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Chen Xiang was only rather curious about the inner sect of the Everlasting Mountain. He felt that if there was a chance, he would also want to go and see what the core of the Star Law Divine Realm's power was like.

"Feng Wu, I heard that inner sect disciples dislike entering during the inner sect examination. As a girl, you will definitely be bullied if you enter." Chen Xiang said.

"It doesn't matter, as long as I have absolute strength, I'm not afraid of them! Although the inner court disciples were arrogant, they were still young birds that had never experienced cruelty before! And of those who pa.s.sed the outer sect examination, which of them didn't go through hundreds of battles? Those guys don't have to be afraid of them at all! " Feng Wu said. Seeing that she had such confidence, he knew that she was very strong, otherwise she would not dare to go and kill the Armored crocodile.

Chen Xiang followed them to an inn. Although Feng Wu looked very poor, he was very generous to her and ordered many delicious dishes.

"Although this time's Armored crocodile are powerful, they are the same as the other Special G.o.d beast s and have not taken on any form. Furthermore, their movements are a bit slower! The most important thing is that this Armored crocodile will be weak for a while. I've calculated it already, the Armored crocodile has just changed its armor, and it has not fully recovered. " Feng Wu said.

"Feng Wu, how do you know all this?" Chen Xiang was extremely interested in this, to think that Feng Wu actually knew this kind of news.

"Ever since I was young, I have been extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of Special G.o.d beast. This knowledge was pa.s.sed down to me by my parents, and they are also experts in hunting Special G.o.d beast!" Feng Wu said in an extremely proud tone: "They were previously disciples of the Everlasting Mountain, but because they left the Everlasting Mountain later on, I also want to enter the Everlasting Mountain now."

Ling Jian said: "Within the Star Law Divine Realm, you are considered the weakest of the big powers. For a battle like yours, you should be going to other even stronger big powers!"

Chen Dao nodded his head: "If I had the power that Feng Wu has, I would definitely not consider the Everlasting Mountain."

Feng Wu drank a mouthful of wine, then laughed out loud: "You all don't understand, although the Everlasting Mountain is the weakest of the big powers, he has qualities that no other big powers have! It was that the Everlasting Mountain would never become enemies with any other great powers, so there was no need to worry about conflicts breaking out! You should all know that the current Star Law Divine Realm is not like before, even the Undead Divine Race is exterminated, the rules have been broken! "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Even the Undead Divine Race has been destroyed, and the Everlasting Mountain has a high possibility of being destroyed, so the Everlasting Mountain is not the safest place."

Feng Wu said, "Everlasting Mountain does not have anything that any other great power would set their eyes on, and in all these years, there have been no conflicts with any of the other great powers either.

"Of course, I also have one other reason to join the Everlasting Mountain. It's because there are more Pill G.o.ds in the Everlasting Mountain and it's better so I don't need to wait that long to find the materials to refine more divine pellets in the future! In the other big powers, since there are not many Pill G.o.d, they would have to line up for a long time to find pills. "

On the other hand, Chen Xiang did not know that there were a lot of Pill G.o.ds in Everlasting Mountain, which made him suddenly excited, and asked: "What level is Everlasting Mountain's Pill G.o.d at?"

Feng Wu replied: "High level! The only thing was that the Everlasting Mountain was very low-key. Although he had many outstanding Pill G.o.ds, he had deliberately suppressed his own pill business. This way, he wouldn't be suppressed by other great powers! Furthermore, the pills sold by the Everlasting Mountain are all low leveled pills that the other large powers look down upon, but as far as I know, although the Everlasting Mountain only sells low levelled pills, the amount of Shen Yuan stone he earns is on par with the other big powers. "

Chen Xiang pondered. If what Feng Wu said was true, then Everlasting Mountain truly did possess a group of alchemy G.o.ds who were relatively more outstanding amongst the Star Law Divine Realm, which meant that the Everlasting Mountain's foundation in pills was not something that the other great powers could compare to.

"Feng Wu, other than killing the hundred Special G.o.d beast, is there any other way to enter the inner sect? "For example, pill refining or array setting up." When Chen Xiang heard that the Everlasting Mountain had a group of outstanding Pill G.o.ds, he wanted to go in and take a look.

"No, no matter if it's a pill G.o.d, a formation grandmaster, or an outstanding weapon craftsman, they all have to hunt a hundred strange G.o.ds or else they won't be able to obtain the qualifications. This is also proof of their strength." Feng Wu laughed: "Little brother, you also want to enter the inner sect?"

"To be honest, I'm just a half a G.o.d of Pills. I didn't know that the Everlasting Mountain's G.o.d of Pills was so powerful before, so I wanted to take a look now." He had already started planning in his heart. He planned to let Huang Jintian and the others clearly investigate the divine medicine that was needed to detoxify the detoxification pellet before secretly refining some Bone level Dan s or other divine pellets that were easy to sell for them in order to earn Shen Yuan stone s.

As for him, he stayed here for a while, thinking of a way to pa.s.s the exam and enter the inner sect to take a look!

Because they could not sell their divine pellets privately, in the Star Law Divine Realm, Alchemist would rarely go out. They would usually join one of these large powers, and either enter the inner sect or go to their shops to refine pills.

"After we kill this Armored crocodile, I will help you plan your next move. I have experience in this aspect! If you really can enter the inner sect, then we can also have a companion. " Seeing that Chen Xiang had the thought of entering the inner sect, Feng Wu was happy too. It was not bad to have someone he knew inside the inner sect.

After eating, Chen Xiang returned to his room to rest. Early in the morning on the second day, Chen Xiang was woken up by a shout, and then, he went to Transmitting Square!

… ….

When they drank together yesterday, Chen Xiang had already understood some of the Armored crocodile's detailed information. Armored crocodile lived in a swamp, and it was difficult to kill Armored crocodile not only because they were strong, but also because of the dangers that hid in their hiding place.

For example, in this swamp, there were many little dragon crocodiles. Although they were not very powerful, they were very annoying!

Feng Wu was extremely familiar with this area. She rode on a Frisbee and flew all the way here, quickly arriving above the swamp.

"Armored crocodile is hiding here, he normally hides under the mud, we'll see how we act when the time comes!" Feng Wu said: "Chen Xiang, you specifically deal with those little dragon crocodiles. There are as many little dragon crocodiles as there are ants, and they aren't that strong. They only have a few Divine Deity s."

"Can you three deal with the Armored crocodile?" Chen Xiang asked. had the best way to deal with these weak and large amount of small things, thus it was very easy for him. However, he was a little worried for Feng Wu and the other two.

Feng Wu possessed eighty Divine Deity, Ling Jian and Chen Dao were only seventy-five years old, and the Armored crocodile possessed eighty Divine Deity. Because it was a Special G.o.d beast, it already possessed an extremely strong fleshly body, so it was much stronger than the eighty Divine Deity of humans.

"Of course we can take care of him. If I'm not wrong, it would be much easier if we take care of him since he is in his weakened state." Feng Wu said. Of course, for her to be able to complete the mission with 90 Special G.o.d beast, she did not rely solely on luck. She could tell that she still had her trump cards, and if the Armored crocodile was not weak, she had the confidence to kill it.

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