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The Nine Yang Divine Lord's golden greatsword hacked towards the Heavenly magic sword, at the moment of collision, his Nine Yang Divine Sword suddenly trembled, many cracks appearing on the surface of the blade.

"Trash!" Chen Xiang roared, the Bones in his body violently absorbed the divine power transformed from the Divine Deity, and rushed into the Heavenly magic sword s. A loud boom echoed out.

The Divine Nine Yang Blade that had been with who was the Nine Yang Divine Lord for so many years instantly exploded, turning into many pieces and flying away!

"Ahh …" His Nine Yang Divine Saber had been with him for many years and had long been connected to his flesh and blood. Now that it had been destroyed, his vitality was greatly damaged.

"You … You actually destroyed my Nine Yang Divine Saber! " The Nine Yang Divine Lord roared.

"So what? Now, I will let you accompany that broken blade of yours! " Chen Xiang's body was wreathed in flames, his skin had turned red, and the Meteor immortal power rushed out, charging straight into the Heavenly magic sword s.

"Die!" Chen Xiang suddenly teleported behind the Nine Yang Divine Lord and slashed down with his sword.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The body of the Nine Yang Divine Lord immediately exploded, Chen Xiang anxiously took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and kept all of its power into the divine furnace.

The Divine Lord s in the distance were instantly shocked and their faces paled. The strength of the Nine Yang Divine Lord s was not considered weak amongst them, to actually die in Chen Xiang's hands.

Chen Xiang immediately looked towards Xiao Yan. Even though he was Xiao Yulan's father, when he told Xiao Yuanbing to go kill Xiao Yulan previously, he already didn't have any feelings for him, and had cut off their relationship long ago.

Xiao Yan was currently fighting with Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian had a lot of work to do and could only barely hold on, so Chen Xiang was the first to go!

"I'm not as easy to deal with as Jiuyang!" Xiao Yan controlled his remaining black cauldron to cover Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was covered up by the gigantic black cauldron and was trapped inside.

"You want to suppress me with just a broken cauldron?" Chen Xiang's voice came out from within the black cauldron, and then, with a dull thud, the huge black cauldron exploded with a "peng" sound.

With Heavenly Divine Palace in his hand, Chen Xiang majestically rushed out, and that gigantic black cauldron was smashed into pieces by him just like that.

To deal with this kind of Divine Equipment, Heavenly magic sword was enough, so there was no need for the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace! Previously, when Chen Xiang had used Heavenly magic sword to destroy the Emperor Ding, he already knew how terrifying the Heavenly magic sword were.

"Hurry, I've got him!" Huang Jintian whispered to Chen Xiang.

When Xiao Yan saw that his only divine cauldron had been destroyed, and he was surprised for a moment, Xiao Yan used all his strength to seal it, while Chen Xiang had already teleported in front of him.

Swoosh! Chen Xiang's sword slashed down diagonally, slashing Xiao Yan's body into two.

The sharpness of the Heavenly magic sword also caused Huang Jintian to tremble. The power that he used to imprison Xiao Yan was originally very strong, but he was hacked apart by Chen Xiang just now!

"Let's turn to ashes!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and stored Xiao Yan's body inside it.

Not long after, another Divine Lord was killed!

Now, there are only seven Divine Lord s left!

"You go help them, I'll go with that guy, we should be able to kill one of them." Huang Jintian flew over to Huang Yantian's direction.

Chen Xiang looked around and realized that Qi Shi was fighting against an old man, and it was extremely strenuous.

"Brother Qi, I'm here to help you!" Chen Xiang's voice had just sounded out, but he had already appeared beside Qi Shi. The Heavenly magic sword in his hand gently swung, striking the old man's whip.

Ding! The whip that the old man had swung out was instantly sliced apart by Chen Xiang!

"Many thanks!" Qi Shi laughed out loud, flying over, the huge blade in his hand crazily slashing at the old man.

