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Teng Yong left very quickly, at this time he was also very happy, to be able to make an acquaintance with the Pill G.o.d who came in from the outer sect, and furthermore, this Pill G.o.d was very low-key, he was not willing to be with the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute, this was a blessing for them!

"Big brother, I've asked around for you. The Qingxin spiritual lotus are indeed in the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute. A little servant in the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute told me this, and when the time comes, I would use a Xiaping bone level Dan instead of a Shen Yuan stone! " Teng Yong said: "A Xiaping bone level Dan is worth a billion."

Chen Xiang asked: "Ah Lang, then do you know how many Bone level Dan's divine medicine are needed to buy?"

Hua Lang thought for a while, then said: "It should be around a few hundred of them, or even a thousand. It's hard to say. The requirements are all of high quality. "

Although it was just a Xiaping bone level Dan, Chen Xiang was still able to easily duplicate it easily, and quickly refine it!

"Help me check where the auction will be held and what the conditions are for its partic.i.p.ation!" Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, I'll go now!" Hua Lang left quickly.

After Feng Wu closed the door, he laughed: "Really?! To be able to recruit such a strong Successor Disciple in an instant!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Nothing much, I have always been this capable. Feng Wu, continue to train in Bones and try to condense three Bones s to become a Successor Disciple. "

"Un, I'll go now!" Feng Wu knew that Chen Xiang needed a strong helper, and she was still not strong enough. It was tough even on Holy level s, so she quickly entered the room and continued to cultivate her Bones.

Chen Xiang returned to his room and started refining some Zhongpin bone level Dan s. There were sixty in total, and then he refined thirty of them! They had just started preparing the last Xiaping bone level Dan, and this Xiaping bone level Dan was meant to be used for the auction.

"Six pills out of one furnace. I need around two hundred batches, and I need over a thousand Xiaping bone level Dan. Otherwise, it won't be enough for the Bone level Dan." Chen Xiang began to copy the divine medicine, and the low rank divine medicine was relatively easy to obtain. He currently had fifty Life-Killing Divine Deity s, in addition to the unique liquid that the Six Realms G.o.d Cup s had condensed, which could allow him to replicate even faster and cultivate the low rank divine medicine.

He realized, putting the Six Realms G.o.d Cup on top of the Six Realms mirrors, and letting it absorb the Six Realms' Power from within the Six Realms mirrors, the effect would be even better!

In just a day's time, he had created thirty sets of Xiaping bone level Dan's divine medicine, and it would only take seven or eight days to obtain two hundred of them. He felt that there was still time.

Teng Yong said that he would go find his brothers and friends, but after a few days, he did not come back. Instead, Hua Lang came over a few times to provide useful information to Chen Xiang.

The main reason was because the auction would be held ten days later, and would be held in the Thousand Ancient City, which was also a huge city near the Everlasting Mountain. It was under the jurisdiction of the Everlasting Mountain, and there would be many powers partic.i.p.ating in the auction, giving out precious divine medicines in exchange for Xiaping bone level Dan.

"might even partic.i.p.ate in this kind of auction, as Feng Clan has Bisheng immortal lotus! I don't know if there's enough time, but I won't have to rest at night and focus on duplicating the divine medicine. Without two thousand Xiaping bone level Dan, I might not be able to s.n.a.t.c.h those divine lotuses. " Chen Xiang thought, he was not familiar with the market, so he could only try to refine more Xiaping bone level Dan.

Ten days and nights later, Chen Xiang kept replicating the divine medicine and refining Xiaping bone level Dan s, but he was only able to refine eighteen hundred of them, which made him a little apprehensive. If that was not enough, he would have to use the Shangpin bone level Dan s to exchange for them.

Chen Xiang had already told Hua Lang to register to partic.i.p.ate in the auction, if he was not a powerhouse of a certain power, he would need to pay a Xiaping bone level Dan in order to obtain an entrance jade tablet. All the reputable people who went to the auction were free of charge.

"Feng Wu isn't going?" Hua Lang looked around the hall, but he did not see Feng Wu.

"She's still in seclusion!" That's right, where's Teng Yong? I haven't seen him these days! " Chen Xiang asked.

"His brothers are out on business. He's been trying to find ways to contact them these days. If I can find them, they wouldn't have to work so hard for Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute. " Hua Lang pa.s.sed Chen Xiang a jade tablet: "Big Brother, this is the jade tablet to enter the auction. Although I want to go, after thinking about it, I feel that there is no need to waste the Bone level Dan."

"That's right, after that Southern Wind Wing got beaten up, did he do anything?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, they went to look for their Successor Disciples, and have indeed gone to look for their Successor Disciples, but they have not made any movements yet, I think that the Successor Disciples of the Feng Clan are also afraid of Brother Yong." Hua Lang laughed: "Big brother, you don't have to worry about this matter. If those two fellows come again, I will be able to hold them off for a while."

"Alright, I'm going to the auction now!" Chen Xiang patted Hua Lang's shoulder, then walked down from Everlasting Mountain.

When he arrived at a place with no one around, Chen Xiang changed his appearance and changed his clothes. He then released a faint cold air to camouflage the aura on his body, so that he would not be recognized.

The Millennium City was very big and it was also very lively right now. It was because an auction like this was being held, and many big powers from the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star would gather here, and at that time, not only would they be able to auction high level divine medicines, they would even have high level divine artifacts. For example, high level divine artifacts and King grade s.

Chen Xiang did not need any Divine Weapons now, his Heavenly magic sword s were Emperor Grade Divine Weapons, the six Divine Weapons were all Emperor Grade, and there was even that Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, a Chuangshi artifact that surpa.s.sed the Emperor Grade!

The auction was in a very grand hall. It was surrounded by several floors, and each floor was filled with people. The people in front of each floor all held the highest positions within their power.

As Chen Xiang sat at the back, he saw the people of Everlasting Mountain with a single glance. They were all dressed in white, the only difference was that their clothes had a picture of white flames on them, this was the symbol of Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute.

"Isn't this Master? They're here too! " Chen Xiang quickly took out the Communication jade Symbol paper and used the Sound Transmission Technique to tell Huang Jintian and Huang Jintian that they were sitting in a corner.

"Master, why have all of you come?" Chen Xiang sent a message: Aren't you afraid of being discovered? There are many powerful guys in this auction. "

"If I'm afraid, I won't be coming." Huang Jintian laughed: "You should be aware of the Qingxin spiritual lotus inside the Everlasting Mountain's inner sect. I also heard that the Everlasting Mountain is going to auction it."

"Mn, it's just that I wonder if Feng Clan will take out the Bisheng immortal lotus." Chen Xiang said. The two divine lotuses that the Three lotus Dan needed had already fallen, so there was only one left.

"Bisheng immortal lotus s are still quite important to the Feng Clan. They did not take them out to auction!" Huang Jintian said: "But you don't have to worry, we already found out what the Feng Clan is missing. With your abilities, you should be able to exchange with them for Bisheng immortal lotus s."

The auction had already started and everything had quieted down. Huang Jintian did not send any sound transmissions to Chen Xiang and only watched the auction quietly.

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