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The world had undergone a huge change, but not a single person in this city had sensed it. This made Chen Xiang somewhat unable to believe that when fusing nine stars and one Nine Heaven World, it had actually completed it without a sound.

Chen Xiang and the others stayed in an inn and thought of ways to return.

"Doesn't this mean that this world is very big?" The nine Earth-stage Stars s that the Nine G.o.ds Nation s resided in were originally very vast, so with the help of Super G.o.d Realm s and Nine Heaven World s, it could be imagined how vast the nine Earth-stage Stars s were.

"Yes, that's why the array discs you sent back to us have all failed. They have already far surpa.s.sed the range of those array discs." Huang Jintian said as he gave a bitter laugh, "The Transmission array have not connected in this world yet. If we want to go somewhere further, it will take a very long time."

"That's not necessary. Yue'er and I can use our spatial energy to teleport. How far is this place from Nine Heaven World? Where is his direction? Then Yue'er and I will open the spatial tunnel and teleport there." Chen Xiang laughed, "Back then, Yue'er and I used our powers together and instantly went to the Divine Cauldron Star. That distance is still far."

Huang Yantian shook his head: "No, with so many worlds fusing with s.p.a.ce, it means that the quality of s.p.a.ce will increase, and it won't be as easy to penetrate as it was in the past! You often use the power of s.p.a.ce, so you should be clear that as long as the s.p.a.ce is strengthened a bit, you can even imprison s.p.a.ce itself! "

Chen Xiang said, "I still don't know how stable the s.p.a.ce is right now. Even if we reinforce each other a lot, Yue'er and I can still go to far places if we work together."

Huang Jintian nodded, and then began to use the Heaven extended method with Huang Yantian. They needed to calculate the distance between them and the Nine Heaven World in detail, only then would they be able to allow Chen Xiang and Yue'er to teleport more accurately.

An hour later, Huang Yantian said: "This world is really big, making it very troublesome to calculate, there is still a need for time."

Chen Xiang had to wait four hours for the result to come out. After obtaining a distance, he was very surprised that it was so far away.

"Hehe, right now, the Nine Heaven School is the center of this world, and this Heaven's Might Divine Nations can be considered to be on the periphery. Therefore, no matter where you go to the Nine Heaven School, it won't be too far away." Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang and Yue'er immediately activated their skills, opening up a spatial pa.s.sageway, and walked in together with Huang Jintian and the others. After entering the spatial pa.s.sageway, they arrived at a desolate area.

"What is this place?" Chen Xiang looked around: "Moreover, there isn't any vitality. It's just like a land of death."

Huang Jintian immediately pinched his fingers and calculated, "We have yet to enter the Ninth Heaven area, so we need to continue moving forward."

Just now, Chen Xiang and Yue'er had used very strong spatial energy, but they hadn't gone to the Nine Heavens District yet. It could be seen that the s.p.a.ce here had already become very high levelled, and wasn't as easy to break through as it was in the past.

Once again opening the spatial pa.s.sageway, Chen Xiang and the others finally arrived at the Ninth Heaven area, which was the area around the original Nine Heaven World.

After entering the Ninth Heaven area, Chen Xiang would use the array disc to teleport to the Heavenly Divine Palace!

"I'm finally back!" Chen Xiang looked at Heavenly Divine Palace and lamented: "This world is too big, and it's not good either. Even if other Divine Nations were to come over to fight, it probably won't be easy!"

"I won't be going to Nine Heaven World, I need to go back to Hundreds of Flowers Village to settle them down." Chen Xiang patted Huang Jintian's shoulder, "Master, when you see Big Brother Canghai, tell him about what happened in the Nine Star Divine Realm and make him prepare himself.

"After we take care of nine Divine Lords, shouldn't you go to Star Law Divine Realm to take a look? We brothers are not as powerful as you, and we need you to help us out in the Star Law Divine Realm. " Huang Jintian laughed.

"No problem, I'll definitely be there when the time comes!" Chen Xiang nodded and then was teleported to the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

After arriving at the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Chen Xiang asked Xiao Yulan and the others to come out!

The Hundreds of Flowers Village was still as quiet as before, and the fragrance of flowers wafted everywhere. After Chen Xiang was teleported to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he immediately went to Lv Qilian's Villa.

"You're finally back!" Seeing Chen Xiang walk in, Lv Qilian heaved a sigh of relief.

"Where are Big Sister Hui Shan and the rest?" Why are you the only one here! " Chen Xiang asked.

"Their Battle G.o.d Squad is currently outside, but Qinlian and Ziqian haven't come back yet. Right now, we also have no way of entering the core of the earth, nor can we train to their level." Lv Qilian looked at Xiao Yulan and the others, and Xiao Yulan smiled gently at her.

Lv Qilian had long gotten used to it. When she saw that the Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Jin'er looked very similar, she could guess that the Imperial Concubine Lian was Xiao Jin'er's mother and since the Imperial Concubine Lian was standing behind Xiao Yulan, she could guess Xiao Yulan's ident.i.ty.

"There's actually a problem with the earth's core?" "Alright, I'll go take a look now. You guys go ahead and chat!" Chen Xiang did not need to worry about Xiao Yulan and the others, they were all women, and with Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Jin'er here, it would be easy for them to blend in.

"Be careful, Huo Lin said last time that Geocentric Magnetism will face a lot of challenges." Lv Qilian warned.

… ….

Chen Xiang left the Hundreds of Flowers Village and rushed there. After coming here, he took out the Six Realms mirrors and tested it. He was unable to use the Transmission array inside the Six Realms mirrors to enter the earth's core, and it was exactly as Lv Qilian had said.

"I can only use the old method to enter!" Chen Xiang jumped down, entered the tunnel, and jumped into the center of the earth. In the end, he flew into the center of the earth according to his memories.

"The changes in the earth's core are quite big. I wonder if I can find the entrance to the Core Spiritual Realm!" When Chen Xiang came down, he discovered that the temperature of the earth's core was even higher than before.

After searching for more than two hours, Chen Xiang finally found the pa.s.sage to the Qilin Hall.

"Huo Lin!" When Chen Xiang arrived, he shouted loudly.

"Big brother? You're back! You've been gone for more than ten years! " Huo Lin ran over with a grin.

"So it's all right!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, "Qilian said that it was impossible to teleport to the earth's core. She thought that something had happened to the earth's core, so the moment I returned, she immediately rushed over."

"There is a change in the core of the earth. There is a very strong spatial formation that can't be sent in from the outside temporarily, but we can leave from the inside. Those two sister-in-law are cultivating, and Ziqi is with them. " Huo Lin pinched Chen Xiang's arm: "Big Brother, I feel that you have become stronger, is it my imagination?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "If I hadn't become strong, I would've been killed by that Black Stone Divine Venerable! Right, what have you experienced in this earth core? Have you fought with any other Earthly beast? "

"Of course! "Although he's quite powerful, he was still defeated by me." Huo Lin said: "Big Brother, what was the Black Stone Divine Venerable you were talking about just now? I think I've heard of the name Blackstone, Earth's Core Divine Spirit told me before. "

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