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When Chen Xiang heard these people's discussions, he immediately laughed. Previously, he and Feng Wu were still thinking of how to confirm if the Armored crocodile was stolen by Yu Zhen, but now, they were certain that it was Yu Zhen who did it.

Feng Wu walked over and asked: "Is the Armored crocodile's golden armor going to be auctioned? Is this true? Which Great Heaven School did you get your hands on? "

"Of course it's Yu Zhen, Great Elder Yu! The Armored crocodile's body is very big and has a lot of golden armor. If you want to sell it all in one go, then this Yu Zhen is actually willing to give out such a good refining material. " The man smiled.

Hearing his words, Feng Wu pulled Chen Xiang and quickly walked to the tavern.

"d.a.m.n the swindler. Indeed, it was him who did it. I even treated him as a hero previously, but to think that he would actually be such a despicable person." Feng Wu mumbled to himself as he walked.

Chen Xiang only smiled slightly, at the same time, he released his divine soul to investigate the conversation of those people, and knew that the auction would be held tomorrow.

Feng Wu said angrily: "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is selling the Armored crocodile so arrogantly, does he think that we are all small fries? Even if we were to pursue the matter, he would rather die than admit it, or else he might even bite back at us! After many years of managing a good reputation, everyone will definitely believe in him! "

"Didn't the Great Heaven School often do things like stealing chickens and dogs? As the Great Elder of the Great Heaven School, why is Yu Zhen so famous? " Chen Xiang was a little confused.

"After that, Great Heaven School also said that he would punish those disciples and apologized to everyone. Even so, this kind of thing would always come out very soon! But Yu Zhen often does good deeds to save others, so everyone believes in Yu Zhen. " Feng Wu coldly snorted: "How would I know that this guy is so hypocritical? I don't even know if he's really saving someone.

Feng Wu and Chen Xiang entered an inn, and even asked for a room.

"Chen Xiang, what are you going to do? The lower half of the Armored crocodile s have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away, so we cannot just let this go. " Feng Wu said: "Yu Zhen is very strong, there is a Great Heaven School behind her."

"Go to the auction tomorrow and ask around later on how you can get the qualifications!" Anyways, I must s.n.a.t.c.h back half of Armored crocodile's corpse. " Chen Xiang was not afraid of Yu Zhen's Great Heaven School.

"Alright, I'll go now!" Feng Wu could not swallow her anger. On one hand, it was because she had been deceived by Yu Zhen, and on the other hand, her Armored crocodile had been robbed, but because her strength was lacking, she could only look at Chen Xiang.

Feng Wu returned very quickly and she took out two wooden tablets: "One for fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone, only by buying this can you enter the auction! There is a large meeting place under the shop that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. This guy just sold these wooden tablets and he earned a fortune from it. "

"Will a lot of people buy it then? Is the Armored crocodile's golden armour really that rare? " Chen Xiang did not understand, because he felt that the golden armor was only there. Otherwise, it would not have been cut apart by his sword.

Feng Wu wanted to answer, but he didn't know how.'s sword had cut through the golden armor as if it was tofu, so the golden armor was nothing in Chen Xiang's eyes. She was also curious as to why Chen Xiang's broken sword was so powerful, as it easily broke through the stiff golden armor.

"For many people, the Armored crocodile's golden armor is very durable and can be used to refine divine armor or divine weapons! At least for me, it's still quite precious. " Feng Wu thought for a while, then said: "Of course, in your eyes, it should be no different from tofu!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's not it, we can't sell a lot of Shen Yuan stone s, but the golden armor can! Right, how much can we sell those gold armors for? "

Feng Wu replied: "It should be able to sell for billions of Shen Yuan stone s! This is not a small number! "

Its entire body was worth more than ten billion Shen Yuan stone s. No wonder one Armored crocodile could fight against ten other Special G.o.d beast.

If Chen Xiang did not have the Heavenly magic sword and the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, he would definitely not be willing to give it to them. But now, in his eyes, it was only a relatively precious thing that could be exchanged with many Shen Yuan stone.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu lived in the same room, and in the room, there were two beds. Although Feng Wu was a woman, she felt that it was nothing.

Yue Er didn't dare to run out after arriving at Star Law Divine Realm. She was a member of the Cat Race, and she was a pure white one at that.

… ….

The next morning, Chen Xiang and Feng Wu woke up together. After a simple wash, they headed to the auction venue.

The auction place was built deep underground and was a large hall within a huge underground palace. It could accommodate tens of thousands of people without feeling crowded.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu sat rather close to the back, and since the seats at the back were relatively high, they could see the gigantic stage in the middle.

"His speed is quite fast. He took off all the golden armor so quickly!" It looks like they left some of it for themselves. " Feng Wu whispered: "What do you plan to do?"

"Wait for Yu Zhen to come out first, we will scare him away." Chen Xiang said, "In short, I must take back what belongs to me today."

The auction started very quickly. At this moment, everyone quieted down and watched the host demonstrate how strong the golden armor was.

"Yu Zhen did not come. Only a few stronger clan elders have arrived." Feng Wu had been carefully observing them the entire time.

"The starting price is five hundred million Shen Yuan stone, begin to bid!" the host shouted.

Everyone had seen his demonstration just now, and knew how tough those golden armor were. They also knew that such a large sect like the Great Heaven School would not lie to them, otherwise it would anger the ma.s.ses.

Everyone began calling out their prices, quickly rising to 3 billion!

"10 billion!" Chen Xiang suddenly shouted out, the sound shook the entire underground palace.

The originally increasing bid suddenly quieted down, all of them looking at Chen Xiang.

"Friend, are you sure you want to spend 10 billion to purchase these golden armors?" The host was also stunned. If it was true, they would be more than happy to do it. However, it was a bit unrealistic.

"From your tone, do you think that these gold armors aren't worth 10 billion gold?" Chen Xiang stood up, and smiled faintly. He had already changed his appearance, so he was not afraid of being recognized.

"Friend, if you come here to cause trouble, don't blame us for being impolite." Seeing Chen Xiang's att.i.tude, the host knew that Chen Xiang was going to cause trouble.

Chen Xiang saw that a few elders were walking towards him. He was seated in the last row, and those elders did not dare fly over the heads of others, because it was very rude, they could only walk over slowly.

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