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"Yes, I have. This woman is a man. Do you know her?" Hua Lang asked curiously.

"Yes, I came here to chase her. Can you arrange for me to stay with her?" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"Well... It's a bit difficult, because she chose to live by herself from the very beginning. Only if she herself agrees, would she be able to open up another stone room in her cave. " Hua Lang looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of admiration. "Junior Brother, you're so awesome. For the sake of chasing a woman like her, you actually risked your life to come here.

"I'll take you there first. I don't know if she's in there or not."

Chen Xiang followed Hua Lang to the deeper parts of the cave. It was dark and humid here, but the Spirit Qi inside was extremely dense, so it was much weaker than the cave at the entrance of the mountain.

"The environment here is a little bad, but it's still the center of Everlasting Mountain!" Hua Lang said: "The best caves are the ones on the surface of Everlasting Mountain, and a cave like this that is digging into the interior of a huge cave is rather weak, only those that are close to the cave entrance will do so!"

"New disciples can usually only stay in this sort of place. Unless they perform well, they will be rewarded with a good cave mansion."

Chen Xiang did not care about the environment, in any case when he was training, he would spend most of his time in the secret room, as long as there was a quiet and safe room, and furthermore, he did not need the dense Spirit Qi to cultivate, he relied on the Spirit Pellets to increase his strength.

"It's here!" The 1st level, even though the 1st level is not very good, there are still many benefits, so there's no need to fly up. " Hua Lang laughed, and pointed to a cave entrance, on top of it the word "Feng Wu" was written, and the stone door was tightly shut.

"Miss Feng Wu, are you inside?" Hua Lang stood on his tiptoes and shouted to a sh.e.l.l at the door.

"I'm here. Is something the matter, brat?" Feng Wu recognized Hua Lang's voice and immediately replied.

"Feng Wu, I am Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang immediately shouted to the sh.e.l.l.

Not long after Chen Xiang finished speaking, the stone door opened. Feng Wu saw that Chen Xiang was also wearing the Everlasting Mountain's attire and knew that he had pa.s.sed the examination.

"There really is a person wearing this set of clothes." Feng Wu patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, and giggled.

"This junior brother wants to live with you and also open a secret room in your cave abode. Do you agree?" Hua Lang curled his lips, he did not think that Feng Wu would actually be so friendly to Chen Xiang, the reason being that their relationship was extremely intimate.

"Of course, I agree. Quickly go in and help him build a stone room. Beautiful!" Feng Wu threw a Storage bag at Hua Lang: "A hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, that's enough!"

"Enough! Enough!" Hua Lang took the Shen Yuan stone and immediately laughed. He then eagerly ran in, only to hear a tinkling sound coming from inside. He was in the middle of carving a stone room.

"Feng Wu, have you been busy recently? I'll send you a message, but you won't even reply! " Chen Xiang asked as he followed Feng Wu to the small hall in the cave.

"I'm in closed door cultivation! The missions given to me by the authorities are getting more and more numerous, so whenever I have time, I will also go into seclusion to cultivate. " Feng Wu suddenly said in a low voice: "I already found out the whereabouts of the Qingxin spiritual lotus, it's inside the Everlasting Mountain, but it belongs to the Everlasting Mountain, leave in the Elder's Hall!"

The antidote required three types of Divine Lotuses to concoct. It was called the Three lotus Dan and the three types of Divine Lotuses were all the divine medicines of King grade, which were more precious.

"Really? "Great!" Chen Xiang immediately held onto Feng Wu's hand, feeling a little excited.

"It's just that it's not easy to obtain. I heard that even Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute wouldn't be able to obtain something that belongs to the elder's courtyard." Feng Wu sighed.

"No problem, there will be a way eventually." Chen Xiang said, as long as he knew there was a way, he would think of a way to get it.

"Chen Xiang, it's really tiring for the outer sect to enter the inner sect. Not to mention being rolled in the eyes of the original disciples, I even have to work frequently, especially killing Special G.o.d beast. I've killed so much in the past half year that I almost vomited!" Feng Wu pouted and said, but right now she looked like a woman.

Hua Lang stuck his head out and laughed: "Don't look at my job as a receptionist, it's much better than all of you, haha."

Seeing Feng Wu's expression darken, Hua Lang could not laugh.

"Are there any benefits in hunting the Special G.o.d beast? After all, I can't possibly let you kill them for nothing and not give them any rewards, right? " Chen Xiang said.

"Of course there is. As long as you hand over half of the corpses, I will always leave half of them for sale. And the Special G.o.d beast s are all provided by the sect. After handing in 10 Special G.o.d beast s, you will get a Taipin Dan reward. If you hand it over to 100, you will be able to enter the Myriad Ancient Book Pavilion to find a suitable technique. Feng Wu said.

"Not bad! How many Special G.o.d beast you killed right now? " Chen Xiang immediately asked, the rewards were very generous, the Taipin Dan were very precious.

"Five!" We need to kill at least one beast every month, and all of them are beast kings of the eighty Divine Deity! " Feng Wu stretched out his five fingers: "It's very difficult to kill them, I get injured every time. Fortunately, Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute can receive the divine pellet to heal them."

Hua Lang's voice came out from the stone room, "This kind of day still needs to be endured! We've painstakingly obtained resources and shared them with the original resident disciples. Furthermore, they've gotten more than us, but they haven't given anything to us. After all, their parents and masters are all the true disciples of the Everlasting Mountain. "

"Killing Special G.o.d beast is nothing, running around is the tightest!" Chen Xiang said.

"The teleportation fees came from the Everlasting Mountain, it is indeed tiring to run around. Sometimes, the Special G.o.d beast's information is inaccurate, and you have to ask everywhere else, but this kind of situation is very rare, and is usually very accurate." Hua Lang said: "If there is a collaboration between two people, as long as we kill one a month, the corpse that we turn in needs to be complete, that way it will be much easier."

Hua Lang was more or less done, he was currently installing a stone door. He had already completed the stone door long ago, there were a few array formations on it.

"Alright, add in what you need!" Hua Lang laughed: "Please accept it!"

Chen Xiang walked in and praised: "It's a s.p.a.cious place, and there's even a bathing pool. It's not bad, but there's no window!"

"This is inside the cave, where did this window come from for you!" Hua Lang said: "You guys take your time, I have to go guard the door!"

After Hua Lang left, Feng Wu immediately went to close the door!

"Chen Xiang, the Feng Clan also has a disciple here, and he's even the disciple of a Successor Disciple. He met me before, I think he will definitely report the news of me here." Feng Wu said.

"Oh? Don't worry, when the time comes, Feng Clan won't be able to do anything to you, you are Everlasting Mountain's disciple after all! " Chen Xiang said.

"Hard to say, if they decided to marry me, as long as they opened their mouths to the clan elders of Everlasting Mountain, maybe the clan elders would agree. Although the Feng Clan is not a match for the Everlasting Mountain, it still gives them some face." Feng Wu was extremely worried.

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