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Right now, Heavenly dragon seal did not need to gather in the air because Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea had a vast Six Realms' Power and the Heavenly dragon seal's power could be condensed inside the Divine Sense Sea.

Once Chen Xiang's Heavenly dragon seal was used, its body emitted many piercing flames, which turned into countless small fire dragons that spewed out. The small dragons merged together and finally formed a large fire dragon covered with profound runes, and pierced through Xiao Yuanbing's body!

Xiao Yuanbing was. .h.i.t twice on the head and he was in a daze, but after the fire dragon entered his body, it made him suddenly scream miserably, his entire body was ignited by the flames, he was in so much pain that he wished he were dead.

Xiao Yulan had only just controlled his Six Realms Ding to attack, but Chen Xiang had already dealt with Xiao Yuanbing!

Amongst the eight Rankers that followed Xiao Yuanbing, there were the Great National Master s and also the princes of the Divine Cauldron Nation s. These princes were all first-tier Divine Kings, and in the Divine Cauldron Nation's eyes, excluding the Great National Master s and the Divine Lord s, these princes were the strongest.

But now, they were scared stiff by Chen Xiang's methods! Even if it was the Divine Lord s, in their eyes, they were not that scary. At the very least, Divine Lord s could not just casually turn Emperor Ding into powder.

"Let's go!" An old man shouted. He immediately wanted to escape, and the others also followed suit. Xiao Yulan's movements was extremely quick, he controlled the Six Realms Divine Palace to smash the old man into pieces.

Chen Xiang immediately released s.p.a.ce Domain, covering a large area. The people who were trying to escape were all teleported back by him.

"What are you doing? Xiao Yuanbing is already dead, he was the one who instigated us to deal with you before, it has nothing to do with us! " A middle-aged man said in fear, this was a Great National Master.

"But you nearly killed me, and heavily injured Imperial Concubine Lian and Hongque. If it wasn't for me turning the tide with all my might, they would have already been killed by you! Let alone the fact that all of you joined hands to destroy my Jade Cauldron Palace, and all of the people who followed me for all these years were slaughtered by you. Even though I am a woman, I will definitely not be merciful to any of you. " Xiao Yulan's divine cauldrons split into multiple parts and with dense killing intent, they collided with the few people present.

Chen Xiang teleported, appearing and disappearing mysteriously. Seeing that someone was injured by the Six Realms Ding, he immediately teleported, using a Heavenly dragon seal's palm to blast them away, causing them to be tormented by the burning pain. This was how they treated the people inside the Jade Cauldron Palace previously.

Initially, she had even gone into hiding and no longer cared about what happened outside. She only wanted to quietly wait for the commotion to pa.s.s, but who knew that Xiao Yuanbing would come find them and surround them.

"All of you, die!" Xiao Yulan controlled the Six Realms Ding, and smashed the people who were burnt to death one by one, turning them into ashes.

A moment later, Xiao Yuanbing and the rest were all gone, their souls scattered and the land return to tranquility, but the place they were in was no longer the same as before.

Yue'er appeared along with the pale Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque.

"Brat, you've become even stronger!" Imperial Concubine Lian was heavily injured, her beautiful face did not have the slightest hint of blood color, but she still revealed a faint and charming smile to Chen Xiang.

"Sigh, everything will be over. It's good that everyone is still alive." Chen Xiang walked over and caressed her face with a bit of heartache: "Go rest in the ring!"

"En!" Imperial Concubine Lian nodded, then went in with Xiao Hongque.

Yue Er was still outside, and she asked in astonishment, "What happened to you? Why did you suddenly become so powerful, that Xiao Yuanbing is just trash in your eyes! "

Chen Xiang laughed, "I don't know either. I just got a strange pearl and it merged with the Heavenly magic sword. I also absorbed a bit of the pearl's power and it became so powerful."

"Sister Yulan, are you alright?" Chen Xiang asked as she looked at the messy battlefield. She looked very tired.

"It's fine, I'm just very tired!" Xiao Yulan looked at the Six Realms Ding in his hand and sighed: "Even so, this Six Realms Ding still hasn't acknowledged me. I want to find a new master for him."

"You don't want it? Although I do not approve of you, but it will allow you to have very strong power, so won't you regret it in the future? " Chen Xiang laughed, then the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord went back on his words.

"No regrets, you think I'm like that guy? To be honest, I grew up in that kind of environment. I didn't want to be part of the struggle, or else I would die! Now that the Divine Cauldron Nation is no longer here, I think I can rest as well. " Xiao Yulan pa.s.sed the Six Realms Ding over to Chen Xiang: "Take it, it seems the Six Realms Ding is more suitable for you!"

Seeing that Xiao Yulan had made his decision, Chen Xiang could only accept it, but when he touched the Six Realms Ding, it shook slightly and Chen Xiang also retreated a few steps.

"Seems like this Six Realms Ding really rejects me!" Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "This is not suitable for me either! How about this, I recommend you giving it to someone! "

"Did you mention the woman with the Emperor's Heart before?" Xiao Yulan asked.

"Yes, she's with Xianxian and the others now, I told you about the Hundreds of Flowers Village before." Chen Xiang said: "This Six Realms Ding was repaired by Liu Meng'er and the others, maybe the Six Realms Ding only recognized females."

"Alright, leave this place, and I, Imperial Concubine Lian, Hongque and I will go to Hundreds of Flowers Village. Baifeng is also there, we can reunite at that time." Xiao Yulan said.

Yue'er laughed, "Sister Yulan, I am very popular in Hundreds of Flowers Village. When the time comes, I will introduce some friends to you.

Xiao Yulan caressed Yue'er with a light smile, then asked Chen Xiang to send her into the ring.

"Where are my master and the others? "Where did you go?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They have gone to fight for the Chuangshi artifact. They should be with the Nine Emperor!" Yue'er said: "Could it be that you don't know where the Chuangshi artifact is?"

"I'll bring you there. When the Chuangshi artifact was born, we could all sense it." Yue'er pointed in a direction.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and then placed Yue'er into his Serene Demon Ring. He then activated his s.p.a.ce wind, and headed towards the location of the Chuangshi artifact.

On the way, he was still pondering about what the green pearl was previously, because it wasn't a Chuangshi artifact. The real Chuangshi artifact had already been born, and the nine Divine Lord s were fighting with the Black Stone Divine Venerable over there.

There was only one Chuangshi artifact and everyone wanted to keep it for themselves, so they would not join hands. Chuangshi artifact were not like pastries, they could not be shared equally.

Thus, in the process of fighting, many battles would definitely erupt!

Chen Xiang activated his s.p.a.ce wind and quickly arrived. At the moment, he was only watching from afar, but he noticed that the others were also watching from afar. It was Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian.

"Master, Martial Uncle!" Chen Xiang immediately landed on top of a tall mountain. There was a large distance between here and the battlefield, so he could only use his divine soul to watch the battle.

"Why didn't you go over?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Go and die? Although we want the Chuangshi artifact, we are not their match! One Black Stone Divine Venerable is enough to choke us all. Now, with the addition of nine Divine Lord s, we will only be facing a dead end in the past. " Huang Jintian said.

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