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Chen Xiang thought so too. Most of the people here looked like middle-aged or old people, and there were very few young people like him.

"It's mainly because the youngsters aren't calm enough, and they're more arrogant, and won't listen to any commands. That's why they don't want it! This is not about one's appearance. This is the result of their experiences and lessons learned. " The old man said.

was no longer thinking about anyone trying to pull him into the group, and just as he was about to give up on that idea, three people suddenly walked over, one by one, asking Chen Xiang if they wanted to join the group.

Chen Xiang saw that amongst the three, there was a young and beautiful woman.

"Little brother, do you want to come with us?" The lady walked to Chen Xiang and asked with a smile.

She gave Chen Xiang a piece of paper, and when Chen Xiang received it, he took a look at her hand. Amongst all the women he had ever seen, this was the one whose hand was the most unsightly, with somewhat rough skin and a lot of scars.

Although this woman was a little black, her skin didn't look too good, and she didn't pay much attention to her appearance, her voice was very pleasant to listen to, and when she smiled, it was also very sweet, making Chen Xiang feel that she had a different kind of beauty.

Chen Xiang looked at the woman's pair of bright and sharp eyes and couldn't help but to be captivated. Although the girl wasn't considered beautiful, he didn't know why, but Chen Xiang admired her a lot.

"Armored crocodile? It sounds very impressive! " Chen Xiang said as he looked at the piece of paper.

After the elder behind him heard this, he said, "This fellow is amazing. Quite a few people accepted this mission, but he didn't finish it within a month and hasn't come back yet."

The woman smiled sweetly: "Bring this fellow's corpse back, it's the same as killing ten Special G.o.d beast. Little brother, our team does have sufficient strength, we have already killed thirty Special G.o.d beast."

"Kill one for ten?" Chen Xiang was a little confused.

"Little brother, you have just arrived at the Heaven-stage Stars, right? This Armored crocodile had eighty Divine Deity s, and the armor on its body and the flesh and blood within its body were all extremely precious! Flesh and blood could be refined into pills, Bones s could be refined, and Divine Deity s were even more precious. That's why killing one would be enough to kill ten, that's what the Everlasting Mountain said. " The woman smiled.

"I just joined the Everlasting Mountain, I don't understand these things, I just want to quickly kill enough ten Special G.o.d beast." Chen Xiang asked: "If I were to join, how would I divide it?"

"You will go with us. If we successfully kill the Armored crocodile, we will hand the Armored crocodile to you so that you can report back! After that, you have to accompany us and kill five more times. " The woman said.

"Alright, I'll join!" Chen Xiang immediately agreed. He already had a good feeling about this woman, and adding that he wanted to end the blood contract quickly, he wanted to give himself more freedom.

When the others saw that Chen Xiang had agreed to join them, they all thought that Chen Xiang was courting death.

The other two members of the team that were with this woman were middle-aged! When they walked over, one of them said: "Hearing that they are going to kill the Armored crocodile, no one dares to go. I think we should forget about that!"

"Isn't there someone else?" The lady patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and laughed: "This little brother is our new team member."

"Him? "Did he go to die?" A middle-aged man frowned.

"I have the final say." When the lady saw that the two men looked down upon Chen Xiang, her tone became a little more unyielding: "Don't forget our contract, I helped you guys pay previously, you promised me that you would kill it five times for me, now is the last time, you can't go back on your words."

"But... But he was going to kill the Armored crocodile this time! At the very least, we have to find a relatively powerful team member! " The middle-aged man's tone became much softer.

Chen Xiang really did not expect the lady to be so powerful, the two middle aged men had to listen to her.

"It's okay, he can do it!" The woman said confidently: "Little brother, let's go! Go and rest first, and then find the Armored crocodile! "

Chen Xiang followed behind the lady and laughed: "You always call me Little Brother, maybe I am older than you? Right, what's your name? "

"Feng Wu, the wind is blowing!" The woman chuckled, "What about you?"

"Chen Xiang!"

"What about these two big brothers?" Chen Xiang asked the two middle aged men.

"Ling Jian!" Although he was dressed neatly, and was a man, his hands still looked more beautiful than Feng Wu. His fingers were slender, and his fingernails were trimmed extremely well, so even from the name, it was obvious that he was using a sword, and his hands that loved him were normal.

"Chen Dao!" The other middle-aged man smiled. He was completely different from Ling Jian, his hair was messy, his face was full of beard, and he was wearing an old set of grey clothes.

Chen Xiang laughed: "You two must be together!"

Ling Jian nodded his head, "We are martial brothers, and have the same master. When master was still young, we have traveled together for many years."

Ling Jian looked to be in his middle years, and Chen Dao was a rough old master who liked to laugh out loud. In front of a large crowd, he spoke very loudly and did not care about the opinions of others.

It was hard to believe that two people with such a huge difference in personality could be together for so long! They were really two strange people!

Of course, Feng Wu was also very strange in Chen Xiang's eyes. He was very strong, causing Ling Jian and Chen Dao to not dare to refute her!

What made Chen Xiang felt even weirder was that if she could dress herself up properly, she would definitely be a great beauty, but she did not care about these things. This was why she was so attractive to Chen Xiang.

"Little brother, the reason you're here, it can't be to enter the Heaven-stage Stars, right?" Feng Wu asked with a smile.

"Yes sir!" Chen Xiang answered: "Feng Wu, are you not?"

"Of course not, the reason I want to enter the inner sect of Everlasting Mountain is for this purpose." Feng Wu looked at the huge mountain in the distance, his expression becoming extremely determined.

"Oh!" Where are the two big brothers? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"After we help Feng Wu kill off this last time, we will leave the Everlasting Mountain. Our goal is the same as yours." Ling Jian said.

"Feng Wu, you should have killed ten Special G.o.d beast long ago!" Chen Xiang asked: "Why are you continuing to kill so much?"

"To enter the inner sect! If you want to become qualified for the inner sect examination, you need to first kill enough Special G.o.d beast. " Feng Wu smiled complacently at Chen Xiang. "I've already killed ninety of them, so I'll be eligible to take the examination very soon."

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang praised. He admired such a strong woman.

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