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"It's best to keep it a secret!" Feng Wu laughed: "Old man, quickly give us the information on him!"

This old man looked to be extremely mysterious, and Chen Xiang was unable to see through his strength. Furthermore, he definitely knew of such a thing, and it was impossible for him to know of so many things.

"Little miss, do you know that there is a sect called Great Heaven School in w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star?" the old man asked.

"Of course I know. Great Heaven School is a middle ranking sect, could it be that it was Great Heaven School who did it? I have heard that the Great Heaven School specializes in this kind of thing. " Feng Wu frowned: "Do you know who in Great Heaven School did it?"

"This person has the strength to enter and exit that swamp, he should at least have a cultivation of eighty to ninety Divine Deity. His overall strength should be on par with yours, so he can only s.n.a.t.c.h it away and not directly clash with you." The old man slowly said: "With this kind of strength, he should be an elder in Great Heaven School. According to what I know, there is only one elder that has appeared in the city near the swamp."

Chen Xiang asked: "Uncle, why are you so sure that it was the people from the Great Heaven School who did this?"

The old man smiled faintly: "Didn't you guys mention the divine tool he uses earlier? This elder in Great Heaven School has such a unique divine tool called 'Heavenly Aquarius'. When he opens the lid of the bottle, it emits a red light and everything that is enveloped in red light will be kept inside! "Not only is it fine to accept items, it is also fine to accept people. However, if they are very strong, then it would be a bit difficult and they would even be able to destroy the bottle."

"What's the name of this guy?" Where is it now? " Feng Wu nodded, she completely believed in what the old man said.

"Yu Zhen! You should have heard of it! " The old man smiled.

"It's actually this guy!" I didn't expect him to do such a thing. Isn't he very famous? It was said that Everlasting Mountain's Leader wanted to take him in as a disciple, but he was rejected! In the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, he is a fellow with a small reputation. That Great Heaven School, more or less, is somewhat famous because of him. " Feng Wu was extremely shocked: "I met him once before, he gave me a good impression of him at that time!"

"Great sir, are you really certain it's him?" Feng Wu was a little suspicious.

"It's really him! Alright, since I've accepted so many of your Shen Yuan stone, I'll say a few more things! The Heavenly Aquarius in Yu Zhen's hands was originally the son of the Leader … At that time, the Everlasting Mountain s had all been refined, and they secretly invited some friends to make a name for themselves. My master was also present at that time, and he told me about this matter.

The old man said in a low voice: "The son of the Leader, he died not long after obtaining the Heavenly Aquarius. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Chen Xiang became even more doubtful and asked: "Uncle, do you know the whereabouts of this Heavenly Aquarius? Why didn't you tell the Everlasting Mountain s? For him to invite your Master to partic.i.p.ate in the naming, it means that his relationship with your Master is not that bad. You should have told him. "

"This... It was like this at the time, but later on, my master got into a conflict with him, and then my master died, so I did not have any good impressions of this Everlasting Mountain! Of course, Everlasting Mountain is a very good person. " The old man said: "Since you are disciples of the Everlasting Mountain, and helped him investigate the cause of his son's death, you might be able to obtain a great reward from him."

"My lord, how do you know that Yu Zhen possesses a Heavenly Aquarius?" Feng Wu asked again.

"Because this guy came to me before to ask me about the uses and origins of this Heavenly Aquarius, I took in many of his Shen Yuan stone, so I told him! He had never dared to use it openly, so when Everlasting Mountain had accepted him as a disciple, he had rejected! As to how he got it, that's up to him. "

The old man replied, "I don't know where he is right now, but he's from Great Heaven School. He should be able to go back to Great Heaven School for a bit, so all you need to do is go there to find him."

… ….

Although Feng Wu could not believe that Yu Zhen was the one who did it, she still brought Chen Xiang to Great Heaven School!

"Feng Wu, you don't seem to fully accept that it was Yu Zhen who did it!" Chen Xiang sat on the flying discs and giggled: "You can't be liking him, right?"

"Of course not, you better not let your imagination run wild, I, Feng Wu would not casually like people!" Feng Wu laughed and lightly punched Chen Xiang on the chest, "I just think that he is a good person. I have been in the Everlasting Mountain for three years, and I have heard of him saving people many times.

"That's why I don't dare to believe it. He's a guy who steals chickens and dogs."

"If that's the case, then it makes sense! When we left the Everlasting Mountain, he might have been following us, and he even knew that you were going to hunt Armored crocodile very early on. That's why he hid himself, and used his treasure bottle to take it away after we killed the Armored crocodile. " Chen Xiang said: "He saved Everlasting Mountain's people a few times and was probably targeted by him. It's just that later on, he wanted to gather more information on the outer sect of Everlasting Mountain and that's why he saved people."

Feng Wu sighed: "This is only a guess, I can only talk about it after seeing him. When he attacked, I could feel a trace of his aura, if I could see him again, maybe I would be able to sense it."

Chen Xiang knew that he was worried about blaming the good people, which was why he was in a dilemma right now.

When the time comes, we have to confirm before we can make our move, at that time, you better not do anything, I am worried that it will be a misunderstanding. At that time, not only will we anger the Great Heaven School, but the Everlasting Mountain will also punish you, because the Everlasting Mountain has never liked to cause trouble. Feng Wu warned.

"He's really the one who did it. He definitely won't admit to it. When the time comes, I'll have to think of a way to verify it!" Chen Xiang said: "Let's go see him first!"

The Great Heaven School was only a mid-tier power. Although it was a mid-tier, the middle-tier power Leader s were still very strong in this Heaven-stage Stars, otherwise they wouldn't be able to convince the disciples. Feng Wu was just worried that there would be a conflict between the two.

"This Great Heaven School is located in a city. They built this city, but it doesn't have any Transmission array, it's really strange." Feng Wu said. At this time, they could already see a bustling city in front of them, and could hear the noise from afar.

"Feng Wu, it's best if we disguise ourselves, and even need to conceal our presence. Otherwise, if Yu Zhen finds out, we'll alert the enemy." Chen Xiang said as he nodded his head. Then, he disguised himself, changed into clothes and put on a mask.

Chen Xiang had only changed his appearance, and at the same time, hid his presence. When he had killed the Armored crocodile, using such a strong power, he had already leaked his presence.

Feng Wu had been to this city for a few times, and just as she was about to bring Chen Xiang to an inn to stay, pa.s.sing by a very big shop, she heard a shout: "Great Heaven School is really amazing, you can even get the Armored crocodile's golden armor, and is even holding an auction."

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