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"Earlier, there was a team that died, so I made it clear that if you're afraid of dying, there's still time for you to go back on your words." Lin Shuyi laughed: "Going to the Heaven-stage Stars to hunt Special G.o.d beast is not a joke, you will die!"

Chen Xiang didn't care, this Lin Shuyi also looked very strong, he should have 90 Divine Deity s or above. As for the other five middle aged people here, he also had 50 or 60 Divine Deity s, and none of them were afraid of Special G.o.d beast s.

"No objections?" Lin Shuyi nodded his head in satisfaction. "I know you guys want to ask me a few questions, but I can roughly guess what you guys want to ask!"

"You guys came here to partic.i.p.ate in the exam and joined the Everlasting Mountain because you want to quickly enter it, right? So, what you guys are more concerned about is whether or not you have your own personal time after joining the Everlasting Mountain, or whether or not you can leave it. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the other five immediately followed suit and nodded. Everyone's goal was the same, only by doing this can they enter the Heaven-stage Stars quickly.

"Good!" After you enter the Heaven-stage Stars, each of you only need to kill 10 Special G.o.d beast with 50 Divine Deity to leave the Everlasting Mountain. Of course, you can also choose to stay in the Everlasting Mountain. Lin Shuyi said.

Fifty Divine Deity Special G.o.d beast s! Chen Xiang felt that this should be easy to deal with. One was his one billion Shen Yuan stone, the other was his ten billion stone.

"Just now when you dripped your blood on the jade tablet, you had already made a blood contract, so when you enter the Heaven-stage Stars, do not flee without permission, you should be clear of the consequences!" Lin Shuyi sternly said, "If you are dissatisfied with the blood contract, you can withdraw now."

"When you go to the Everlasting Mountain, you can choose to hunt for a team to hunt down divine beasts. For example, the six of you can hunt down sixty divine beasts together and then split with the Everlasting Mountain." Lin Shuyi said again when he saw that Chen Xiang and the rest did not speak.

A middle-aged man asked, "If you don't want to form a team? I want to do it alone! "

Our Everlasting Mountain will be responsible for providing the whereabouts of the Special G.o.d beast, you all must complete it within the set time, otherwise you will not be able to complete it within the set time limit. If you are unable to complete it within the set time limit, your number of Special G.o.d beast will increase by one! Lin Shuyi said: "If you want to search for a team, there will be a few that will go to the Everlasting Mountain. There are many people there who will be like you."

The other big powers also used this method to snare the rogue cultivators of the Earth-stage Stars. This way, they could settle many miscellaneous matters and provide sufficient resources to the core of the power.

Chen Xiang and the others had no objections, Lin Shuyi had brought them to a large underground cave, there was a large Transmission array here!

After Lin Shuyi opened the Transmission array, Chen Xiang and the rest arrived at a Transmitting Square.

"This is the Everlasting Mountain, I have been here before, I remember this aura." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang looked around and saw that the symbol of the Everlasting Mountain was an extremely huge mountain. They were at the bottom of the mountain, and this was the outer sect.

"Elder Lin, how do we enter the inner sect? What benefits do you get by entering the inner sect of the Everlasting Mountain? " Chen Xiang asked. He had asked Yue'er and Huang Yantian before, but they didn't know much about it.

"There are three types of inner disciples. The first type is the children of inner disciples. The second method was to recruit inner sect disciples or elders and Leader s, and bring them directly into the inner sect. The third method was to enter from the outer sect. It required a series of tests, and was also the most difficult type! Although the inner sect disciples who enter from the outer sect are not too weak, the inner sect disciples will still be discriminated against. " Lin Shuyi sighed. It could be seen that he had entered the outer sect through the outer sect gate. Now that he had come to the outer sect gate, he did not want to anger the inner sect.

"What are the benefits of entering the inner sect?" A middle-aged man also asked curiously.

"There are many benefits to this. I can obtain many profound and mysterious inheritances, and after I collect the divine medicines, I can have the inner disciples help me refine Chen Dan. I can customize them to be a divine weapon!" If my performance is outstanding, who other elders would I be able to go with to look for rare treasures? " He brought Chen Xiang and the others to a hall.

There were a lot of people in the lobby, all of them were like Chen Xiang and the others, who came in from the Earth-stage Stars, wanted to kill ten Special G.o.d beast and also wanted to bring their corpses back to report.

"There are a hundred elders here who are responsible for providing information about the Special G.o.d beast. You guys can stand in line to ask, I have to continue recruiting." Lin Shuyi said, "You are in charge of the food and drinks. Although this place is the outer sect of the Everlasting Mountain, but it's like a city, and has many inns and hotels."

After Lin Shuyi left, Chen Xiang began to stroll around by himself. After that, he walked out of the Main Hall.

"You guys go and help me find the divine medicine I need for the detoxification pill, I'll go hunt down the divine beasts!" It's more efficient to split up. " Chen Xiang said.

"Okay, but. Remember to get some Shen Yuan stone s. In Heaven-stage Stars, without a lot of Shen Yuan stone s, it's hard to even take a single step! " Huang Jintian said. Their Shen Yuan stone s had all been exhausted on the way, and they had no way to quickly get them. They could only look at Chen Xiang.

"Use Communication jade Symbol paper. Remember to come back to this city often. The distance between Communication jade Symbol paper s is limited." Chen Xiang said: "There are ten Bone level Dan here, take them and sell them. The amount you have obtained should be enough for you guys to use for a while."

Huang Jintian received the Bone level Dan and nodded his head, "Go and busy yourself, leave the location of the divine medicine to us."

Chen Xiang anxiously ran back to the main hall. Hunting ten Special G.o.d beast s was easy for him, he also wanted to quickly complete the blood contract so he wouldn't be restricted anymore.

There were more than ten thousand people in the hall, and there were many long queues. The old man in charge of providing information was extremely busy.

In front of Chen Xiang, there were a few hundred people!

Just as Chen Xiang was waiting in line, suddenly, a few people walked over, holding a piece of paper, and asked the group a question.

"They're trying to pull someone into their party!" An old man behind Chen Xiang said: "Usually, it is to go kill a Special G.o.d beast, only when you can't kill it will you come back to pull them."

"There are also some who pulled people in here because they tried to be brave and received news that it would be difficult to kill Special G.o.d beast."

Chen Xiang carefully observed around and discovered that there were many parties that specially pulled people to join the party. Right now, there were already a few teams walking towards them, he could also see that quite a few of these teams had succeeded, and he was secretly looking forward to see if anyone could pull him.

What made him even more depressed was that he waited for less than an hour. A few squads pa.s.sed in front of him and only glanced at him once. They didn't talk about joining the squadron.

The old man behind Chen Xiang saw him sighing, and laughed: "Young lad, they saw that your face looked young, so they did not want your face!"

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