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Huo Lin nodded, he was very clear about his own injuries, if not for Chen Xiang attacking in time, he really might have been defeated by Black Stone Divine Venerable! Even though he was a Earthly beast, he was still very young and was not a match for Black Stone Divine Venerable.

Black Stone Divine Venerable died unjustly, his strength was strong, he should not have died like this, thus when Chen Xiang stabbed him in the back, he hated him to death, but he could not do anything about it.

After Chen Xiang arrived on the ground, he immediately headed towards the Heavenly Divine Palace!

If nine Divine Lords came here, Jiu Canghai would definitely be the first to know about it!

"Elder Brother Shen!" Just as Yun Xiaodao walked out of Heavenly Divine Palace's gate, he saw Chen Xiang and anxiously shouted.

"Xiao Dao, why are you here?" Chen Xiang anxiously walked over, Yun Xiaodao looked to be in a hurry too.

"I have been cultivating in the Heavenly Divine Palace! Now that the Great Divine Lord and the rest are out, it should be a big battle with the nine Divine Lords, so it isn't anywhere for them. He told us to stay here, maybe the other people from the Nine G.o.ds Nation will come and attack us. " Yun Xiaodao said.

Chen Xiang immediately had Yue'er come out and help him calculate where the nine Divine Lords and Jiu Canghai were fighting.

Xiao Dao, how many people does Great Divine Lord want to go with? Chen Xiang asked.

"Him, your master, and your senior uncle! Everyone else will stay here. " Yun Xiaodao said: "He said, other than the three of them, we are unable to contend against nine Divine Lords. Are they really that powerful?"

"Mn, it's really very powerful. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to destroy the nation of the Nine Heavens Divine Nations back then." Chen Xiang said: "But their current Divine Nations has also been destroyed by them, their lifespans are almost up!"

Yue'er quickly found out where they were. After Chen Xiang found out where they were, he looked in that direction and said: "This group of fellows originally didn't have much lifespans left. They didn't find a good way to extend their lives and instead came looking for death.

It would be difficult for Chen Xiang to deal with the Black Stone Divine Venerable, but dealing with the nine Divine Lords was still relatively easy. His current Heavenly magic sword s and Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s had increased his strength by a lot!

"Xiao Dao, I'm leaving. Cultivate well. This world is wonderful, but also cruel!" Chen Xiang patted Yun Xiaodao's shoulder as he suddenly activated s.p.a.ce wind to search for the nine Divine Lords.

… ….

Less than an hour later, Chen Xiang, who was currently using the s.p.a.ce wind, felt waves of intense fluctuations. He was already close to the battlefield.

"Such a familiar aura, could it be..." Chen Xiang stopped his s.p.a.ce wind. After coming out, he could more clearly sense the divine power's aura.

"It's All-beast Divine Lord … And the four protectors, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Xue Yi are also here! " Yue'er exclaimed, "They are all very strong. It seems that they have recovered."

"The All-beast Divine Lord has revived?" Chen Xiang was originally a little worried that Jiu Canghai and Huang Jintian would not be able to defeat the nine Divine Lords, but now that he had the All-beast Divine Lord's help, both sides were evenly matched.

"Qi Shi is also here!" Chen Xiang immediately teleported over, although All-beast Divine Lord and the others joined him, nine Divine Lords was still very strong.

"Back then, All-beast Divine Lord and the rest were already surrounded and attacked by the Nine G.o.ds Nation. Yue Er said.

The situation of the battle was extremely intense, and what surprised him the most was that Long Xueyi actually had such a strong power, that he could fight against a Divine Lord on his own.

"No, Xue Yi is in danger!" Chen Xiang's pupils contracted as he saw the black blood flowing out of the corner of Long Xueyi's mouth.

"Look up there, an old man just released a poisonous needle to ambush Xue Yi." cried Littlemoon, looking at the sky.

It was daytime now, and the sun was very bright. There were many white clouds in the sky, and when Chen Xiang raised his head, he did not see any elders.

"He's hiding in the clouds. What is the background of this guy?" The poison released could actually reach such a powerful White Dragon! In the Star Law Divine Realm, Bai Long is very strong. " Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang immediately used his Mind's Eye and saw a black ma.s.s within the white clouds. It should be the old man that Yue'er mentioned earlier.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he secretly used poison attacks, he will definitely die a horrible death!" Anger raged in Chen Xiang's heart, and he immediately teleported behind the old man.

The old man was dressed in black and was watching the battle intently, waiting for an opportunity to poison the old man.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, go to h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword and slashed at the old man's neck, then chopped off his head.

"I would like to see what poison you are scared of!" Chen Xiang grabbed the head, and after using Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, his face changed.

"Yue'er, this guy is from Star Law Divine Realm. That poison was extracted from the body of the Black Dragon Flower and then refined. This guy's memories mentioned that there is no cure for this poison." Chen Xiang hurriedly told Yue'er of his knowledge, "I never thought that the Star Law Divine Realm already had forces in the vicinity, and that they were the ones who had come to help the Black Stone Divine Venerable and the nine Divine Lords."

Chen Xiang flew out from the clouds!

"Xue Yi, enter the ring!" Chen Xiang teleported in front of Long Xueyi and blocked the blade from the Divine Lord at the same time.

When Long Xueyi saw that Chen Xiang had arrived, she immediately vomited a mouthful of black blood and fainted. Chen Xiang hurriedly placed her into the Serene Jade Ring, and told Yue'er to think of a way to stabilize her poison.

"The Black dragon flower poison was specially used to deal with the Divine Dragon Race. Amongst all the Star Law Divine Realm s, the Black Dragon clan was the one that was the most disliked, and after the Black Dragon clan independent, they produced a poisonous flower that was especially used to restrain the dragon, which is also that Black Dragon Flower. Even if it isn't a dragon, once it is infected with this poison, it will become useless, or even die! If it's a dragon, then the consequences will be even more severe. Although it won't die, it will still suffer from all kinds of pain in the world. " At this time, she took out a pill refined from Chen Xiang's blood and placed it in Long Xueyi's mouth.

"You must be Divine Lord Jiuyang!" Chen Xiang was poisoned, and on top of that, he was on the verge of death. He had to quickly take care of this Divine Lord and think of a way to cure Long Xueyi's poison.

"The Heavenly magic sword is in your hands! Moreover, you are not the Heavenly Divine Lord. You think that just by holding this sword, you can deal with us? You should take out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace that you have just obtained so that you can deal with me in this way. " He truly hoped that Chen Xiang would take out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. This way, he could s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

"With your level, using this broken sword is enough, why would you use a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace?" Chen Xiang bellowed, as he slashed towards the Nine Yang Divine Lord.

"How arrogant!" The Nine Yang Divine Lord immediately brandished his blade and infused his vast and vigorous divine power, wanting to cut Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword into two.

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