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Using the spatial teleportation array inside the Six Realms mirrors, combined with his own spatial energy, Chen Xiang arrived at that dead star in half a day.

"There is a Transmission array here, the activation of these Transmission array requires Shen Yuan stone!" Yue'er looked at Huang Jintian. "You should have one, right?"

"Yes. But there are a thousand array formations along the way. When we head to Star Law Divine Realm, there aren't many Shen Yuan stone left. " Huang Jintian said with a bit of heartache.

"What are you afraid of, doesn't Chen Xiang know how to refine pills? When that time comes, I will go to the Star Law Divine Realm to secretly sell G.o.dly pills, and I will be able to get them back very quickly. " Yue Er said.

The Star Law Divine Realm forbade sale of medicinal pellets privately, but Yue'er felt that this rule could not restrain Chen Xiang, so she felt that it did not matter, as Shen Yuan stone or something like that, it would be easy to earn by going to the Star Law Divine Realm.

"If I had known earlier, I would have asked Sister Yulan to give me some!" Chen Xiang smiled bitterly: "Master, you don't have to worry, the first thing I'll do after we get to Star Law Divine Realm is to find a way to return the Shen Yuan stone that I owe you."

Huang Jintian forced a smile: "What are you saying, do I look like such a petty person? However, since you've already said it, you must return it to me when the time comes. You cannot go back on your word.

Huang Yantian shrugged his shoulders, secretly feeling pleased in his heart, because Chen Xiang did not let him take out the Shen Yuan stone.

"Brother, I, Shen Yuan stone, am not enough. Give me one thing and Star Law Divine Realm will return it to us." Huang Jintian pulled Huang Yantian, who was secretly rejoicing, over. His words of "brother" was also very loud just now.

Chen Xiang secretly despised these two stingy brothers in his heart.

"One array requires approximately five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone and over a thousand Transmission array s. That is hundreds of millions of Shen Yuan stone." Huang Jintian nagged as he placed the Shen Yuan stone.

"Isn't it just several hundred million? I can easily earn billions in Divine Cauldron Nation! " Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Divine Cauldron Nation does not restrict the sale of divine pellets. You will find out when you go to Star Law Divine Realm, you don't even dare to blatantly sell them." Huang Yantian said.

Chen Xiang laughed out loud, "Don't worry, when the time comes, I will blatantly sell these divine pellets. Whoever comes to capture me, I will capture them and then hang them all."

Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian did not speak anymore. They knew that Chen Xiang's rage was suppressed, that the poison in his body was caused by the big shots in the Star Law Divine Realm. It would be weird if Chen Xiang did not go to the Star Law Divine Realm to look for the big shots.

They had already experienced Chen Xiang's strength before, with just a broken sword, he could easily kill a few Divine Lord s. If they went to Star Law Divine Realm, even if they could not compare to the strongest experts in the Star Law Divine Realm, it was enough to protect themselves.

Huang Jintian and the others placed the Shen Yuan stone and activated the Transmission array. Yue'er would then control the location of the Transmission array and teleport to another star.

Huang Jintian and the others continued to place the Shen Yuan stone, they needed to repeat this process a thousand times in order to be able to go to Star Law Divine Realm. Only old monsters like them, who had lived for G.o.d knows how many years, would have this kind of patience.

The Shen Yuan stone that was placed could only be opened once, so people later on would need to place the Shen Yuan stone to activate the Transmission array again.

Just like this, they teleported thirty times a day. After more than a month, Chen Xiang and the others arrived at a relatively large star.

This star did not have a sun or a moon, but it could see all the stars in the sky.

"In front of us is the Star Law Divine Realm. It's been so many years and there's still no change!" Moon Child pointed at a round ball of light in front of them.

From afar, it looked like a ball of light, but it was actually formed by countless stars. There were hundreds of millions of stars inside, and it was extremely huge.

"Through the Great Transmission array here, we can teleport to a Earth-stage Stars, and then find a way to get a pa.s.s to enter the Heaven-stage Stars!" Yue'er replied, "I can't use my ident.i.ty as a law enforcer to enter now. I've been missing for so long, and my sudden appearance here will definitely alarm them."

"Is it very difficult to enter the Heaven-stage Stars? What other access jade plates do you need? " Chen Xiang asked.

"There are countless stars in Star Law Divine Realm, there are a lot of human stars there, and you have also seen how many stars there are in front of you. There are so many humans in the entire Star Law Divine Realm, if all of them were to rush to those Heaven-stage Stars s, it would definitely cause chaos in the Heaven-stage Stars. Only those who have the strength or the financial power are allowed to enter. " Yue'er replied, "In Star Law Divine Realm, there are only about a dozen or so!"

Huang Jintian added: "Right now, Star Law Divine Realm has several hundreds of Earth-stage Stars, and several tens of thousands of Profound Ranked Stars, all of which can stay here for a long period of time. As for the other Death Stars, there are also a few scattered corpses with quite a few people stopping there, the total number of people in the Star Law Divine Realm is extremely huge!"

"Even if the Heaven-stage Stars has already been restricted from entering, after all these years, more and more people have come from above, so it's even more difficult to enter now."

"Why does everyone have to squeeze into the Heaven-stage Stars? "What's good about it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Heaven-stage Stars is a very big planet, so the core of the earth is very strong. It can allow divine medicines to grow quickly, nurture many types of divine medicines, and produce all kinds of rich resources. As long as one's luck is not bad, staying there for a period of time will definitely make a lot of money." Huang Yantian said.

Yue'er controlled the Transmission array to open up, teleporting them to a forest.

"The Earth-stage Stars has the sun and moon, but the Earth-stage Stars here is much better than the stars that the Divine Nations is on!" Yue Er took in a deep breath of the fragrant air, "I'm finally back, I need to hurry to Heaven-stage Stars to take a look."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "It is indeed much better, the divine energy contained in this place is only a little weaker than that of Nine Heaven World."

Huang Jintian urged: "Quickly think of a way to earn Shen Yuan stone, in order to obtain the qualifications to go to Heaven-stage Stars, you will need a lot of Shen Yuan stone."

"How much do you need?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know. Right now, I definitely need a lot more Shen Yuan stone than before!" Yue Er shook her head and said.

"About 10 billion Shen Yuan stone s are needed!" Huang Jintian said: "The last time I came, was at this price!"

Chen Xiang thought that he had misheard. Merely getting a qualification would actually cost ten billion!

"The Shen Yuan stone are not beans, where did you get so many? Can we sneak in? " Chen Xiang said. Hearing this number, he was shocked.

"No, the protection of the Heaven-stage Stars is too strong, even if you succeed in entering, you will be discovered." Yue Er said.

"Ten billion isn't too hard. As long as you have a few dozen Divine Deity s, it shouldn't be difficult for you to spend tens of thousands of years to collect them." Huang Jintian said.

Yue'er nodded her head and said: "As long as we live long enough, ten billion Shen Yuan stone s won't be difficult! Who told those big shots to take control of these Heaven-stage Stars s, if they want to collect the King grade and divine medicine, they can only go to Heaven-stage Stars. "

"If you do not want to give Shen Yuan stone, there is another way. It is to join the great power that controls these stars, and then you can obtain the jade plates." Huang Yantian said: "It's just that most people require a lot of strength to pa.s.s the examinations before they can be brought in."

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