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As long as the Black Stone Divine Venerable took over the core of the land, and adding his understanding of the core of the land, it wouldn't be long before he could take control of the Nine Heaven World. As the guardian of the place, Huo Lin couldn't let the Black Stone Divine Venerable succeed in any way.

"You little thing. You dared to be arrogant in front of me not long after you were born. You better obediently become my slave. That way, you can at least keep your little life. This is my last chance for you." Right now, when he had turned into the appearance of a black ape, he looked very scary. At this moment, Huo Lin also felt a lot of pressure.

"Old thing, even if I die, I won't be your servant. But if you kowtow and become my old servant, I guarantee you that your future life will be better than a dog's!" Huo Lin laughed out loud. A flame flashed in his hand and a battle blade that was spewing flames appeared.

At this time, Huo Lin was still using his human form to fight against the Black Stone Divine Venerable. It could be seen that he was extremely confident in his own strength.

"You overconfident little thing. Since it's like this, I can only teach you a lesson and let you understand how weak your power is." The black rod in Black Stone Divine Venerable's hand swept towards Huo Lin, setting off a burst of black gale, and in the blink of an eye, it enveloped Huo Lin.

Huo Lin just wanted to move, but he didn't know why his body had become so slow. He wanted to avoid the incoming long rod, but his body was not able to control it easily, as if there was something pressing on him.

"Humph!" Huo Lin groaned, a burst of intense flames burst out of his body, and when he saw that the black pole was about to sweep towards him, he shook off the pressure on his body and slashed at the black pole.


s on Huo Lin's blade surged, and when they struck the rod, it exploded, almost causing the rod to fly out of Black Stone Divine Venerable's hands.

"Is that all you can do?" Huo Lin laughed coldly, scales suddenly appearing on his body, the arm holding the blade in his hand turned into a Qilin's claw, red light flickered, releasing the powerful Flame power, the black evil aura that Black Stone Divine Venerable released earlier was completely cleansed by his flames.

"You do have some ability, but you're nothing compared to me. I was just playing around with you just now, and now I'm going to use my true strength!" The thick black fur on the Black Stone Divine Venerable who had turned into an ape emitted bursts of black mist at this moment, as if black flames were burning on his body.

Roar ~ ~ Roar ~ ~

Black Stone Divine Venerable suddenly roared twice. His huge body suddenly became smaller, to the size of a normal person. Right now, he looked like a half ape half human, his body still covered with dense black hair.

"This is my strongest form!" After Black Stone Divine Venerable finished speaking, he suddenly turned into a black shadow, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived beside Huo Lin.

Huo Lin was once again the same as before. His body movements had become slow due to the pressure released by the black Seven Evils, and the muscles on his body seemed to be shackled by a strong pressure.

Black Stone Divine Venerable's strength was indeed much stronger than before. After his body shrank, he became more nimble and his speed increased!

"Is that it?" Huo Lin let out a roar, and a large expanse of flames surrounded his body. The moment the rod smashed onto his body, he turned into a mighty Fire unicorn.

"Use body? It's exactly what I want! " Black Stone Divine Venerable laughed: "Not bad, not bad, it's a very beautiful Fire unicorn, you will be my mount from now on!"

Huo Lin roared in anger as he spat out a ball of flame. When the ball of fire flew towards him, it became extremely hard, just like a metal ball!

"It's no use!" Black Stone Divine Venerable waved his black rod, striking one of the hard b.a.l.l.s of fire, which suddenly exploded, at the same time causing other fireb.a.l.l.s to explode as well.

Rumble, the flames from the continuous explosions enveloped Black Stone Divine Venerable. Seeing that the move worked, Huo Lin bellowed and spewed out b.a.l.l.s of fire.

However, Black Stone Divine Venerable was not someone to be trifled with. After being bombarded continuously, he roared in anger and pierced right into Huo Lin's mouth with the long rod. A jet of black Qi shot out from the tip of the rod.


Huo Lin screamed in pain and fell to the ground!

Black Stone Divine Venerable flew over, raised his long rod, and started to hit the fallen Huo Lin.

"You're going crazy!" I'll beat you to death, haha … " Right now, he enjoyed the feeling of hitting Huo Lin hard. Huo Lin's body was already in extreme pain from just one hit, but Black Stone Divine Venerable had already hit him a few dozen times.

"See if you submit or not, beat him until you beg for mercy." Black Stone Divine Venerable laughed, his attacks were ruthless, causing Huo Lin to scream continuously.

Chen Xiang secretly took a deep breath, summoned his Heavenly magic sword and suddenly emerged from the spatial crack, appearing right behind Black Stone Divine Venerable.

Although Black Stone Divine Venerable was fighting to his heart's content, he discovered that there was someone who had suddenly appeared behind him. However, although he discovered it, he did not have enough time to react as Chen Xiang's terrifying Heavenly magic sword had already pierced through his skull.

"You … It's Chen Xiang! " Although Black Stone Divine Venerable was stabbed in the head and did not die, he still suffered heavy injuries. At this time, the Heavenly magic sword was still stabbed in the head, and he could feel that this Heavenly magic sword was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang quickly pulled out the Heavenly magic sword and fiercely slashed at Black Stone Divine Venerable's head!

Black Stone Divine Venerable's head fell to the ground, a stream of black blood spurted out from his neck. Accompanied by a thick mist of Qi, the blood flew into the air.

Huo Lin jumped over, flames spewing out of his mouth continuously, burning Black Stone Divine Venerable's body. He was worried that Black Stone Divine Venerable would come back to life.

"I can't burn it!" Huo Lin took human form, and said with a frown.

"Use this!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and injected some divine power into it, releasing a ball of flame to burn Black Stone Divine Venerable's body.

Huo Lin exclaimed: "What a powerful flame!" As a Fire unicorn himself, he understood flames very well. The flames Chen Xiang released with the little furnace could even make him feel fear.

"This fire energy is very similar to the Earth's Core Divine Spirit. Could it be that your little furnace is a Chuangshi artifact?" Huo Lin asked.

"Yes, how do you know about Chuangshi artifact?" Chen Xiang enlarged the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace a little so that Huo Lin could see more clearly.

"Of course I know, this is what I remember from my memories. Only in a very powerful world can Chuangshi artifact be born! There are also some rather special situations, where Chuangshi artifact are scattered throughout, and then they are born into the world! " Huo Lin said.

Chen Xiang immediately understood that the stars that the Divine Nations s were on were all created by Chuangshi G.o.d furnace in that sort of special situation.

"The Black Stone Divine Venerable has been destroyed. Since he's here, it means that the nine Divine Lords is here too. I have to go out and deal with them." Chen Xiang said: "You should just recuperate yourself properly, your injuries are not light right now!"

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