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Roar! A low and deep roar came out. Chen Xiang and the others in the air saw many bubbles suddenly appear in the swamp. Many dragon crocodiles were scurrying out from the quagmire.

"These are all dragon crocodiles!" Chen Xiang saw that these little Armored crocodile looked like they had extremely stiff black scales on their bodies, their claws were the same as a dragon's claws and there were dragon's horns on their head. There were thousands of these dragon crocodiles under the swamp below.

"He's coming!" Feng Wu shouted: "Chen Xiang, go lure these little things away, only then will the Armored crocodile come out."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and immediately jumped down the Frisbee. When the dragon crocodiles saw him, they all rushed towards him, but he avoided them all.

Chen Xiang floated in the air, and was only ten or twenty meters away from the swamp. He flew in circles inside the swamp, neither fast nor slow, attracting the attention of the group of dragon crocodiles.

Seeing that there was something flying above, they all pounced towards it. However, they did not give up, and continued to fly towards Chen Xiang from the quagmire. They opened their mouths to bite him to pieces, but to no avail.

Just like this, Chen Xiang quickly attracted the tens of thousands of dragon crocodiles. Seeing that his skills were not bad, Feng Wu and Ling Jian Chen who were watching from above nodded their heads.

"Like I said, I won't misjudge them!" From a single look, I can tell that this lad is incredible, and he even knows how to forge pills! " Feng Wu laughed: "Prepare to come, let's see if the Armored crocodile is weak right now. If it isn't, it will be a bit harder."

Ling Jian and Chen Dao both took out their divine swords and divine blades, while a large part of the marsh had already expanded, it was the Armored crocodile that was hiding below.


The Armored crocodile roared out, and a large amount of mud flew out of the swamp. A large crater also appeared below, and the Armored crocodile actually leapt out of the swamp, leaping into the air.

A large amount of wet mud was splattered and flew into the air. When it landed, it was like a sudden rain. Large and small pieces of mud fell down, blotting out the sky and blotting out the sun.

Chen Xiang looked at the Armored crocodile in the air and saw a golden flash of light. The Armored crocodile's scales were actually gold!

"Not good, Feng Wu calculated wrongly, this Armored crocodile has just transformed into scale armor, and what is being reborn is the strongest gold armor, this Armored crocodile is becoming stronger than before." Yue'er shouted in shock: "Quickly get rid of these dragon alligators, with Feng Wu's current strength, he cannot handle this Armored crocodile."

Chen Xiang knew that he could no longer conceal his strength any further. He floated high in the sky and struck a palm towards the tens of thousands of dragon crocodiles below him.

This is the Heavenly dragon seal!

The fire dragon descended. It let out a crazy roar and viciously smashed into the ground. A powerful sea of fire surrounded the crocodiles and began to burn them.

The Armored crocodile's body could not be considered to be big, but it was also not small. Furthermore, its movements were extremely agile, unlike what was rumored to be slow.

When the Armored crocodile jumped into the air, Feng Wu saw the Golden Armor and knew that his calculations were wrong. The Armored crocodile had already become very strong.

"This is a Golden-Armored Dragon Alligator, although it still has eighty Divine Deity, its defense is much higher than before. You should be careful." The weapon that Feng Wu used was a black spear. From a distance, she threw the spear towards the Armored crocodile's golden armor.

The Armored crocodile could actually float in the air. He sensed that something was thrusting towards him, and as his body shook, a golden wave of air surged out from his body to block Feng Wu's lance.

Feng Wu frowned, he controlled the spear to increase its strength, and aimed it towards the Qi wave, and stabbed it in!

The spear pierced through the Qi wave and pierced the Armored crocodile's golden armor, but was unable to eat it anymore. The Armored crocodile's golden armor was extremely durable, and the spear was unable to pierce through.

"What a strong defense!" Chen Dao, Ling Jian, you guys go help Chen Xiang, get rid of him … " Feng Wu took a glance at Chen Xiang at this time, and realised that Chen Xiang's side was covered in flames. All the crocodile dragons had already disappeared, and although she saw that Chen Xiang had made his move, she did not expect him to be so strong, to actually be able to kill off the crocodile dragons.

"This Armored crocodile is very difficult to deal with, all of you stay put, wait for the chance!" By the time Feng Wu had finished speaking, the lance had already returned to her hand. The Armored crocodile roared at her, opened its huge mouth and spat out a golden mist.

"This is …" Feng Wu screamed in shock and quickly dodged.

"It's the spikes refined from golden armor!" Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword and rushed forward as he spoke.

When Ling Jian saw the Heavenly magic sword in his hand that did not have a sword tip, he thought that he was mistaken. Charging forward in this kind of situation, with such a sword in hand, made it hard for Ling Jian and Chen Dao to understand.

"What are you doing here?" Feng Wu was surprised, she did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly run over, and at such a fast speed, in the blink of an eye, the sea of flames in the distance that Chen Xiang was in just a moment ago rushed over.

"Of course it's to kill the Armored crocodile. It shouldn't be a problem to damage the golden armor, right? "

As Chen Xiang spoke, he quietly avoided the golden fog that the Armored crocodile spat out, which was also the most lethal attack. The powerful Supreme Force coupled with the extremely sharp thorns, if one was not careful in dealing with it, one's body would be riddled with holes.

"It doesn't matter if the corpse is incomplete. Generally, taking half of it back would be complete!" At this moment, she could already tell that Chen Xiang was hiding extremely terrifying strength. Otherwise, it would not be so easy to take care of that group of alligator dragons.

Chen Xiang threw out the Six Realms mirrors, had it float in the air above the Armored crocodile, and then controlled the Six Realms mirrors to grow larger, releasing an array inside!

"Dragon Sealing Hex!" It should be able to deal with this guy! " Chen Xiang was more familiar with the various arrays within the Six Realms mirrors.

The larger Six Realms mirrors, in a flash of the mirror, released the Confinement Dragon Hex and sealed the Armored crocodile, causing it to be unable to move at all.

Chen Xiang wielded his sword and instantly moved forward, cutting horizontally at the center of the Armored crocodile's body, and shot out a fiery red Sword Qi!

The Sword Qi turned into a ray of light and sliced through the center of the Armored crocodile's body. In the blink of an eye, the Armored crocodile's st.u.r.dy looking body was split into two.

After cutting off the Armored crocodile's body, Chen Xiang teleported over to the top of the Armored crocodile's head. His thigh suddenly swelled up, and an extremely terrifying G.o.d Power surged out, causing his thigh to release a burst of fiery red Qi waves.

"I'll trample you to death!" Chen Xiang ruthlessly stepped on the head of the Armored crocodile, provoking thunderous booms as the upper half of the Armored crocodile fell into the quagmire.

"It's done, hurry up and put it away!" Chen Xiang laughed: "We will keep the upper half, and take the lower half to report!"

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