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Chen Xiang arrived at the starry sky of darkness and found a relatively small star according to the memories of the old man.

The old man who used the Black dragon flower poison was not very strong, only had sixty Divine Deity, but he was very good at using poison. Chen Xiang understood from his memories, that this group of people who came to build a Star Palace here, was above a small star.

There were two reasons why the Star Law Divine Realm came here. The first reason was to investigate the situation here thoroughly so that they could occupy this region in the future! His second goal was to catch a dragon!

Yue'er had said that dragons were considered to be a very powerful race of G.o.ds in the Star Law Divine Realm, and dragons existed in many worlds as well. They were naturally born with very powerful strength, so the experts who looked for the method of immortality in the Star Law Divine Realm felt that the Divine Dragon Race's body contained the same amount of immortality that the Undead Divine Race had, except it wasn't as much as the Undead Divine Race's.

Therefore, the group of experts from the Star Law Divine Realm wanted to capture a dragon for experiment, and see if they can extract the power of longevity from it!

And inside the Star Law Divine Realm, because the Undead Divine Race was exterminated, the other G.o.d Clans immediately escaped out of the Star Law Divine Realm, and hid themselves, lest they get exterminated like the Undead Divine Race.

"Does that old fellow have any information about the Cat Race in his memories?" Yue Er asked anxiously when she heard Chen Xiang reveal the reason for the group of people coming from the Star Law Divine Realm.

"Yes, the Cat Race is hiding in the vicinity of the Star Law Divine Realm. It's more difficult to catch them because they can become cats and hide in other worlds where there's no way to find them. Even if we do find them, it would be hard to catch them." Chen Xiang said.

My Cat Race is not that easy to deal with! Then is there a Star Moon Divine Race? " Yue'er asked again. She had the most Star Moon Divine Race blood in her body.

"No, ever since Star Moon Divine Race disappeared from Star Law Divine Realm, there has been very little news!" Chen Xiang said, "Amongst the G.o.d Clan, the Undead Divine Race suffered the most severe losses."

"Sigh, the G.o.d race should join hands. Only in this way can they barely resist the Star Law Divine Realm." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang saw a small star in front, which was where the people sent by the Star Law Divine Realm lived. There was a Star Palace on top of it, and the dozens of experts sent by the Star Law Divine Realm were all inside.

"When these guys went out, they hid themselves to gather information. That's why we didn't find them." Chen Xiang quietly descended onto the dead silent little star. On top of this little star, there was only rubble and sand without any spirit energy.

However, there was a small palace on top of that small star!

"This should be a divine artifact, and it has the protection of a formation. If we force our way in, we'll definitely be discovered." Yue'er said. In order to make it convenient to travel, some large powers would forge such a convenient palace, releasing it when necessary.

A good palace would have a set of divine formations to coordinate with it, allowing it to play a defensive role.

"Whether there are any Black Dragon Flowers in there, don't you know about the old fellow that was killed by you?" Yue'er asked, "He should be clear about this."

"Even he himself is not sure. That's because the poison was refined for him by someone else. That group of people are all in here!" That's why they should have it. Let's go in first and talk later! " Chen Xiang immediately teleported in, and without anyone realizing it, the Star Palace's defensive array was strong, but it was unable to defend against Chen Xiang who used the power of s.p.a.ce.

Chen Xiang used a transformation technique and changed into the old man he had killed earlier, then swaggered into the Star Palace.

Because he had devoured the old man's memories, at this time, Chen Xiang was quickly walking along the familiar path inside the Star Palace, and very quickly arrived outside a room.

"Elder Yin, why are you back so soon?" Have you caught a dragon? " Just as Chen Xiang wanted to knock on the door, someone suddenly opened it.

The one who asked was a middle-aged man, the one in charge of arranging Black dragon flower poison s!

"Soon, I need some Black Dragon Flowers, I want to refine them myself, the Black dragon flower poison that you all refined is not good to use." Chen Xiang understood from his memories that this Old Man Yan whom he had killed was extremely familiar with refining all kinds of strange poisons. He was much stronger than these people, it was just that he was too lazy to refine it himself.

"How much do you need?" That middle-aged man asked. He didn't suspect anything, but he was a bit unhappy because someone said that the poison they refined was useless.

"As much as possible!" Chen Xiang said.

"We have been here for so many years, and you also know that refining Black dragon flower poison often fails. We do not have many Black Dragon Flowers left, we only have about ten or so!" The middle-aged man took out a black box and gave it to Chen Xiang: "I can only give you five of them.

Chen Xiang nodded and accepted it.

"Are you really Elder Yin?" Suddenly, a voice rang out.

Chen Xiang took the black box and quickly kept it, then said: "If I am not Elder Yan, who else would I be?"

The person who had doubted earlier rushed over to Chen Xiang, it was a black clothed elderly man. With a dark expression, he said, "Elder Yan's life orb has already been broken, this means that Elder Yan is already dead!"

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. Before, when he came, he had already considered this question, but he planned to try and see if he could hide it or not.

"Something must be wrong with the Life Pearl. Am I not living well?" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, the black clad old man's long sword was already at Chen Xiang's neck.

"Don't try to lie to me, you are not Elder Yan at all, how could I not know about Elder Yan's life and death? Who exactly are you? " The old man said angrily.

When Chen Xiang saw this old man, he started to be on guard. This old man was the master of the Old Man Yan, and was also the person in charge of the operation this time, with 95 points of Divine Deity. Here, his strength was the strongest.

"I am the one who killed Old Yin!" Chen Xiang no longer bothered with his disguise and sneered. The Meteor immortal power in his fist rushed out and struck towards the black-clothed elderly man's chest. The moment his fist punched out, the Meteor immortal power gushed out from his fist and instantly struck the black-clothed elderly man.


The old man's chest and heart were instantly crushed by Chen Xiang's powerful Meteor immortal power, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"You guys want to kill Nine Heaven World's dragons?! If it wasn't for you, Xue Yi wouldn't have been poisoned. Die!"

Chen Xiang had already summoned his Heavenly magic sword and slashed his sword towards the black clad old man, slicing him in half!

Even the Divine Lord of the Hundred G.o.ds level would find it difficult to resist against him and the Heavenly magic sword, let alone these ninety-five Divine Deity s!

Chen Xiang's strength was close to its peak!

"Come in!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and stored the corpse of the old man inside. Then, he looked at the middle-aged man who gave him the Black Dragon Flower.

"Give me all the Black Dragon Flowers in your hands!" Chen Xiang said coldly.

The middle-aged man was already scared out of his wits. The strongest cultivator here had been killed with a single sword strike from his opponent. Of course, he wasn't his opponent, so he could only obediently offer up the Black Dragon Flower.

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