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"Can I refine divine pills to sell? In this Earth-stage Stars, you should be a bit more relaxed! " Chen Xiang asked. If he could refine Divine Pills to earn Shen Yuan stone, then he would not need to join other forces and directly earn Shen Yuan stone to buy jade plates to enter Heaven-stage Stars.

"The people of the Earth-stage Stars are all cowardly, they do not dare to casually buy the divine pellets of unknown origins. They only go to the big power's medicine store to buy them, because if they are caught, buying and selling them will be in trouble!" Yue'er said: "But that doesn't mean we can't sell it. It's just that it will take a long time to find a buyer. If we can find a good buyer, the Shen Yuan stone will be here very quickly."

"We're not familiar with this place. It's not easy to find a buyer!" Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang also wanted to quickly enter the Heaven-stage Stars and gather the divine medicines to refine the detoxification pills, so that he could quickly remove the poison from Long Xueyi.

Huang Yantian laughed: "If we were to sell the divine pellets at the Heaven-stage Stars, it would be much more convenient! Although the pills in Star Law Divine Realm were all under the strict control of the big powers, but the big powers could not completely control the big powers in Heaven-stage Stars, so they had to secretly sell a lot of them. At that time, it would be very easy to find a buyer! The advantage of being sold in the Heaven-stage Stars is that the people here are relatively rich. "

Chen Xiang nodded: "So that means, if I want to enter the Heaven-stage Stars, I can only join one power first, and then enter the Heaven-stage Stars?"

Right, at the moment, this is the only way to help you enter the Heaven-stage Stars more quickly! Yue'er replied, "When the time comes, we'll enter the ring. As long as you enter, you won't need to check the jade plates."

After finding a target, Chen Xiang and the others immediately searched for a city. With Huang Jintian and the others using the Heaven extended method, they quickly found the nearest big city.

After entering the big city, they split up to investigate the news of joining forces!

The Star Law Divine Realm was a huge place, filled with Earth and Profound Ranked Stars. There were a lot of them in total, and most of the people who recruited them would be from Earth-stage Stars or Profound Ranked Stars.

Three days later, Chen Xiang will meet with Huang Yantian!

"We've heard that there are a total of three forces that want to recruit us!" Huang Jintian said.

"Maybe he brought it into the Heaven-stage Stars? What I heard was that they were all recruited to stay in Earth-stage Stars. " Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, we all need fighters. The main thing is that we have to hunt down divine beasts!" Huang Jintian said: "In the Heaven-stage Stars, there are many powerful divine beasts, so this task will be rather difficult."

"As long as you have fifty Divine Deity s, you can register and take the examination. With your strength, pa.s.sing wouldn't be difficult." Huang Jintian laughed.

"What kind of forces are these three?" Yue'er asked, "See if I recognize him."

"Everlasting Mountain, Destiny Sect, Longevity Hall!" Huang Yantian said: "These are all powerful forces within the Star Law Divine Realm."

"Go to Everlasting Mountain!" Yue'er said: "Everlasting Mountain can be considered to be a relatively peaceful power! As for the two forces, the Good Fortune Sect and the Hall of Longevity, these two forces have always been causing trouble everywhere. They have often become enemies with other great forces! "

Huang Yantian nodded: "That's what I thought too! The ones who attacked the Four Divine Races were the Destiny Sect and the Longevity Hall, but the Everlasting Mountain didn't do anything! "

"After all, the Everlasting Mountain is mediocre and has never wanted to cause any trouble. This Everlasting Mountain's disciples are relatively easy going, so it's not bad to temporarily join this power." Yue'er said: "Let's go to Everlasting Mountain!"

Chen Xiang didn't understand Star Law Divine Realm, so he could only listen to Huang Jintian's and Yue'er's opinions!

Huang Jintian and the others entered the ring and guided him to partic.i.p.ate in the examination.

Chen Xiang went to the Everlasting Mountain and set up a division here. It was a relatively grand pavilion, after Chen Xiang went in, he told the people inside that he wanted to join the Everlasting Mountain and find a place to do things.

Generally, those who joined a great power through this method would not be treated as the core of nurturing. The core was something that had been cultivated since they were young, only then would they be guaranteed absolute loyalty.

People like Chen Xiang who suddenly joined belonged to the outer circle, which was equivalent to an employment relationship.

"How many Divine Deity do you have?" An old man asked.

"60 pills!" Chen Xiang replied, he did not reveal his true strength.

"Not bad! That's the strength of a first-grade Divine Lord!" The old man nodded and asked again, "What type of divine power do you train in?"

"Fire Attribute!" Chen Xiang said again. Forty to sixty Divine Deity s were all Divine Monarchs, and seventy to ninety Divine Deity s were all Divine Kings. Only Hundred G.o.ds level s could become Divine Lord.

Chen Xiang had ninety-five Divine Deity, so he could be considered a first-rate Divine King, but with his Bones, he could be considered to be on par with Divine Lord s.

"Enter to take the examination!" The old man pointed at a stone door behind him.

Chen Xiang entered the stone door. He saw a large hall, there were dozens of people queuing up, testing for something.

"The next one, if I can crush the rock, I'll pa.s.s!" A middle-aged man in the front shouted lazily.

Chen Xiang was at the back of the line, releasing his divine soul to take a look, there was a table in front of him, on it was a black stone and an old man was forcefully pinching it, making his old face turn red, but he could not crush it.

"Can't crush it? Please come back next time! " The middle-aged man sitting at the table said lazily. Looking at his expression, one could tell that he was very tired of this sort of thing.

There were more than a dozen people in a row, but none of them were able to break the black stone. If a large power wanted to recruit disciples in the Earth-stage Stars, they would not have to pay a lot, so it was not bad to be able to find strong people, it was equivalent to earning money. After all, a large power bringing people into the Heaven-stage Stars did not need to pay a Shen Yuan stone.

Finally, it was Chen Xiang's turn. Amongst the tens of people in front of him, there were only two that could be crushed!

"Crack!" The middle-aged man in white said as he dragged his head.

Chen Xiang picked up the stone and tried using a bit of strength, but it actually could not be crushed. It was extremely stiff, and then, using his Bones, he used his power.

The eyes of the middle-aged man who had been listless all this while lit up when he saw Chen Xiang crushing the black stone into powder. How many Divine Deity s are there? "

"Chen Xiang, sixty Divine Deity!" Chen Xiang said.

"Not bad! "You pa.s.sed!" A smile appeared on the face of the middle-aged man in white, and he gestured for a young and beautiful woman to come over.

"Brother, please follow me!" With a sweet smile on her face, the woman softly said.

Chen Xiang followed the woman and left the hall, arriving at a hall. There were five people sitting here, all of them pa.s.sed the test, and all of them looked middle-aged.

"Six people is enough, these are your jade medallions for you to enter the Heaven-stage Stars, drip blood, this way, even if others were to s.n.a.t.c.h your jade medallions, it would be useless." The white-robed middle-aged man who was in charge of the exam walked in and said.

Chen Xiang and the other five people received the jade tablet and dripped blood on it.

The middle-aged man in white said, "My name is Lin Shuyi. In Everlasting Mountain, I am a small elder of the outer sect who specializes in helping Everlasting Mountain kill divine beasts. The Everlasting Mountain requires a large number of divine beasts to refine pills and eat them."

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