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Feng Wu held her spear tightly. She had only just gathered her energy and wanted to attack a second time, but she was frightened by Chen Xiang's series of attacks. At the moment, she had also only managed to acc.u.mulate her energy, but Chen Xiang had already taken care of this Armored crocodile!

Ling Jian and Chen Dao were also shocked. Chen Xiang's strength was so strong that they could only look up to him, because Armored crocodile could easily kill the two of them.

In their eyes, Chen Xiang was just an "old senior" who had lived for G.o.d knows how many years. If not, it would be impossible for him to kill the Armored crocodile that easily, and in their eyes, he had the strength of at least ninety nine levels of Divine Deity and above!

Feng Wu took a deep breath and took out his storage artifact. Just as he was about to put away the half of his body that was floating in mid air, a red light suddenly shot over, enveloping the other half of the Armored crocodile's body. Then, the red light disappeared, and the other half of the Armored crocodile's body also disappeared.

"Who is it!" Chen Xiang roared in anger as all the Divine Deity in his body trembled, unleashing a scorching and threatening pressure. The entire swamp was boiling, and a true vapor was rising from it.

Feng Wu was frightened by the pressure that Chen Xiang had suddenly unleashed. She knew that Chen Xiang was furious because someone was stealing the other half of the Armored crocodile.

Feng Wu hurriedly hid the other half of the Armored crocodile that had fallen into the swamp!

"This guy runs really fast!" Chen Xiang looked in a direction: "Do you know where this guy came from? His concealment skills were very brilliant. What he released was a powerful divine tool, and when it was illuminated, the item would be taken away! It should be a spatial divine artifact.

Ling Jian flew over and said: "We already have half a Armored crocodile, we can report … Just now, that person was able to take away half of a Armored crocodile.

"Even if he's a powerhouse, I still have to find him, kill him, and steal my things!" Chen Xiang said angrily: "I must make this fellow pay. That is a Armored crocodile that we painstakingly killed, to actually let him steal half of it. How can we just let him go like this?"

Feng Wu and the others were a little speechless, because just now, Chen Xiang had not worked hard at all when he killed the Armored crocodile!

"This person's divine equipment has obvious characteristics, and he should be very familiar with this area. That's why he followed us and hid nearby, waiting for an opportunity to attack! We'll go around and ask around, and see if there's any news of him. " Feng Wu knew that Chen Xiang did not care about the other half of the Armored crocodile.

The reason why Chen Xiang was so angry was because the prey he had killed had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away.

"Brothers, the contract between you and Feng Wu should have been completed already! This time around, it might be a bit dangerous to go deal with that guy who stole things. " Chen Xiang said.

Ling Jian and Chen Dao could not stand Chen Xiang calling them big brother.

"Then take care!" Ling Jian nodded his head, just now when they were killing the Armored crocodile, they did nothing but stood to the side watching. Now that Chen Xiang was going to deal with it, it could be even more powerful than the Armored crocodile, and at that time they would not be able to help.

"See you later!" Chen Xiang cupped his hands towards them.

… ….

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu travelled together towards a small city.

"Little brother, you're amazing! What kind of background do you have?! You have the appearance of a young person, and your strength is so strong, so normally, only the inner court disciples of big powers can cultivate you. " Feng Wu was extremely curious about Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty.

"My hometown is very far away!" Chen Xiang sighed: "I came here to find a divine medicine to cure one of my beloved wives."

"No wonder you wanted to enter the inner sect when you heard that there were many outstanding alchemists in the inner sect of Everlasting Mountain." Feng Wu said softly. "You treat your wife so well, so hard! She'll be all right. "

"Mm, she's asleep now. She's frozen. I just need to get the antidote pill and she'll wake up!" Chen Xiang laughed: "My wife is usually very mischievous and likes to call me a little scoundrel."

"From your tone, you seem to have quite a few wives!" Feng Wu laughed: "No wonder she called you Little Scoundrel!"

Chen Xiang only chuckled, thinking of his beautiful wife by his side, his heart also felt sweet.

"In front of us is the Cang Cloud City. It is the closest city to the swamp. Feng Wu pointed to the tall city walls and said.

Chen Xiang and Feng Wu quickly entered the city and Feng Wu was also quite familiar with the city. After she brought Chen Xiang into the city, she immediately walked down a street and turned around to find a small alley. At the end of the street, there was a small shop whose entrance was covered by a black cloth.

"Come in!" A shout came from inside.

"Let's go in!" Feng Wu said to Chen Xiang: "Even though the fees here are very expensive, the information we've gathered is extremely useful."

Feng Wu lifted that black cloth, then walked in together with Chen Xiang.

There was a long table inside, and an old man with white hair sat there. When he saw Feng Wu, he smiled slightly: "It's you again, little girl.

"Great sir, since you know that I've been here a few times, don't be so expensive, I'm a regular customer!" Feng Wu laughed, and then sat down.

"No, no, no. This will depend on the information you ask for." The old man chuckled, "What kind of information do you want to know? Tell me quickly!"

"I want to ask about a person. I have never seen him, but I know that the divine tool he uses emits a red light, and the thing enveloped by the red light will instantly disappear. It seems to be a type of spatial transfer power, and this person may frequently appear in the area where the Armored crocodile resides." Feng Wu said.

"Oh? What of you was robbed? You killed the Armored crocodile? " Previously, Feng Wu had come to him to inquire about the Armored crocodile s.

"Hmm, half of it was taken away! Great sir, do you know where that guy came from? " Feng Wu asked.

"Of course I know... But I will have to charge you one million Shen Yuan stone, because according to what you said, it is very difficult to know the origin of this person, and only I know of it, so I want this price! Furthermore, if this fellow sees you looking for him, he will immediately know that I've sold you information. " The old man said with a serious expression.

Feng Wu clenched his teeth, then gave the old man an inventory of one million Shen Yuan stone, and said: "Elder, you're really evil!"

The old man laughed: "I will take your one million. I promise you, if I kill that guy, I will never sell this information to anyone else, no matter the price! Furthermore, even the matter of the Armored crocodile s would not tell others who killed them. "

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