremely familiar with the Nine Yin and yang Dan.

He had to admit that the biggest difference between high grade Nine Yin and yang Dan s and high grade Nine Yin and yang Dan s was that they were more powerful than each other. Just fusing them took him half a day, and previously, he did not need that much time to refine high grade Nine Yin and yang Dan s.


Chen Xiang was already sweating profusely, he had already successfully refined a high quality Nine Yin and yang Dan, but what was inconceivable was that even though he had refined a Taipin Dan before, he did not feel any difficulty, he suspected that it was because he had refined too many difficult Shangpin dan before, and when he reached high quality, he did not feel any difficulty at all.

If he was trying to refine a divine pill with the characteristics of a Taipin Dan, it would be rather difficult.

"Strange, why isn't there a Pill Tribulation?" "When you succeeded before, there was always a Pill Tribulation. But this time, there was no Pill Tribulation!" Yue Er exclaimed.

After Chen Xiang took out the Nine Yin and yang Dan s from the furnace, he had been waiting for the Pill Tribulation to come.

"What's going on?" Just when Chen Xiang found it hard to understand, the Nine Yin and yang Dan he was holding began to tremble.

The inner part of the Nine Yin and yang Dan seemed to contain a shocking power that caused the divine pellet to release such a strong vibration.

The Yin Yang Twin Fish pattern on top of the Nine Yin and yang Dan seemed to be spinning at top speed as it emitted a black and white light!

"What happened to this pill?" Chen Xiang was finally unable to control the Nine Yin and yang Dan. After the divine pellet flew out of his hand, it floated in the air, swaying left and right.

"Pill Tribulation has arrived. It's just that this Pill Tribulation is different from the previous high-grade pill Tribulation!" When Chen Xiang saw the reaction of this Divine Pill, he immediately understood.

The Pill Calamity of a Tier 2 Nine Yin and yang Dan came from the inside, unlike the red lightning that suddenly appeared when it was in the upper tier.

After the strange Pill Calamity, the Nine Yin and yang Dan calmed down and landed on Chen Xiang's palm. This also caused Chen Xiang to heave a sigh of relief.

"It's not difficult to refine a high grade Nine Yin and yang Dan! It's just that I don't know how effective it is! " After Chen Xiang ate it, his body quickly went through all sorts of changes, starting from the nine.

Very quickly, it had reached the final stage of transformation, and the power had also shifted from the physical body to the Divine Sense Sea!

"The medicinal strength has become much stronger, and it's still quite useful. Based on the current situation, I'll need to eat at least a hundred Nine Yin and yang Dan before being able to condense one Divine Deity and one divine soul. This speed is not slow either." Chen Xiang was fairly satisfied with the high quality Nine Yin and yang Dan, eating a hundred of them was enough to help him condense the 91st Divine Deity, it was already very fast.

At this level, most people would need tens of thousands of years to condense just one Divine Deity!

"The high quality Nine Yin and yang Dan can succeed, but we don't have the time to refine it yet. The most important thing right now is to refine some low quality Shangpin bone level Dan, or even some high quality Nine Yin and yang Dan … …" Now that Chen Xiang wanted to cultivate Bones, it would only be difficult to satisfy him with high quality food.

Right now, he not only wanted to improve his own strength, he also wanted to help Teng Yong and the others improve. Otherwise, if there were to be a conflict, he would definitely be unable to defeat the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the Elder's Hall.

If the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the elders found out that he was secretly coordinating with the outer sect disciples, as long as they sensed any threat, they would definitely join hands and annihilate them.

"I should be able to refine quite a few Shangpin bone level Dan in a month's time. As long as I refine a Bone level Dan, I can recruit an outer disciple. It's quite easy." Chen Xiang was secretly delighted in his heart. Although Bone level Dan s were precious, they were divine pellets that were easier to refine, especially middle and lower quality ones.

Yue'er said: "I need at least a hundred Shangpin bone level Dan by my side, and the middle tier ones need at least three to four hundred! Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute is definitely not as generous as you are, because they are already used to using Bone level Dan to control outer disciples to do things. Even if they could easily get their hands on Bone level Dan, they would not give it away so casually. "

Chen Xiang began to circulate the Alive Slain Method to condense the purple pearl, in order to replicate the high grade divine medicine.

"Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute knows that there aren't many pill G.o.ds that can refine Bone level Dan. They are worried that the Bone level Dan's recipe will be leaked, so they won't spread the recipe to too many people. They will only let a few core disciples know! Adding on to their lack of pills, the need for Bone level Dan in Everlasting Mountain was so much that their Bone level Dan was probably very nervous as well. " Chen Xiang suddenly laughed sinisterly: Wait until Teng Yong and the others return, we can discuss with them about whether or not we should spread the Bone level Dan's pill formulas!

"I agree, Star Law Divine Realm's big shots are too disgusting, we have to teach them a lesson!" Yue'er hated these big powers, they were the ones who destroyed Undead Divine Race and now both Star Moon Divine Race and Star Moon Divine Race are implicated.

In the blink of an eye, a month had pa.s.sed. Adding the pellets he had refined before, Chen Xiang now had 90 Shangpin bone level Dan s while the middle ranked one had 200. Although he did not reach his initial goal, it was still enough for now.

Just as Chen Xiang came out of his room, he saw that Teng Yong and Jing Ze were both here. Feng Wu had also returned, but he did not see Hua Lang.

"Where's Arlang? Why is he not here? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"This boy suffered a serious injury after taking the true disciple exam. He's still lying down." Teng Yong laughed.

"The a.s.sessment of Successor Disciples? So did he pa.s.s? " asked. He also wanted to become a Successor Disciple now, and only then would he be able to obtain a higher position.

"Of course she pa.s.sed, now Feng Wu has started too, what about you brother? If I were to become a true disciple, it would be better than now. At least I won't have to hunt Special G.o.d beast s every month. " Jing Ze asked.

Feng Wu laughed, "I have already pa.s.sed the second trial. As long as I can pa.s.s the third trial, I would be a Successor Disciple, and at that time, even the Feng Clan would not be able to do anything to me."

"Alright, I'll take the examination as well. What are the requirements?" Chen Xiang thought about it and made his decision.

"In ten more days, it will be the registration day. The registration day will only be three days at the beginning of the month. The registration day must be completed within the end of the month!" The first trial was to kill a king level Special G.o.d beast, it was relatively simple. The second trial was to give ten Xiaping bone level Dan to the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, it was as easy as pie for the big brother! The third stage is more difficult, it is the Elder's Hall to select a Successor Disciple to compete with you, you have to win in order to pa.s.s, otherwise all of your previous efforts would have been for naught. " Teng Yong said.

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