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Chen Xiang ferociously injected a powerful divine power into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, causing the divine furnace to immediately spew out a beam of fire, which shot high into the sky.

"We can leave now!" Chen Xiang kept the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and said: "Now's the time!"

When the flames released by the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace hit high up in the sky, a hole burned out, and a huge black hole appeared in the sky.

"Let's go!" Chen Xiang immediately flew up, with Huang Yantian and Huang Yantian following behind.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang sensed many powerful Qi approaching, and anxiously shouted: "They are coming!"

Also at this time, Chen Xiang saw Black Stone Divine Venerable and the others rushing over!

"Don't let them get away!" Black Stone Divine Venerable roared, and shot out a black light from a distance.

After Chen Xiang and the others entered the black hole, the black hole immediately emitted a black light.

"How do I get out?" Xiao Yan asked: "This guy isn't very strong, but he can control the power of s.p.a.ce. As long as we go out, we can quickly find him!"

"The time that Jiu Canghai had created back then should have already swallowed the Super G.o.d Realm. It would be even easier for us to find him. He wouldn't be able to run far." An old man said.

After all, Chen Xiang had grasped the Heavenly Alchemy back then and he had even summoned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"After the Chuangshi artifact was born, the Nine Star G.o.d Realm's s.p.a.ce became very weak. If the ten of us were to work together, we should be able to make an opening like that little demon." The Black Stone Divine Venerable looked up at the sky and said, "That place has just been opened. Although it has already been closed, it's very weak. We can easily open it."

Black Stone Divine Venerable had been trapped here for many years, and had just seen Chen Xiang easily create a spatial tunnel.

Right now, they still did not know that Chen Xiang possessed very scary strength, and Xiao Yuanbing and the others who knew that Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword had become strong had already been killed.

Xiao Yan knew that Xiao Yuanbing and the rest were all dead, but he thought that Xiao Yulan had killed them with his Six Realms Ding, and never thought that Chen Xiang was the one who killed them. Because according to the information they had gathered, Chen Xiang was very weak, and could not possess ten Divine Deity s in such a short period of time.

"Alright, everyone, let's work together and open a spatial rift." Xiao Yan said, he had already made his preparations.

The other Divine Lord s nodded. Even though there had been arguments before, they were all trapped here. If they did not cooperate, it would be impossible for them to leave.

Black Stone Divine Venerable and nine Divine Lords released a powerful divine power together, bombarding the place where the black hole had disappeared!

Ten streams of energy gathered and soared into the sky, but … However, he did not open up a single spatial pa.s.sageway. The power penetrated into the sky and dispersed.

"What's going on? Could it be that even our combined strength cannot compare to that little demon's? " Xiao Yan said in shock.

"No, that little ghost has Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. You have used Chuangshi G.o.d furnace before, so you should know how powerful the Divine Stove is. It should be because the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace possess some kind of special power that can open a spatial tunnel!" Black Stone Divine Venerable was very disappointed. He had thought that he would be able to leave this d.a.m.ned place soon.

"Again!" Xiao Yan said...

Next, they continuously tried to break through s.p.a.ce with their power, but to no avail …

… ….

"We're finally out. Where is this place?" Chen Xiang arrived at a forest and looked to the side. Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian were both using Heaven extended method.

Not long later, Huang Jintian said: "Strange, we are in the Nine Heaven World …. Nine Heaven World has already swallowed Super G.o.d Realm … We should be in the area after the 9 star fusion! "

Yue Er also ran out and said, "Nine stars should have been swallowed together. This is a big world, I'm just curious about how those nine stars fused together. This Nine Heaven World is not in the shape of a star."

"Ah?" What about the Nine Star G.o.d Realm? " Chen Xiang asked worriedly, "Those guys are still trapped inside!"

"The Nine Star G.o.d Realm is equivalent to a special secret realm, and the entire body is not as strong as the Nine Heaven World. There is no need to worry about it being swallowed. There is only one world here, and that is the Nine Heaven World!" Yue'er replied, "Moreover, a long time has pa.s.sed."

Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors s, wanting to teleport to the core of the earth. However, he discovered that there was no reaction after the opening of the Transmission array.

"What's going on? The Transmission array is no longer effective? " Chen Xiang took out the Transmission array that he used to enter the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and it was actually ineffective.

"Nine Heaven World has already become very big. When refining these array discs, they were created according to the original standards of Nine Heaven World, so after the Nine Heaven World expanded, the s.p.a.ce became even larger. In addition, our position is quite far away, so it would lose its effectiveness." Huang Jintian said: "I calculated that there is a place nearby! The time in the Nine Star G.o.d Realm is different from the time here.

Chen Xiang said: "Why do I feel like the Nine Heaven World is constantly expanding, getting bigger and bigger!"

Yue'er nodded her head: "Indeed, Nine Heaven World is expanding in a very strange way, and the timing is also not normal!"

Huang Yantian laughed: "Nine Heaven World is a very special world, and one that can move! Little by little, they are approaching the Star Law Divine Realm! "

Chen Xiang was instantly shocked, "Could it be that Nine Heaven World wants to swallow the Star Law Divine Realm whole?"

Huang Jintian, who was using the Heaven extended method, opened his eyes and laughed: "To be precise, Nine Heaven World wants to swallow all the places that Earth's Core Divine Spirit has been to before. As for why, it might be because of Earth's Core Divine Spirit, this guy is very powerful and mysterious."

Chen Xiang really wanted to go to the Earth Core Realm to see what had happened to Huo Lin.

"Alright, there's a city nearby. Right now, large cities like these all have Transmission array s." Huang Jintian said: Nine G.o.ds Nation is more or less finished, and our side has grown a lot, adding the All-beast Divine Lord's group of beasts, when the time comes, even if nine Divine Lords comes out, we can deal with them.

Chen Xiang enlarged the Six Realms mirrors and said: "Sit over here!"

The Six Realms mirrors flew very fast, and in a short while, it arrived at the city that Huang Jintian was talking about. After entering and searching, they found out that this city was the Profound Sky Continent's Divine Nations's! The people here simply did not know where the Nine Heaven City was. They had never heard of it!

"Are you guys wrong? We are not in the Nine Heaven World at all, we have come to the Heaven's Might Divine Nations! " Chen Xiang was overjoyed for nothing. He thought that he could immediately return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

"We did not calculate wrongly, this is indeed the Nine Heaven World, it's just that when they were fusing, they did not discover any changes in their world!" Huang Jintian said as his brows knitted together, "The process of the Nine Heaven World's annexation was not violent at all, rather it was extremely gentle. If it was carried out at night, it would simply not be discovered."

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