The old man did not have a whip, as if he had lost his right arm and left arm. Divine weapons were extremely important to these Divine Lord.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang and Qi Shi joined hands and cut the old man into eight pieces, and kept him back into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace!

Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian's side also had a huge movement, one of the Divine Lord was killed by them!

Now, there were only five Divine Lord s left, but Huang Jintian, Huang Yantian and the rest were rushing over to help the others deal with the remaining Divine Lord!

"Big Brother Canghai!" Chen Xiang came over to Jiu Canghai's side. Jiu Canghai was currently fighting fiercely with a tall and big old man.

"How did your Heavenly magic sword become so powerful?" Jiu Canghai had also been paying attention to Chen Xiang's battle just now. Everyone could see that although the Heavenly magic sword did not have a sword tip, it was incomparably sharp, and was able to penetrate through everything. The powerful divine weapons that used to be in the Divine Lord's hands were just like mud in front of the Heavenly magic sword.

"You two against one, what kind of men are you?!" The old man who was fighting with Jiu Canghai said angrily.

"Back in the day, you were all one year old!" Jiu Canghai did not care about all these. If they did not exterminate the nine Divine Lords today, they would not have a chance to return to the Star Law Divine Realm.

Originally, this old man had held the upper hand, but with Chen Xiang joining the battle, he was extremely terrified. The two hammers in his hands danced crazily, releasing streams of astral lightning to escape while Chen Xiang and Jiu Canghai were dodging.

"Why are you running?" Chen Xiang sneered, he had already teleported in front of him and thrusted the sword forward.

The old man anxiously dodged, but the sword qi produced by Chen Xiang's stab was too terrifying. Even though he avoided it, the burst of sword qi turned into rays of golden light that penetrated through his body, leaving behind a few big holes.

Jiu Canghai anxiously flew over, his sword cutting apart the old man's head, he then roared out loud, he had finally killed a Divine Lord!

"Big Brother Canghai, Xue Yi is poisoned. I need to hurry up and think of a way to cure her. There are still a few Divine Lord s, you should be able to deal with them." Chen Xiang said in an anxious voice. Long Xueyi was unconscious, and Yue'er, who was in the Silent Jade Ring, was extremely nervous. She was only barely stabilizing the poison in Long Xueyi's body right now, and it had not spread.

Jiu Canghai knew about the relationship between Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi, so he nodded: "Hurry up and go, we can handle this place."

Chen Xiang immediately returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, to find Bai Ziqian!

Bai Ziqian had obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Poison G.o.d King and was extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of poisons.

Chen Xiang let Long Xueyi out from the ring. At this time, her face was a little grey, and her aura was very weak. and the other girls all felt their hearts ache.

"It's stable now, but if she can't cure the poison, she will never wake up! If he wanted to remove the Black dragon flower poison, he would have to start from the Black Dragon Flower! If there is Black Dragon Flower, I might be able to give it a try. " Bai Ziqian checked the changes and frowned.

"Meng'er, you guys go refine a chest that can release the strongest ice and seal Xue Yi inside it. This will alleviate the current situation! Right now, the poison in her body is only temporarily stabilizing. " Lv Qinlian then looked at Long Huishan and the others. "Big Sister Hui Shan, you and Bing Yan use the Icy cold power and freeze the poison in Xue Yi's body first."

Chen Xiang gritted his teeth and said, "I'm going to look for the Black Dragon Flower now, is Xue Yi alright now?"

Bai Ziqian nodded his head, "Once we freeze her up, she will temporarily fall into deep sleep. With the box that Meng'er and the rest have refined, it will be even more appropriate."

Chen Xiang quickly left the Hundreds of Flowers Village and continued to teleport up in the sky!

He had previously killed an old man in the clouds and swallowed the old man's memories. He knew that the Star Law Divine Realm had sent people here a long time ago, and the poison was also brought by them.

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