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wished that the Great National Master on the other side would not make a move, as it could allow Xiao Yulan to rest for a while.

"The Heavenly magic sword was not a match for my father back then, and was damaged by my father. Today, I will completely destroy this sword!" At this time, Xiao Yuanbing was holding a Emperor Ding, which allowed him to have more confidence in his own strength.

"Why didn't you say that your royal father's Six Realms Ding had become trash? Although this sword of mine is broken, it is more than enough to deal with you. The broken cauldron in your hands is not enough to contend against the Heavenly magic sword. " Chen Xiang knew that the Heavenly magic sword had become extremely terrifying, but he himself did not know how strong it was.

"Hmph, a fellow who came from a lower realm is already so arrogant. Don't think that you can be so arrogant just because you know how to refine a few batches of Divine Pills!" Even the old Pill G.o.d Xiang Hongdao was beaten away by me, let alone you, a Alchemist like you should just obediently stay in the pill cultivating room and listen to us like a dog! " Xiao Yuanbing did not think that Chen Xiang actually knew about the Six Realms Ding.

"You often beg for supreme dan beads like a dog, no wonder you are so resentful!" Chen Xiang brandished the Heavenly magic sword: "I suddenly feel that using this sword to kill you is an insult to this sword. I hope that my Heavenly magic sword will not get angry because of taking your dog blood."

"You … Die! " Xiao Yuanbing was furious, his Emperor Ding suddenly grew big, with a push of his hands, he injected a large amount of G.o.d Power into it, pushing the Emperor Ding out.

The instant the Emperor Ding flew out, it suddenly became as large as a mountain and erupted with a strong pressure, causing the ground that was full of holes to immediately sink dozens of feet.

In front of the rapidly approaching giant cauldron, Chen Xiang was as minuscule as sand, but he was not afraid at all. He stood perfectly straight and raised the Heavenly magic sword high, his long sword facing the sky as a bolt of heavenly lightning fiercely struck down and poured into the Heavenly magic sword.

Suddenly, a ma.s.s of black clouds appeared in the sky, the rumbling of thunder continued, the lightning struck down densely, a mighty aura burst out from the Heavenly magic sword, the powerful aura swept out in all directions, and the Emperor Ding that was rushing over was actually stopped by the imposing Qi.

Chen Xiang's eyes turned red, and following the sound of a dragon's roar coming from the sky, his body released a strong dragon's might.

"Green Dragon Slash!" Chen Xiang roared, a gigantic green dragon head suddenly appeared from within the black clouds. The green dragon's eyes were flickering with a red light, its dragon whiskers were dancing in the air, baring its fangs and claws, it looked imposing and majestic, and suddenly dove down from the sky like a ray of green lightning into the Heavenly magic sword.

"Kill!" As the Azure Dragon entered the Heavenly magic sword, Chen Xiang slashed at the Emperor Ding in front of him.

The moment the Heavenly magic sword slashed down, the entire world was suddenly enveloped by the force of the explosion, the power of the shock was everywhere. What was terrifying was that when the shock wave spread out, it actually brought along endless lightning, like a surging wave, the lightning sword qi suddenly turned into green dragon lightning, striking towards the Emperor Ding.


The Sword Qi that had transformed into the mighty green dragon roared and rushed forward, and actually tore apart the seemingly indestructible gigantic Emperor Ding, after that, the entire green dragon Sword Qi penetrated into the cauldron, and followed by a violent shock wave that surged out, the gigantic cauldron suddenly exploded, causing a burst of intense golden light, as well as a wave of lightning that rushed in all directions.

Xiao Yulan was stunned by the scene in front of her eyes. At this moment, she was inside the Six Realms Ding s, sticking out her head and looking at the unbelievable sight before her!

The Six Realms Ding swayed in the aftermath like a small boat in a calm ocean! If Xiao Yulan did not react fast, and quickly hid inside the cauldron, he might have been blown away.

In the sky, the dark clouds had dispersed. The three suns that had merged together to form a scorching sun, gave off even more intense rays of sunlight. When it shone down, the sky was filled with a dazzling golden crystal — — those were Emperor Ding s that had turned into ashes!

Xiao Yuanbing's mouth was full of blood, and the eight experts who came with him were all blasted away. They looked at the Emperor Ding that had turned into powder, and could not help but feel fear in their hearts.

The Emperor Ding was actually turned into ashes by Chen Xiang's sword!

Xiao Yulan and Xiao Yuanbing knew very well that out of the three divine cauldrons in the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, one was a Six Realms Ding and the other was this Emperor Ding!

And all this time, the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had rarely used Six Realms Ding. When he was first famous, he mostly used Emperor Ding, but now, he had turned into dust.

"So what if it's a Emperor Ding? In the end, it will just turn into ashes!" Chen Xiang said indifferently, the Heavenly magic sword in his hand was even calmer than him, it was hard to imagine that such a terrifying power was actually released by this broken sword that did not have a sword tip.

Chen Xiang was not surprised at all. If the Heavenly magic sword did not have this power, he would have felt it was strange!

"Sister Yulan, go and clean up those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! We must not let them get away!" If they run back, they will increase your royal father's power by a lot, so these trash are still quite important to your royal father. " Chen Xiang floated in the air, not even sparing the Great National Master a glance.

Emperor Ding was a very strong Divine Equipment. When he had clashed with Six Realms Ding a moment ago, he did not even manage to injure a single hair of the other party's body. It could be said that the Emperor Ding was a very strong Divine Weapon.

However, the Emperor Ding had been completely destroyed by Chen Xiang. If they were to face the Heavenly magic sword on their own, the consequences could be imagined.

Xiao Yuanbing no longer had the confidence and imposing manner earlier, there was only fear and jealousy! He also wanted to possess such a powerful divine weapon, so that he would be invincible in this world.

"Without the Heavenly magic sword, you are nothing!" Xiao Yuanbing scoffed, "You only rely on your powerful divine weapons to bully others!"

After Xiao Yuanbing finished speaking, he wanted to leave, but he realized that he couldn't move at all.

"I don't need to use the Heavenly magic sword to kill you, I never planned on dirtying the Heavenly magic sword from the very beginning. As you wish, I won't use the Heavenly magic sword to kill you!" After Chen Xiang locked himself in place, he teleported in front of Xiao Yuanbing. His fist was like thunder as it landed directly on Xiao Yuanbing's nose.

Meteor immortal power roared and surged out, an earth-shaking explosion came out of it, Xiao Yuanbing's nose was already deeply sunken in, blood flying out of his nose.

Xiao Yuanbing was the First Prince of the Divine Cauldron Nation. He had over ninety Divine Deity, but yet he was still slapped in the face by someone else.

"You're just a little stronger than a fish!" Chen Xiang sneered again and again as he punched out his fist once again. His arm that was filled with Double bone level surged out the berserk Meteor immortal power, and as if it was a falling star, his strength struck the side of Xiao Yuanbing's face.

After the explosion, Xiao Yuanbing was no longer the same as before. He was shaken by the power of the explosion until he bled profusely from all seven orifices.

"G.o.d Slaughtering Dragon Punishment, Dragon Fire Burning G.o.d!" Chen Xiang unleashed his Heavenly dragon seal.

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