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Yu Zhen lied nonstop, making Feng Wu, who was watching from the back, very angry. Now, she had finally seen with her own eyes what kind of face Yu Zhen had, making things up in front of the crowd. No wonder he wanted to create a good reputation for himself, so that when he meets with this kind of thing in the future, he could excuse himself.

"Fine, if you really have the ability, then cut off this golden armor!" Chen Xiang took out a piece of golden armor and threw it on the ground. "It shouldn't be difficult for you to cut off this golden armor, right?

When Chen Xiang spoke, his face was filled with ridicule, causing Yu Zhen to be greatly agitated. Chen Xiang obviously looked down on him and thought that he did not have the strength to cut apart the golden armor.

Everyone nodded their heads, Yu Zhen said that if he could cut off the body of the Armored crocodile, then he could easily cut off the golden armor too!

"Hmph, why should I do as you say? "I'm not going to let you lead me by the nose. I'll say it again, if you don't …"

Yu Zhen had not even finished speaking when Chen Xiang suddenly summoned his Heavenly magic sword and stabbed it into Yu Zhen's chest!

Chen Xiang's attack was just too sudden, because he already had something to talk about before, making everyone think that he was someone who could be talked about.

Yu Zhen was also like that, he knew that Chen Xiang was strong, yet Chen Xiang did not make a move against him, which resulted in him thinking that Chen Xiang was afraid of the Great Heaven School, which was why he did not admit it.

Chen Xiang's stab was very sudden, it pierced through Yu Zhen's chest. After Yu Zhen was stabbed, he immediately waved his sword towards Chen Xiang, but his divine sword was broken by Chen Xiang.

"Originally, if you obediently handed over the half corpse, I could have spared you. But now …" Chen Xiang's expression turned cold as he threw another punch at Yu Zhen's abdomen. The berserk Meteor immortal power rushed out, penetrated Yu Zhen's abdomen, and left behind a huge b.l.o.o.d.y hole.

"You … You, I will kill you! " Yu Zhen was covered in blood, but he was not dead. Although his flesh was severely injured, he was still a Great Clan Elder, so he had a tenacious life force. Furthermore, Chen Xiang did not plan to kill him yet.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to go up, Yu Zhen suddenly took out a jade box. Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look inside and discovered that there was a small black bottle. Seeing the bottle, Chen Xiang anxiously used his spatial energy to retrieve the jade box from the air. He moved the box into his hands and stored it in his Serene Yao Ring.


When Yu Zhen saw that his powerful divine artifact was taken away by Chen Xiang, he couldn't help but vomit a large mouthful of blood!

"Quickly kill him!" Yu Zhen roared, the other elders immediately brandished their swords and rushed forward.

Chen Xiang teleported behind Yu Zhen and struck the top of his head with his palm. He activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and searched through his memories!


"Just you guys?" Chen Xiang said in disdain, and then threw the Heavenly magic sword in his hand out, it rotated and flew towards an old man in the air, and in the blink of an eye, it hacked off the old man's head. Under Chen Xiang's control, the Heavenly magic sword danced in the air and attacked the few old men who came over.

In a few blinks of an eye, from within the blade and sword beams, streams of blood shot out. Chen Xiang only needed to use his G.o.d power to control the Heavenly magic sword to fly out to attack and he killed all the few elders!

Now that he had also obtained Yu Zhen's memories, he released a wave of Meteor immortal power from his arm. Carrying an intense flame, it pierced through Yu Zhen's body and instantly turned him into ashes.

Everyone was shocked, this Yu Zhen was the Great Clan Elder of the Great Heaven School, but in the hands of Chen Xiang, he was so weak that he could not withstand a single blow. With a few blows, he was killed, and the elders who were responsible for protecting him were also very strong, with several tens of Divine Deity, but they were all slashed and killed by a broken sword flying chaotically!

Now, everyone believed even more that the Armored crocodile was killed by Chen Xiang. Only with Chen Xiang's strength, could they easily kill it!

Chen Xiang teleported to Feng Wu's side and used teleportation to take her away, leaving the underground auction venue!

She was still in a state of shock, and was initially worried about how Chen Xiang would escape from the encirclement, but she didn't expect him to appear in the blink of an eye.

"You … You really killed that b.a.s.t.a.r.d? " Feng Wu found it hard to believe that a middle ranking sect's Great Elder was like an ant in Chen Xiang's hands, instantly crushed to death.

"What's so strange about that!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Who asked him to steal my things."

Chen Xiang had already obtained the Heavenly Aquarius, and even found out from Yu Zhen's memories that the location of the half corpse was within the Heavenly Aquarius!

As the old man from the Cang Cloud City had said, Yu Zhen had indeed taken the bottle and inquired about its use!

And what Chen Xiang did not expect was, the bottle was not Yu Zhen's, but Great Heaven School's. Yu Zhen had only borrowed it from him!

"Now we can return to the Everlasting Mountain to report!" Feng Wu said.

"Feng Wu, you still need ten Special G.o.d beast to go through the inner sect examination, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right. With your help, I think we'll be able to succeed very soon!" Feng Wu laughed: "Although I have always thought that my judgement was not bad, but I still made a mistake, I never thought that you guys would be so terrifying!"

"How about this, this time, you will use Armored crocodile, this Armored crocodile can be considered as ten Special G.o.d beast! This way, you can immediately partic.i.p.ate. " The reason why Chen Xiang had joined Feng Wu's party before was because he wanted to know more about the matters of the Star Law Divine Realm as he hunted the Special G.o.d beast, and also because he wanted to find out more about the matters of the Star Law Divine Realm through his teammates.

He could even easily kill a Special G.o.d beast like the Armored crocodile, so if he wanted to complete it himself, it would also be very easy.

"What are you trying to do?" Feng Wu asked, she was not worried about completing the mission, with Chen Xiang's strength, even a hundred Special G.o.d beast s could be easily completed.

"After you enter the inner court, think of a way to help me investigate the whereabouts of these three Divine Medicines. Some Divine Medicines are not sold outside, and I'm afraid that only the inner court of those big powers have them." Chen Xiang handed over a piece of paper to Feng Wu. Previously, he had told Feng Wu that he came here to find a divine medicine for his wife to refine for her.

"Okay, no problem!" When we go back, I will say that a friend helped me kill this Armored crocodile and I will not reveal your ident.i.ty! " Feng Wu nodded, she was also clear that if the news of Chen Xiang killing the Armored crocodile were to spread, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Chen Xiang used teleportation to bring Feng Wu out of the city, towards the Cang Cloud City, and then through the Cang Cloud City to return to the Everlasting Mountain!

"This is a Communication jade Symbol paper, as long as it is near Everlasting Mountain, we can communicate with each other. If I pa.s.s the examination, I will contact you again!" Feng Wu smiled at Chen Xiang: "You must also quickly enter the inner sect, in case I get bullied and lose my helper!"

Chen Xiang laughed, then bid farewell to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was going to hand over half of the Armored crocodile's corpse, while Chen Xiang was going to the great hall to queue up to receive the news of Special G.o.d beast. It was indeed faster for him to enter the inner sect now, and become an important disciple of the inner sect! With his status and ident.i.ty, it would be much easier to do things then. It was because of this that Yu Zhen had deceived many people.

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